January 10, 2001
volume 12, no. 10
Janet and John Ashcroft
    PHOTO RIGHT: John Ashcroft and his wife Janet at the announcement of his designation as Attorney General
The Scribes and Pharisees are out to discredit a decent man of God

    What a Christmas present for Pro Lifers! On December 23, 2000 Senator John Ashcroft, who lost his bid for another term to the deceased Mel Carnahan, was nominated by George W. Bush to be U.S. Attorney General. Talk about a turnaround in the Justice Department! It's about time! After eight years of the questionable ethics of the Clinton Administration and Janet Reno, America will finally get someone who can truly turn our country back to God through upholding the Constitution and the laws of our land in cooperation with the Ten Commandments.

    Governor Mel Carnahan of Missouri died during his run for the Missouri Senatorship against Ashcroft. Being a man of character, Ashcroft practically stopped his campaign. For reasons that I cannot fathom, Carnahan’s name still remained on the ballot and the closeness of the campaign was reflected in the final outcome -- Carnahan won by a hair. His wife, who is a pro-abort, as was her husband, told one and all that she would take his seat if he won.

    Ashcroft was between a rock and a hardplace. How do you campaign against a dead man? Carnahan's wife got the sympathy vote. I have no doubt that the DNC, Planned Parenthood, NARAL and all the others, who couldn't care less about the sanctity of human life were camped at her doorstep. They were not about to let a little thing like death, stop them from getting another pro-abort into the Senate. I always thought that once a person dies, their name HAS to be taken off the ballot. Apparently not.

    It was reported that the polls in Missouri, stayed open two hours longer to accommodate late voters, who were mainly Democrats. This was clearly a violation of the law. Inasmuch as it was a very close election, many thought that Ashcroft should scream, "foul" and take it to the courts. However Ashcroft, being a man of character, just took it on the chin -- did not whine and did not want to put his state through a legal nightmare as Al Gore did to our country.

    Now Ashcroft is being berated repeatedly in the media for his conservative views and strong moral stance. What does that tell you about the media's mission? The truth? Not in the secular media. They fail to see the goodness of this man Bush so wisely appointed as he had promised. It was Ashcroft who could have put up a real stink in Missouri - the same way one Al Gore did in Florida. But John Ashcroft was above the fray. He put the good of the people ahead of his own gains and, as always happens when one strives to live as God instructs, good things happen.

    This very fine man of faith, Ashcroft is being vilified by the Democrats -- saying he is not fit to be Attorney General. And why is he not fit? It seems there's a tinge of racism in Ashcroft, so the liberals say. Why, he once voted against a judgeship for a Black man. Forget that others did to -- not because he was Black, but because, he was not qualified, and his record showed it.

    Ashcroft doesn't have one racist fiber in his entire body and the Democrats know this. Their racist remarks are nothing but sour grapes. And pro aborts are plenty sour about it and will do anything to prevent Ashcroft's appointment. The homosexual group Human Rights Campaign has called Ashcroft's nomination "frightening." Naturally -- homosexuality is forbidden in the Bible and Ashcroft believes in God and the Holy Scriptures.

    Kate Michelman with the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) says Ashcroft is a "real danger for women's rights," If women's right's means that they can kill their children -- yep, Ashcroft is against that -- shouldn't we all. PAW says Ashcroft is an "astonishingly bad nomination."

    The TRUTH is -- the Democrats are running around in a state of shock, because John Ashcroft is a pro-lifer of the highest order. Rumors are that he will be approved by the Senate, but only after being put through the 3rd degree by the Democrats. They want to send a message to Bush -- "how dare you pick someone to the far right. You said you wanted to bring both parties together. If we do approve him -- you'd better not appoint justices to the Supreme court, who are pro-life, if you want to do business with us."

    That's it in a nutshell. All other reasons by the Democrats for not wanting Ashcroft for Attorney General are hogwash. It IS one reason only. He is a true pro-lifer. This is what we prayed so fervently for, that George W. Bush would enact his pro-life measures as the chief executive. He hasn't failed God's people and we applaud him for his choices, especially Ashcroft and Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, another strong pro-life supporter for the cabinet post of Health and Welfare. With Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft and Thompson we finally have in Washington a strong pro-life bastion who will withstand the flurry of artillery the pro-aborts will fire at them.

    Thompson will have a difficult time with those who oppose the culture of life as well. Yet it is Ashcroft who is getting the most flak. And their arguments are so weak that they belie their true motives: to stop the advance of pro-life at any cost. Can you imagine that -- he doesn't think children should be killed in their mother's womb, or while they're being born. For being a Godly man and respecting the sanctity of human life from conception to the grave, the Democrats are trying to make Ashcroft appear to be some kind of an ogre.

    This is what the Democratic party has come to. As I've said many times before, the Democratic party has become satan’s pride and joy, which is why I left it years ago. Over the weekend on all the talk shows, that's all you heard by the Democratic Senators and spinmasters -- get Ashcroft.

