January 16, 2001
volume 12, no. 16
    Continue to follow the Star

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, we have just completed the joyous season of the Epiphany and we should keep the message of Epiphany in our hearts which should fill us with good will, with gladness, lightness, holiness, and a longing, a thirst for Our Lord and Savior.

    This season after Epiphany also helps us to bridge the life-span of Our Lord, as we walk in the footsteps of the Holy Family, who cared for the tiny Infant Savior, and who received with joy the Wise Men who came from afar to worship the Christ Child. Remember He was at least a year old when they arrived, possibly near two considering Herod's edict to kill all first-borns under two. It pains me greatly when I think of the Holy Innocents slaughtered so senselessly and all for envy, jealousy, greed and the lust for power. Is that any different than today with the slaughter in the womb? Truly it is much, much worse and yet we fail to see the light. Unlike the Magi, we fail to see the star or heed the warnings.

    Today, we journey to our parish church, and for most of us that is not a very long distance to travel. But do we do so with the same fervent reverence the kings from the East did? Do we truly acknowledge Christ in the tabernacle the same way the Magi did to the Child Jesus? As I wrote last week, He is so close and yet so far because we don't truly comprehend in our hearts that this manger is available to us night and day and we don't have to traverse very far.

    I wonder if, today, a bright star appeared in the Heavens, and the word of our Holy Father announced that we were to follow the star, if we would be up to the task? Would we be willing to put aside everything that makes us our life? Would we put aside our job, jeopardizing our ability to pay the mortgage, the utilities, etc., and travel wherever the star would lead? Would we be willing to travel by car, or bus, or train, or boat, or plane? Would we grumble and give up if, after traveling by any of the convenient means mentioned above, we would have to continue our journey on foot?

    Would we have the patience to keep our eyes upon the star by night, resting during the day? Would we grow weary of the pilgrimage we had set out upon?

    Would we even comprehend that by completing our journey we would be in the presence of the Christ Child and His Most Holy Mother and St. Joseph? Would we care enough to do that?

    That is what we should be doing during this liturgical season---traveling with the Wise Men-and worshipping the Infant Savior as they did. Yes, they brought Him magnificent gifts. But above all they brought Him their hearts. Would we think it a sufficient reason to set out on a journey that would take us a long time, and would bring us hardships, just to give up our hearts to a tiny Child? Or would we rather e-mail Him our best wishes sent on an e-card?

    We must take into our hearts the reality of this season. It is forever. It is now. We can be there with the Wise Men and we can offer the Infant Savior our hearts anew, or we can go on with the hectic pace of life, never noticing the season and its great liturgical meaning. The choice is ours. Holy Mother Church calls to us as she has for over two thousand years, to be present at the joyous events from the Annunciation to the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple to the Baptism of the Lord and the beginning of His public life. There are so many holy moments that we should anticipate and prepare for. Unfortunately, we get too wrapped up in the secular things…children returning to school, getting the taxes prepared, cleaning up after Christmas, the Super Bowl, budgeting after overspending for the holidays, etc. All of these things have their place in our lives, but the first thing in our lives must and should be Jesus!

    Sacred Scripture tells us that where our heart is, there is our treasure. Where is your treasure? Where is your heart? Is it with the Wise Men and their offering of their very lives, their hearts? Or, do we prefer to seek after worldly goods as more profitable and more pleasing to us?

    Therefore, let us together pray that we, too, give our hearts to God, and wait patiently for Him to give us Himself.

    We made the Advent Season walking in the footsteps of the Holy Family. Let us continue to walk in their footsteps now in this time between Epiphany and Lent and allow our hearts to look forward to Ash Wednesday and a time to offer ourselves to God through our willingness to fast and do penance. Only if we keep the eyes of our soul on that shining Star will we be prepared to fulfill our fiat during the time leading up to the glorious time of Easter.

    I am praying for all of you, and I know you are praying for my family and myself. Until next time, I remain always you little sister in Christ,


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January 16, 2001
volume 12, no. 16

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