March 20, 2001
volume 12, no. 79

Gray Davis

    This series, appropriately titled "Herod's Heroes," is intended to separate the wheat from the chaff by revealing those men and women, for whom we have voted, and who are not upholding the ideals God expects of His children. We cannot condone sin, and they are promoting the most vile of sin by being accomplices to the slaughter of millions of innocents in the womb. That is why, like the Judean king of Christ's time, who, out of political expediency and jealousy, tried to eliminate the Messiah by killing the first-born of every family, so also they are helping satan in killing God's precious ones sacrificed at the altar of the convenience of modern life. These "Herod's Heroes" are under the totally false misconception that a woman has the right to do with her body as she wants. Wrong! It is not hers, but rather God's. The body we have is merely a shell to hold our soul. The soul is forever; the body, as we are reminded on Ash Wednesday, will return to dust. Christ has said in Matthew 10: 28, "Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather be afraid of him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

    We have completed the list of seven congressional pro-abort 'Catholics' from the State of California and today we stay in the state by exposing the state's highest ranking official - the Governor Joseph Graham "Gray" Davis. He prefers to be called Gray. Is he ashamed of his name Joseph? More appropriately, is Saint Joseph ashamed of him? From his moral laxity and promotion of sin, we would have to say most definitely. Davis was elected in 1998, defeating another Catholic, a Pro Life Republican Dan Lundgren. We sow what we reap. While As an ally of satan through Davis' uncompromising pro-abortion stance, he is enabling lucifer to "destroy both soul and body in hell." Through his actions he has become an enemy of God and the Roman Catholic Church. This is not a political statement on Davis, but rather a moral statement; one he and his bishop should take very, very seriously.

    Davis is presently regarded throughout California as the "Fabricated Energy Crisis Czar" who has fabricated the phantom energy crisis to control the Public Utilitities Commission and drive prices up. It's a power struggle at the expense of millions. We are furious with him for that. In fact, we lost four hours today because of the rolling blackouts that shut us down and, unfortunately several files were lost and had to be redone. Part of the cross. Hey, it's Lent. We are at his beckon whim to conserve energy which is not running at full production at so many power plants throughout the state. It's all a ruse, just as is his ruse that he is 'Catholic.' Just as he has misrepresented the energy crisis in California, he has misrepresented himself before God on abortion. If he is not repentant he could very well have the light of his own soul turned off for all eternity. Does he realize this?

    Davis' wife Sharon Byer Davis is the founding member of the Los Angeles BUDDY Committee of the NOW Legal Defense Fund. What does that tell you? She is also a member of the Board of Directors for United Friends of Children. She and her husband are no friend of children, not when they have condoned the slaughter in the womb of millions. She is a member of the LA Board of Directors for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Talk about hypocrytical! What's the difference, Mr. & Mrs. Davis, between the Holocaust in Germany and the Holocaust in the Womb? We can tell you: 33 million lives lost in the latter! Governor Davis and his wife refuse to see this, believing the lies and they are perpetuating the lie that a woman should have the right to have her own baby killed, if she so chooses. It is this kind of satanist and sadistic thinking that has plunged our once Godly country to the abyss of hell.

    Davis could do so much good, yet there have been no fruits because, through his action and record, he has steadily shown a disdain for the teachings of the Catholic Church and her mandate of upholding life in all stages. By his pro-abort stance he has shown an alarming consistency in voting for and legislating pro-abortion measures that empower the culture of death. He will have to answer to God for these transgressions against Christ's innocent ones as Jesus says in today's Gospel in Matthew 25: 45, "'Amen I say to you, as long as you did not do it for one of these least ones, you did not do it for Me.' And these will go into everlasting punishment, but the just into everlasting life."

    We ask him to repent of his ways, help turn the Democratic Party away from the culture of death and the immoral organization it has come under the evil leadership of the Clinton administration. We ask him to help bring the Party back to the glory days when the Party stood for decency and right. Today the Party he is so proud of is so far Left that its members, who continue to promote abortion - murder in the womb, could very well be left out at the Heavenly gates when their time comes.