    I personally thought it would go to Gov. Keating of Oklahoma, who is a Catholic and pro-life. But, since the Ashcroft selection is making the Democrats have a fit of the first order, I'm beginning to like his selection better every day. We do need a good pro-lifer to remain as Governor of Oklahoma and since Ashcroft is available, his nomination looks better every day. And remember, if Ashcroft would be rejected, Bush always has Keating in the wings. Smart man, that George W; not as dumb as the media made him out to be.

    Ashcroft has a world of experience -- previously served as both Attorney General and Governor of Missouri. He has more moral character in his little finger than Janet Reno and Clinton have in their entire bodies -- together. That may sound harsh, but consider their track records and the moral malaise in our country it's fitting. I have documented proof of this in Christ's harsh words to the Pharisees in Luke 11: 37-54. Read it and tell me if it doesn't apply to the Clinton administration.

    And in keeping with the mindset of the Pharisees,the Democrats will be spending large sums of money to smear Ashcroft. They will go through his public record and personal life with a fine tooth comb, looking for dirt. Gee, they loved it in Clinton. The Democrats praised the nomination of General Powell, for Secretary of State, because he's pro-choice. But you can bet your bottom dollar that if Powell was pro-life, they would smear him too -- Black or not. Remember what they did to Justice Thomas. It's called the great double standard where the media throws objectivity to the winds.

    We all know there's only ONE issue that Democrats fear and that's the issue of the Sanctity of Life. Their predilection for the culture of death, gives satan a grin from ear to ear. Democrats refer to religious people as the religious right, or the religious fanatic. Remember Hillary's ranting and accusations when her husband was under suspicion in "Monica-gate"? If the liberal Democrats had their way, the government would be in complete charge of our lives. We defeated Russia in the “cold war,” but now, we are rapidly becoming the old USSR, (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). The religious were persecuted and the killing of unborn babies was a way of life.

    Russia is now turning to God. They rang in the new year with a new national anthem. Actually, it's the old Soviet-era national anthem whose lyrics have been rewritten by the 87-year-old Stalinist author of the original Communist version. The decision by President Vladimir Putin to reinstate the Communist hymn, written in 1943, has been attacked by liberal Russian politicians. In another obvious break with Communism, God is mentioned in the new anthem's second verse, which celebrates Russia as a "holy country" that is "protected by God." It was played on all major radio and television stations at midnight, as well as in Moscow's Red Square, the traditional New Year's gathering place.

    How's that for irony. We WON the “cold war,” but Russia found God. God cannot be mentioned in our national anthem, or in schools, or public places, thanks to the liberal Democrats, but in Russia, they now welcome God. So, I ask you -- who really won?

    I'll tell you who: the Blessed Mother who prophesied at Fatima that Russia would be converted if we complied with all she asked. Oh, the land of the czars is not converted totally. In fact, it has a long ways to go, especially with the rift between the Russian Orthodox Church and Rome. But it's a start. And as Russia rebuilds its moral character, it's time also for America to begin anew in heeding God's commands.

    Bush is doing his part. Pro-abortion Senators are promising a tough confirmation hearing for Ashcroft, and while he will probably be confirmed in the end, pro-life Americans have a job to do to help him through the process. First of all, PRAY! Then, as a concerned individual I would urge you to please sit down immediately and do two things: WRITE to both of your United States Senators at: The Honorable ____________, Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510 and urge them to vote to confirm Senator John Ashcroft as U.S. Attorney General. Point to his years of distinguished service, experience and integrity. Be sure to ask for a response. Next, PHONE both of your U.S. Senators at the toll free number: 1-800-241-7109 or 1-877-762-8762 or for those in the Washington D.C. area, 202-224-3121. Do this again once the members of the committee that will conduct the confirmation hearings is assigned, and once again when it goes to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

    Yes, it does take some time and thought, but isn't it worth it in the short and long run? Consider what's at stake and how God's ordaining Will has been allowed so far, it's truly worth it. There are e-mail statements you can sign, but while it may be tempting to take the easy route and e-mail your messages, keep in mind that Senators receive e-mail by thousands and much of it goes unread because they simply don’t have the staff to go through it in a timely manner. That is why, in order to really make an impression, it's best to communicate with your Senators and Members of Congress the old-fashioned way: by telephone, regular mail, or fax.

    And it's the old-fashioned ideals that Ashcroft will uphold as Attorney General. In an effort to stop such decency, Planned Parenthood and that ilk have waged an all-out planned assault on this man just as the Pharisees did to Our Lord. So, despite the rough crosses ahead for the man from Missouri, he has an ideal role model to emulate. Still he and the millions of unborn, whose lives will ultimately hinge on Bush's pro-life platform taking effect, still needs our support and prayers so that Ashcroft can help effect Christ's words in John 10: 10, "I came that they may have life, and have it more abundantly."''

Dr. Frank Joseph

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January 10, 2001
volume 12, no. 10

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