January 29, 2001
volume 12, no. 29
Events of January 29th

  • 418 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Gaudentius, Bishop of Novara, Italy and martyred for Christ at Bergell.

  • 628 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Anastasius, a Persian soldier who was strangled and decapitated on the shores of the Euphrates River because he would not renounce his faith but rather converted all the prisoners and prison guards; so much so that even torture could not turn the flood of converts to this mystical, holy man. Miracles attributed to his intercession were said to have occurred abundantly after his death.

  • 1045 A.D.
  • Death of Brithwold, Benedictine Bishop of Ramsbury and Sarum. He possessed mystical gifts, receiving visions and messages from above.

  • 1588 A.D.
  • Pope Sixtus V issues his decree "Immense aeterni" reforming the Roman Curia.

  • 1795 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Vincent Pallotti,priest and teacher of theology in Rome who was canonized during the Second Vatican Council by Pope Paul VI.

  • 1860 A.D.
  • Pope Pius IX establishes the American College in Rome.

January 29, 2001
volume 12, no. 29

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