    Is Governor Davis truly aware of that? We call on all to help him see the grave error of his ways and we call on his bishop in Sacramento to take firm, responsible action to assure that if he continues to persist in the sin, he will be banished from the Church for remaining a Catholic while carrying on the sin with no sign of repentance. It is truly a slap in God's and His Church's face. As we wrote in our Ash Wednesday OPEN LETTER TO THE BISHOPS OF AMERICA and a week later in It's up to you. Left or Right? we respectfully, but strongly recommend this time of Lent and Easter as a time for the bishops to extend the warning - a time of Mercy - for these wayward 'Catholics' who promote abortion to repent of their ways. If they stubbornly refuse, then after Pentecost Sunday it's time to take action and dismiss them as apostates. Do you really want that, Governor Davis?

    You can e-mail Governor Davis and, in love, ask him yourself. Beg him to repent of his ways. Remind him what Jesus asserts in Matthew 16: 26-27, "For what does it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, but suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul? For the Son of Man is to come with His angels in the glory of His Father, and then He will render to everyone according to his conduct." Is his political career more important than the welfare of his soul? Ask him, his e-mail is governor@governor.ca

    We call on Bishop William K. Weigand, Davis' bishop in Sacramento to issue a mandate to Governor Davis that if he persists after Pentecost Sunday he will be EXCOMMUNICATED.

    Bishop Weigand has stood up to Davis in the past, not allowing the Governor to use the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament for various functions the Governor has requested. Bishop Weigand must realize he has a duty before God, a duty to his flock to extend mercy through the grace-period of Lent and Easter Season leading up to Pentecost. If no action is taken or if there is and Governor refuses to heed even the Church, then let him be an anathema.

    Like the prodigal son, we will gladly welcome him back and be proud to number him as a loyal Catholic - as a Paul who once was Saul. Does Gray Davis really want his legacy in eternity to be that he was one of "Herod's Heroes?" With all the good that he has sought to accomplish, why have it blotted out by the evil that he has done? We pray his heart will be touched and he will return to the fold. But if he refuses, if he ignores God's commands, then so be it. He has sold his soul to the devil and Christ has made it very clear in Matthew 19: 15-18 of how to treat one who turns his back on His teachings.

    Our bishops MUST follow Our Lord's teachings, they MUST stand up for Christ and His Church. They MUST not only speak out without reservation, but they MUST issue the ultimatum to these pro-abort politicians who bring so much scandal to the Church by continuing to call themselves 'Catholic.' If, by Pentecost Sunday, Governor Davis refuses to repent, then he must be notified that he has interdicted himself by his actions, incurred automatic suspension (latae sententiae), and thus has been EXCOMMUNICATED! (cf. Canon Law 1329, 2; 1397 and 1398).

If you agree with us that action needs to be taken, write or call the persons below and:


    Governor Gray Davis
    State Capitol Building
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Tel. 1-916-445-2841
    FAX: 1-916-445-4633

Bishop William K. Weigand
Diocese of Sacramento
Office of Bishop
2110 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95818-2541

Tel. 1-916-733-0200
FAX: 1-916-733-0215
Diocese of Sacramento

Also, let Father Frank Pavone and Priests for Life know you're committed for the Sanctity of Life:

PO Box 141172
Staten Island, NY 10314
Tel: 888-PFL-3448,718-980-4400
Fax: 718-980-6515
mail@priestsforlife.org www.priestsforlife.org

If you really want to see if the bishops will take action, write:

Most Reverend Gabriel Montalvo Apostolic Pro Nuncio
3339 Massachusetts Ave.
Washington, D.C. 20008-3687
Tel. 1-202-333-7121
FAX: 1-202-338-4036

or if you really want to make waves:

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger
Prefect, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
00120 Vatican City State, Europe


Giovanni Battista Cardinal Re
Prefect, Congregation for Bishops
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City State, Europe

For the list of 'Catholic' pro-abort politicians revealed thus far, see Archive of Herod's Heroes

March 20, 2001
volume 12, no. 79
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