January 17, 2001
volume 12, no. 17
Respect Life 2001
part one
Committed to the Sanctity of Life

    We are five days away from the March for Life in Washington D.C. Most of us can't make it to the nation's capital. My question is how many want to. That's the key because I sincerely question the Catholic commitment to Pro Life. Why?

    I still can't get over the fact that 50% of Catholics voted for a pro-abort, Al Gore, for president. Why can't Catholics be as pro-life as the Evangelicals? Why do Catholic women have their unborn babies killed at a higher rate than the Evangelicals?

    Are Catholics lacking compassion for the unborn? Do they think that unborn babies are not human beings? Are Catholics uneducated morally? Are the priests doing a lousy job in their sermons? Are the Bishops at fault for not demanding that their priests intensify their pro-life message, or are they afraid they will lose their tax status if they do? Do Catholics think that if they sin, they can just go to confession and all their sins -- no matter how grave, will be washed away?

    The answer is all of the above and I am saddened by these so called Catholics, who vote for pro-abort candidates. Of course I'm not talking about the small loyal group of loyal Catholics, most of whom read this publication, but it's up to all of us to motivate our fellow Catholics who haven't seen the vital necessity of speaking out, taking action and, most of all, getting down on our knees and praying.

    In the next several columns this week leading up to Respect Life Monday, I will attempt to illustrate in the most compassionate way to these pro-choice or lukewarm Catholics that the killing of unborn babies, a.k.a. abortions is abominable, both Biblically and scientifically.

    I am not a man of the cloth. I am just a person, who believes in God and the Holy Bible and when I see evil, I want to do all I can to end it. All of us need to have the same passion no matter your calling in life.

    For the Catholics who claim to believe in God and say that abortions are wrong, but still believe that it's a decision that a woman should make because it's her body, you ARE a pro-abort. You do not love God. If you did, you would obey His commandments. There is no such thing as pro-choice, because to be pro-choice is to condone evil. That evil in this case is the killing of human beings. To kill is a severe, mortal sin against the Fifth Commandment "Thou Shalt Not Kill".

    If one truly and down deep in their heart believe in God, the statement that they are "pro-choice" CANNOT be said -- it is oxymoronic. It is said because it is thought to give credence to their agenda. They are kidding no one -- especially not God. To be pro-choice is to be a pro-abort -- they ARE synonymous. Both propagate and lead to the same conclusion -- death.

    I believe the only way they would really believe in God is if God would appear to them and perform a miracle. If this would happen, do you think they would STILL say that a woman should have the choice to kill her unborn baby who was created by God in His own image at conception? OF COURSE NOT.

    They would be shaking from head to toe. They would drop to their knees in an epiphany of horror and repentance, begging forgiveness. Therein lies the difference. Some people believe in God without any reservations -- IT'S CALLED FAITH. Others need some kind of proof -- maybe a miracle -- until then, they will leave the door open -- just a little bit -- just in case there is a God.

    Because of that, I hold out hope these words may touch a few. Even if one woman is saved from having an abortion it is all worthwhile because another of God's children will be allowed into this world so that, by his or her free will that child can choose to return to God on his terms by following the commandments and love his parents, especially their mother who chose to keep them, love them and nourish them. Because of that, I believe mothers have a special place in Heaven.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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January 17, 2001
volume 12, no. 17

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