March 30, 2001
volume 12, no. 89

Have you been to Calvary?
part two

    Please come with me to Calvary again.

    The soldiers have placed the cross, on which Jesus is to be nailed, on the ground. They order Jesus to lie on it. Jesus does not balk, complain or struggle in any way against their order.

    Knowing that He is about to suffer the most excruciating pain of having nails pounded into His wrists and feet, Jesus does not hesitate. He is the perfectly obedient Son. Mystics, who have been given the gift and pain of seeing the crucifixion of Our Lord, describe the following.

    Holes have been pre-made into the cross so that the nails would more readily enter. They nail the right wrist of Jesus first. I say “wrist” because the weight of a human being could not be held, if nails were put into the palm of the “victim’s” hands. The weight of any human body would tear through the flesh of the hands.

    With the first strike of the hammer, Jesus cries aloud in pain, and tears fall from His eyes. The nail has struck a nerve, sending excruciating pain into Our Lord’s hand, wrist, and arm. The fingers of His right hand draw inward as the injured nerve contracts and writhes them. At hearing the loud cry of her Son, Our Blessed Mother also cries out in pain for her Jesus, her Innocent Son.

    Anyone who thinks Our Lady stood stoically emotionless on Golgotha, fails to see her as THE Sorrowful Mother. What mother could stand by and see her son tortured so cruelly and not be in great emotional agony herself?

    Because she hurt so badly does not mean she was not resigned to the Will of God. If she was to be the Co-Redemptrix, she would cooperate with God by suffering with her Son for our salvation. So did she weep tears? If Jesus did, how can we think she was stoical?

    Yes, Our Blessed Mother did weep bitterly. Our sins caused her, the sinless woman, great sorrow, great grief. Who can stand to see their mother cry and not be affected? Who can stand to see Our Heavenly Mother cry and not be affected?

    The hole placed in the cross for Our Lord’s left wrist was too far away. A soldier, with one foot in Our Lord’s left arm pit, and the other on Our Lord’s neck, literally pulled the arm of Jesus out of its socket. Can you hear the squishing sound of torn ligaments?

    No bone of Jesus was broken, but sinews were torn. What pain! What agony? Have any of us endured such? To spare His Mother, Jesus held back a cry when the nail was pounded into His left wrist, but once again the tears came.

    Then one nail for both feet! What a spike it would have had to have been!

    Dear Lord, Jesus! Once again I beg You to forgive me all my sins. I am responsible for Your great suffering! I nailed You to that cross! What a fool I really am! Please give me the grace never to offend You ever again! Grant that I may love You always, then do with me what You will.

    God bless you, dear reader. Please come with me to Calvary again next week.

Sister Mary Lucy Astuto

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March 30, 2001
volume 12, no. 89
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