February 7, 2001
volume 12, no. 38

The Scandalous Sin of the 'Catholic' Senators

    I'm sorry, but I'm tired of the lame refrain by the Left still crying over spilled milk that Bush is not legitimate. He won, Gore lost. Get over it. Just think if Bush had not won. Do you think we would have had the kind of enthusiasm and progress we've had in the first several weeks? No, we would have been in the same tired rut of the Clinton administration and, like groundhog day, be looking for our shadow in the shadow of shame that has cast a dark shadow over the past eight years. Why we wouldn't even be aware of all the graft and cover-ups, payoffs and libel, disrespect for the high office of the presidency and total neglect of ethics that is just now beginning to come out.

    While a few Democrats are incensed at Clinton's actions and pardons, the majority are following the party-line. After all, it's in the Platform, one that denies God's Laws. Not only does the Democratic platform denounce the Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” with their condoning of the killing of 1.4 million unborn babies every year, but they now embrace the deadly gay lifestyle, which is clearly condemned in the Holy Bible. But, why should we expect liberal Democrats to believe in the Bible? If they did, they would respect the sanctity of human life from conception to the grave and not hide behind sugar coated euphemisms for the killing of children in the womb -- “pro-choice,” “freedom of choice” and let’s not forget, “women’s reproductive freedom.” Remember, one out of three children are killed by "choice."

    A week after being confirmed as Attorney General, we keep hearing the race card come up regarding John Ashcroft. While they hide behind euphenisms and innuendo, and insist they're not calling him a racist, they imply just the opposite. Memo to the Left: get it Right! He is NOT a racist. Had White been of a different color, the vote would have been the same. Why is it that, if one does not vote for a Black you are automatically a racist? It's people like Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, who at one time was pro-life and Al Sharpton who are constantly bringing race into EVERYTHING. It is, in fact, they who are the true racists. This is only too evident as they circle the wagons to protect Jesse with condoning tones.

    Yet they launch a vitrolic verbal attack on anyone who doesn't agree with them. Kennedy's remark is one for the books. Personal destruction is it? This same Kennedy voted NOT to ban partial-birth abortions. He was one of 31 Democratic Senators who had not one shred of common decency in their entire bodies. He saw nothing wrong when a viable baby in late term, being entirely delivered except for the baby's head and while the baby is struggling for his/her life -- their little legs kicking and arm flailing, the back of the baby's head is stabbed with a pair of scissors. The baby suddenly stiffens and then goes limp. A tube is inserted in the hole and the baby’s brains are sucked out with a powerful machine. Sounds like something akin to Nazi Germany -- doesn’t it? Another three more inches and it would have been murder in the eyes of the law. In the eyes of God and to anyone, who truly believes in God, partial-birth abortions ARE murder.

    Studies show that babies killed in late term suffer excruciating pain. 1.4 million babies killed in earlier terms every year, wasn't enough for Kennedy and his ilk. After all he is a Democrat and killing God's most precious creations is their hallmark. They get big money from Planned Parenthood and all the other abortion mills to make sure the killing will continue to be legal.

    Would you say that killing babies is destructive? Is it personal to the baby? Or maybe Kennedy and his Democratic executioners believe the garbage of Planned Parenthood: that it's nothing but a lump of tissue. If it is just a lump of tissue then why kill something that's not alive?

    Has our country gone mad? Has it lost its moral compass? Is human life that cheap? The answer is yes, to all of the above. And, politics be damned, it's a God-send that Bush is in.

    The Democratic party, loaded with people like Ted Kennedy, is trying to drag our country into hell, if we’re not there already. As far as I'm concerned, on a scale of life, their actions are akin to being a notch above the amoeba. It is the lowest form of life in the animal kingdom -- i.e., until Clinton, Kennedy and the rest of the Senators came along and signed the death warrants to kill babies, while they're being born. They fail to realize that a fetus, from fertilization on, has a Divinely planned order of living cells. It does have a soul and is made in the image and likeness of God. Those who disagree also have a soul and are likewise made in His image and therefore worthy of our love. But we don't have to like them. I don't! And I hate the sin they are committing.

    As I've said many times before, I left the Democratic party years ago, when it was obvious that human life meant nothing to them and their affinity with the seamy and sordid aspects of life, as reflected in their major contributors, the “Abortion Industry,” the “Hollywood Filth Industry” and “Homosexuals” was more than I could take.

    On top of it all Ted Kennedy is a Catholic. He doesn’t care that the killing of unborn babies is against the doctrine of the Catholic Church. He is not the only Catholic Senator, who has fallen into the clutches of satan. Would you believe that there are SEVEN MORE Catholic Democratic Senators, who not only are pro-aborts, but as Kennedy, don’t even care if babies are killed while they’re being born. They as Kennedy did, -- voted NOT to ban partial-birth abortions.

    The names of the other seven Catholic Senators are JOHN KERRY of Massachusetts, Senator BARBARA MIKULSKI of Maryland, Senator PAUL SARBANIS of Maryland, Senator TOM HARKIN of Iowa, Senator JACK REED of Rhodes Island, Senator PATTY MURRAY of Washington and Senator CHRIS DODD of Connecticut.

    Remember their names. They are in the same class as the abortionists, who kill unborn babies for a living. THEY signed the order for the killings.

    The Senate was only three votes shy of having the necessary two-thirds vote to overturn Clinton’s veto of the ban on partial-birth abortions, which was passed overwhelmingly in Congress. The House had enough votes to overturn Clinton’s veto, but the Senate was only three votes shy. Just think, had just three of the above EIGHT CATHOLIC SENATORS voted with the majority, about 5,000 viable babies would have been saved every year, from these late term painful and gruesome executions.

    What are we going to do to help these senators out - like out of the Senate? I'll offer solutions next week in this column.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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February 7, 2001
volume 12, no. 38
Dr. Frank Joseph's PRO LIFE PRESCRIPTIONS column
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