March 14, 2001
volume 12, no. 73

Another Tragedy! Will We Ever Learn?

    Another school shooting -- this one at Santana High School in Santee California. You all know the story and we now hear the same old refrain. How could this happen? What has happened to our society? We need more gun laws. The parents are to blame. The school is to blame. His fellow students are to blame.

    We see principals, psychiatrists, student counselors and authors on TV, spewing their thoughts as to why this epidemic of school violence is proliferating at an alarming rate. I've heard them all, but the number one reason, I have NOT heard.

    Sure, a person would have to be almost brain dead, not to think that today's TV shows, movies and music don't play a part in these tragedies. And children being raised in broken homes, with many getting less love than their cocker spaniel, also is a factor.

    In these mind boggling episodes, where children kill children, there is no monetary gain, as someone might kill in a bank heist, or during the course of a felony.

    These children have absolutely no respect for the sanctity of human life. Somewhere along the line they have perceived that human life is worthless. Where could they possibly have acquired the perception that life is cheap?

    About two weeks ago, a teen, delivered her own baby. She tried to hide it from her mother, so she threw the baby over the fence in her yard where a vicious half starved dog was prowling around -- apparently thinking that all the evidence would be eaten. Neighbors sensing that something was wrong called the police, but it was too late. The baby was chewed beyond belief. They couldn't even tell if it was a boy or girl.

    It's pretty hard these days not to pick up a newspaper and read where a young girl, or an adult has a baby and throws it in a dumpster, or tries to dispose of her baby in a seamy sort of way. This disrespect for the sanctity of human life is not indigenous to teens, but rather -- it's everywhere they turn.

    Years ago, I wrote the following and you may have read it, but for those, who have not, here it is again:

        "Respect for life is a principle and when women are given the power to decide if a helpless baby in their womb is going to die, then don't be so surprised when they think that a baby is subject to their will, and kill it five seconds after it's born and throw it in a dumpster, or five years after it's born. The principle of violence is the same.

        And don't be surprised when the killing of 1.4 million unborn babies yearly, become a major factor in the public's perception that life is cheap. That perception will be stored in the brain, where it will be retrieved to determine all future actions and reactions. So don't be surprised if a person's disrespect for the sanctity of life rubs off on their children, and don't be surprised when children kill children, or anyone else, who gets in their way."

    That's it and now it has come to pass, over and over and over again. When a women can kill her baby, because of the inconvenience factor, then what can you expect from their born children?

    In today's sick society, when a student is standing around and talking to one of his classmates, just remember that one other student, who should have been there, to make it a threesome -- is NOT. His mother killed him before he was born. One-third of all pregnancies, end up in a violently induced death -- 95% for convenience sake.

    Children are NOT stupid, they know when their mother has killed their would-be brother, or sister. They know that adults get away with murder. There is no difference between killing a baby in the womb, or out of the womb, or the killing of an adult. In all cases, a human life has been expunged from the face of the Earth. It takes a very sick and Godless society to think that a born life is worth more than an unborn life. This satanist thinking WILL come back to haunt the pro-choicers, when they're ready to meet their Maker.

    To be pro-choice is to CONDONE and perpetuate evil. To condone evil -- you will NOT enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. How could you? You have insulted God and mocked His Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.”

    Where is the remorse in the killing of 1.4 million babies, every year, in the comfort of their mother's womb? Where is the outrage? Sure, there used to be outrage years ago, when morality reigned. Now that our country's morals are in the dumpster -- so goes human life.

    A staggering 40 million since 1973 have been doomed all because seven Supreme Court Justices, manipulated by satan, decided that babies should be able to be killed at the whim of their mothers. And now this abominable decision has come home to roost.

    We live in a society gone mad -- the “culture of death” is all around us and naturally around our children. Gee, I wonder why today’s children have the perception that life is cheap?

    We took God out of our schools, which left the door open for satan. We replaced prayers with condoms and we dare ask -- WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? Please give me a break.

    How many children have to die, before we finally recognize the truth. How many families have to suffer the loss of loved ones, before we place human life over politics?

    You want to get rid of children killing children? Then get rid of legalized killing of unborn babies. Why we even kill babies while they're being born and suffer excruciating pain. We even have politicians, who condone these atrocities.

    But we won't stop. Our sick society will keep killing these precious children of God. Santee, California got most of the publicity, but in fact, thirty-two children were arrested this past week in thirty different incidences in schools -- most of them involving guns. When the next episode of children killing children comes along, and it will, we'll hear the same old questions -- WHY, WHY, WHY?

    So please, I don't want to hear the same old refrain. I am sick and tired of all the wrong answers. The answer as to WHY is as obvious as Bill and Hillary lying through their teeth over the last minute pardons.

    When are we ever going to learn: “MAN REAPS WHAT HE SOWS”?

Dr. Frank Joseph

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March 14, 2001
volume 12, no. 73
Dr. Frank Joseph's PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS column
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