March 25, 2001
volume 12, no. 84

Another Viewpoint from Readers

    Editor's Note: We have continued to receive beaucoup feedback on our Open Letter to the Bishops and our "Herod's Heroes" series. Below are a sampling of the responses. You'll note they are all positive because we haven't gotten any that disagree with our small voice in the wilderness crying out to stop the madness in the womb for God's sake and the sake of their own souls.

An inspiration to pick up the Rosary

    I came upon your website a few months ago and I thank the Holy Spirit for leading me to you. I am turning 40 this year and have been a Roman Catholic all my life. I love the Lord and have a great love for the Church He left us. Many times I have felt alone, but now feel very connected by your site. You may have joy to know that I have begun saying the Rosary twice daily (to and from work) because of your article on the holy family [from Front Royal, VA] and their crusade. I have often wondered how men and women of earthly importance and oppose our Lord Jesus Christ by their pro-abort actions have not been publicly chastised by our bishops. My fear is that many of our bishops have been seduced by wealth and power and their desire to associate with the powerful. I pray that I am wrong and beg our Lord to forgive me if I am, but I must admit it does appear to be so. I will continue to pray for these men in my morning and evening prayer that the Lord my give them the courage to be as Christ. I beg you to pray for me as I am continuing to pray for discernment on whether to pursue a vocation to the permanent Deaconate.

Stephen P. Ponichtera

South Africa looking to the USA to exact the moral compass

    The good your campaign will do in the USA will certainly have spin offs here in South Africa where we are confronted with the identical problem.

    At a recent 'symposium' about our government's known intention to introduce "Euthanasia" laws on the lines of Holland, etc., the question came up in discussion about what ordinary Catholics are to make of the fact that so many Government members of parliament (ANC, i.e. Socialist and Communist) like to be known as practising Catholics, but never vote according to Church teaching and law, on matters that should be matters of personal, conscientious conviction.

    I made the remark that the way the bishops were NOT acting made it look as if they (the Bishops) considered that "these men and women do not have soul to save." This was considered altogether too radical an attitude.

    All I can say is that a vast number of the 'ordinary faithful' do not consider it too radical, but merely an obvious conclusion from the way the politicians are permitted to carry on uncorrected.

    So naturally we have a vital interest in any movement that can get going in the USA or anywhere else, giving voice to the widespread conviction that the infidel politicians cannot indefinitely be allowed to have it both ways.

    Wishing you every success and blessing in this magnificent initiative, and all the courage and perseverance you will need to pursue it to the only fitting conclusion.

Fr. Walter Ranger, South Africa

Irish eyes are crying!

    I am sending this e-mail from Ireland, and I fully agree with you. We have the same problem in this Country with weak Bishops who are afraid to speak out. All they give us is milk and water, with more water than milk. as a result the Church in Ireland is in decline.

    A few years ago we had a referendum on divorce which was carried by a handful of votes. The Bishops remined silent during the debte and left it up to each voter to decide. Had they preached the Gospel the divorce issue would have been defeated. That is one example I could go on.

    I have e-mailed several of the Senators and Congressmen/women during the past week and will continue to support you in the future, God Bless and Your Good Work,

J.P. Harrington, Ireland

The times are necessary!

    If it were not for listserves that keep me psted about Catholic orthodoxy, I would think the CHurch of my youth is dead. At my parish, on Respect Life Sunday, the priest talked about how he wasn't sure we should legislate aagainst abortion. If we did do so, he was not sure that that was morally right. I could hardly believe my ears. I sent an e-mail to the diocesan office (Syracuse New York) but knew it would never reach Bishop Moynihan, a deeply spiritual, orthodox man who is surrounded by a political body of career priests who let virtually no one with similar beliefs get to the bishop.

    Ten years ago, I would have totally disapproved of your tactics and would have thought them too fanatical and ineffective. Now, however, we have reached a time in history that nothing less than the most extreme measures can work. It is unfortunate that the sources of the commentaries you have received, alluding to people being judgmental and condemning, have not stopped to do serious scriptural work. In the same Word of God that tells us not to be judgmental, we are told not to cause scandal. My understanding is that when one tells a child something is morally wrong, that is a duty. It is not judging the child, simply inform. The politicians you mention may quite easily be children spiritually; they need to be told what the truth is . They need to be scared that they will loose the Catholic vote if nothing else. I admire your work deeply and hope you will continue to have the courage to continue with it.

Piri Taborosi, New York

Where are the holy Cure d'Ars today?

    Dear Prayer Warriors, your open letter supports the statment of The Cure d'Ars that the road to hell is littered with bishops' miters.

    Everyone who can and does exercise the free will gifted by God, can use their free will to obey the teaching of the Catholic or to disobey the teaching of the Church. We are given the power, but not the right to disobey. However, because the Church Militant, by its silence, has left the scanctioning of disobedient conduct to the Almighty, would this be construed as a sin of omission? And, if so, will the negligent be called to account when they enter eternity?

    Keep up the good work! God Bless.

M.T. Melvin

Backing from Holy Innocents Reparation Committee

    This will be my second Email to you, the first being the one in which I told you of a prior effort of my Holy Innocents Reparation Committee and my buddy Dr. Joseph Scheidler to get the Holy Father to declare December 28 a day of Atonement for Abortion.

    If you would so desire, you have my permission to use my name as Director of both "the Holy Innocents Reparation Committee" and the "Concerned Roman Catholics of America" on your appeals for support for this effort. I only wish I had more confidence in its possibility of bringing about change with our very defficient Bishops. We must do what is right no matter what they do.

    I might ad that I once discussed this very problem with the late great Bishop Austin Vaughan. I actually asked him why he hadn't excommunicated Mario Cuomo. He told me "Ken I can't, it has to be his Ordinary that does it". If only he had been the head of the American Bishops!

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts.

Kenneth M. Fisher

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March 25, 2001
volume 12, no. 84
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