March 23, 2001
volume 12, no. 82

Have you been to Calvary?

    Iíd like to know! Have you been to Calvary? Have you taken yourself there in your prayer and meditations? If you have a good imagination, have you taken yourself there in contemplation? What did you see? What did you hear? What did you smell? What did you feel? What did you say to Jesus, to Our Lady, to God, the Father? Did you weep in sorrow for your sins? Did you resolve to avoid all sin with the help of Godís grace? Will you be forever affected by your being on Calvary in your prayer?

    Letís go together! Come with me! Now! In the space of this article we cannot exhaust all that could be experienced on that hill, but let us begin!

    Jesus has just reached Calvary! The first thing I note are the mean words people are shouting out! They are calling Jesus names, laughing at Him, jeering at Him. They are calling Our Blessed Mother names, derogatory names one might call a prostitute. They call her names simply because she is the Mother of the One they call a blasphemer! She seems to pay little attention to what they say about her, but she is grieved deeply at what they say to and about her Son! She knows that He is Innocence Itself, Love Itself, Goodness Itself.

    How can human beings be so mean?

    The soldiers pull the garments of Jesus from Him and wounds that dried to His clothing are reopened. Jesus is humiliated greatly to be naked before the eyes of others. Purity suffers from the glances of the impure.

    Our Lady quickly removes her inner veil, hands it to John, the Beloved Apostle, who receives permission from Longinus, the officer in charge, to give it to Jesus. Jesus, who has turned His back to those who are laughing at Him, recognizes the veil of His Mother, ties it about His loins and awaits further orders from the soldiers.

    More than what she hears, Our Lady is grieved at the sight of her Son! What have they done to Him? He is comely no more! His Flesh literally hangs in strips from His Body. The scourging not only beat Him, but tore and ripped flesh from Him. His Holy Face is swollen, His eyes are swollen, and nearly shut, His lips are swollen, bruised and cracked. Is there any inch on His Body that is not bleeding and wounded? No! He is one human wound!

    Dear Jesus, my sins have caused You all of this suffering. How terrible my sins are, if they have brought all this agony to You! Please forgive me, Lord, and help me never to sin again, never to choose anything before or in place of You! How much You love me, Lord, to be willing to endure all of this that I might spend eternity in Heaven with You! What love you have for me, a poor and wretched creature! How much You want to forgive me!

    Dear reader, please prepare yourself to make a good confession soon, before Easter. Next week, letís further contemplate what happened on Calvary! God bless you!

Sister Mary Lucy Astuto

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March 23, 2001
volume 12, no. 82
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