January 8, 2001
volume 12, no. 8
Monday and Tuesday,
January 8 and 9

MONDAY, January 8, 2001

      First Reading: Isaiah 42: 1-4, 6-7 or Isaiah 40: 1-5, 9-11
      Psalms: Psalm 29:1-4, 9-11
      Second Reading: Acts 10: 34-38 or Titus 2: 11-14; 3: 4-7
      Gospel Reading: Luke 3: 15-16, 21-22


    The Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord serves as the bridge between Christmas/Epiphany and Ordinary Time leading up to Lent. It parallels Christ's life as well for, after spending His childhood and early adulthood in preparation in Nazareth, His Baptism signaled the beginning of His public life. He began His three year ministry by humbling Himself as He waded into the River Jordan to institute the Sacrament of Baptism administered by the one who made "ready the way of the Lord" (Luke 3:4). That was, of course, His friend and cousin Saint John the Baptizer son of Zachary and Elizabeth. John knew he wasn't worthy to perform this task for he knew who Jesus truly was. After all, it was John who "leapt for joy" in his mother's womb and John had said to the crowds in today's Gospel Reading of Matthew 3:11: "I indeed baptize you with water, for repentance. But He who is coming after me is mightier than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to bear. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire." God also chose this time to give a sign to all present, a manifestation of Himself in endorsing His Divine Son with the words recorded in today's Gospel: "This is My Beloved Son, in Whom I am well pleased." Isn't this what we seek? To have God approve of our lives? Jesus gave us a head start with the Sacrament of Baptism, initiating us into His Holy Church where, if we follow her directives obediently, we too will someday join Jesus and all His Saints in Heaven.

Tuesday, January 9, 2001

    Tuesday January 9:
    First Day of the First Weekday in the First Week of the Ordinary Year

    Green vestments

      First Reading: Hebrews 2: 5-12
      Psalms: Psalm 8: 2, 5-9
      Gospel Reading: Matthew 2: 1-12

January 8, 2001
volume 12, no. 8

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