March 21, 2001
volume 12, no. 80

Mandatory School Assemblies Pushing Abortion, Homosexuality

By Fred Jackson and Chad Groening

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA - March 19, 2001 (AgapePress) - A high school teacher in California is under attack for criticizing a school policy that forces students to attend assemblies organized by left-wing groups.

    Dave Lapp teaches physics at a high school in Mill Valley, California, just north of San Francisco in Marin County. He found himself the target of a student protest last week after publicly denouncing the mandatory assemblies featuring school groups such as the National Organization of Women Club. CNSNews reports that during the NOW Club assembly, teenage girls told their classmates as young as 14 why they favor abortion. Lapp says the students were not allowed to hear the pro-life side of the issue. Next month, there will be a mandatory student assembly by the school's Gay-Straight Alliance that features a section on homosexuality.

    Lapp says the buzzword is "celebrate diversity," but all that is being celebrated is a very narrow view of diversity -- one he says is defined by the "political left." He says despite the open protest against his views, he has received quiet compliments and thanks from dozens of students and 10 or 20 teachers for taking the stand that he has.

Debauchery in 'The City'

    Meanwhile, fifteen miles south of Mill Valley, in San Francisco, that city's Health Board is preparing to provide health-care benefits for city employees undergoing sex-change operations. The plan is expected to receive the approval of the Board of Supervisors and the mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown.

    The Director of Research for the American Family Association says the proposed law shows just how absurd things get when God's laws are not obeyed. Ed Vitagliano says there see to be no limits to debauchery.

    "Once you destroy God's carefully constructed plans for humanity -- dividing them into male and female -- you get ever-increasing absurdities. That's what is happening San Francisco," Vitagliano says. "I feel bad for the parents in San Francisco because before very long their kids are going to be going to school, and Mr. Smith, the gym teacher, is going to be allowed to show up in a wig, dress, and high heels ... and there won't be anything a parent can do about it other than move out of San Francisco."

    Supporters of the plan have hailed the plan as a civil rights issue, but Vitagliano says there is nothing in the Constitution that would support such a claim.

    "What's happening in San Francisco proves what we've been saying. Once homosexuality is embraced, every wall -- even common-sense restriction on human sexuality -- will crumble, and that's what's happening there. Now one of their supervisors, Mark Leno, says that sex changes are now a civil right. I don't find that anywhere in the Constitution."

    If approved, the law would take effect July 1.

March 21, 2001
volume 12, no. 80
USA News
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