January 27, 2001
volume 12, no. 27
University ousts nun who became Episcopal Priest

    PITTSBURGH, Jan. 26, 01 ( - A former Catholic nun who was ordained as an Episcopal priest has been suspended from her teaching duties in a Catholic university's theology department.

    Dr. Moni McIntyre, who was given tenure by Duquesne University several years ago, returned from the Christmas break to find her classes reassigned to other teachers. A spokesman for the university said the move was taken after they discovered that McIntyre was ordained in the Episcopal Church last month. She continues to receive a salary but could be dismissed from the faculty eventually, he said.

    "She is now a publicly proclaimed, official teacher of Anglican doctrine, which differs from Roman Catholic doctrine in very important areas," said Duquesne President John E. Murray Jr. "To present her as a teacher of Roman Catholic theology under these circumstances is a contradiction which is not in keeping with the mission of the department of theology, the university, or the Roman Catholic Church."

    Murray said he made the move after consulting with Bishop Donald Wuerl of Pittsburgh. "His advice was that our view was the correct view from the Church's position. Without qualification," Murray said.

    On January 9, McIntyre was informed in a letter from Murray that her decision to become an Episcopal priest "necessarily repudiates certain teachings of the Roman Catholic Church" and that she would no longer be allowed to teach theology."

    Murray said Duquesne officials were informed of McIntyre's ordination by an official of the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh who was examining the local Episcopal Diocese web site and noticed an ordination scheduled for December 1 at the Church of the Holy Cross and saw McIntyre's name. A theology department member asked McIntyre about the report on December 20 about the report and she confirmed the action.

January 27, 2001
volume 12, no. 27
USA News
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