February 22, 2001
volume 12, no. 53

For the Love of Money

    Often I am asked the question "why does abortion continue when most people agree that it's a baby and not a blob of tissue". I always answer this question with, "it's the love of money". How much money? Of course we don't know how much planned parenthood and the abortionist actually make, but a logical estimate will illustrate for you why these pro-aborts fight us so vivaciously. As we come up with this logical estimate, we must also estimate how many beautiful, perfect human persons have been brutally murdered since Roe vs. Wade. Indeed, it makes my heart ache to share these numbers with you toady.

    There are two different sources to look to for abortion numbers, both are considered to be inaccurate. The government organization that tracks such numbers is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. They are very slow to release numbers and, since they rely on state health departments and other organizations to report this data, they typically under report up to 300,000 per year. Even though their numbers are so far off, most media reporters use them. The other organization that tracks the numbers does so from within the "gates of hell." They are the Alan Guttmacher Institute and they are a branch of planned parenthood. They aggressively contact hospitals and known abortionist for numbers and traditionally have reported more accurately. So, even though they are the enemy, we will use their numbers since they are the best we have to go by.

    According to their report, dated November/December 1998, we have murdered 39.6 million babies since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. Please note, however that Guttmacher admits 10% of the known abortionist did not report. Adding 10% to this figure then brings our total to 43.6 million. This is a pretty incredible number.

    For the millionaires reading this, you may have a better grasp on the size of this number than I do. For the rest of us, let me break this down into a unit of measure that we can all relate to; time. Everyone knows what they were doing an hour ago, a minute ago.

    43.6 million minutes ago, if you were to set your time capsule, it would take you back to the year 1918. World War one was coming to a close, we were in the grips of the influenza epidemic, Woodrow Wilson was our President and we were just two years from the birth of Karol Wojtyla, our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II.

    43.6 million hours ago, would take us back to the year 2347 B.C. Now, I'm certainly no theologian, but I believe this was well before the birth of Moses in 1571 B.C. It was actually around the time estimated when Noah landed and God made the rainbow promise (cf. Genesis 8). 43.6 million days ago? Well, only God was around back then. You get the idea. I hope by now your mind is boggled because the number of abortions over the past three decades is indeed mind-boggling and very, very, very, very sad.

    What's even sadder is that, now that we have a good estimate of how many abortions have occurred, to realize it is not about saving the mothers' lives, but selfish greed. It's all about money. To prove this, our next step is to look at the financial end of this business.

    88% of reported abortions are in the first 12 weeks gestation. Taking an average of 1.6 million abortions per year times 88% equals 1.4 million per year. Taking this figure times the going rate of $400 per early term abortion, equals $560 million.

    12% of reported abortions are late term or 200,000. Take this and times the going rate of $1,200 per abortion. It equals $240,000,000.

    Add that all up and it gives us a grand total of $800,000,000 per year. Eight hundred million dollars a year! Now multiply that times 28 for the 28 years Roe vs. Wade has been in existence and it's 22.4 billion dollars at the minimum!

    Now that we have established an estimate of just how lucrative this industry is, let me give you a few other facts that will enrage you even further.

  • 1) They have no product cost, only overhead.
  • 2) Our government allows them (planned parenthood) to have a non for profit status!
  • 3) The non for profit status allows them to attract big corporate donations (Bill Gates just donated $7.7 million to them last month).
  • 4) They receive government funding!

    Even as I write this, I am completely blown away by these numbers. This is what it's all about folks, money. Approximately one third of the generations spanning over the last 28 years have been murdered for the love of money. A few kids get murdered in a public school and the story captures the attention of the entire nation for weeks. Someone bombs the federal building in Oklahoma City, hundreds die, resulting in a media frenzy that lasts for months. When an animal is killed such as a deer, or a whale, even a dog or cat by a fire or a sadistic person, there is great empathy for this animal. PETA has planted this political correct thinking in our society that animals have more rights than an unborn child. Ohhh! Poor pet. We must take care of our pets. Yet, every single week, 30,769 of our children, possessing a soul and free will, are murdered and no one seems to notice. They never had a choice. This exposes yet another lie is exposed, one that claims pro-choicers are for choice. They are for choice only when it suits their selfish purpose.

    We have allowed them to do this. We need to stop it! But how? Prayer is paramount. After that, helping pro-life organizations that seek to uphold the dignity of the human being, that seek to save the innocent unborn babies.

    The pro-life movement and the pro-death groups are not only diametrically opposed in their ideals, but down to the net results of their business/organizations. You see an abortion mill's success determines how much money it will have; the pro-life organization's success determines how much money it will need. This is where you come in! Donate to aggressive and reputable pro-life organizations. Donate to crisis pregnancy centers! If you don't have the money to donate, become a customer of Pro Life Communications! Pro Life Communications donates all of their profits to pro-life organizations, so you will be donating with no money out of pocket! Call us now to sign up (877) 878-LIFE! You can also sign up on line at

    Also, we need to pray. Not a day should go by without praying for these precious little ones. Pray to end this holocaust!

    How can we promote families and family life when they are steadily and meticulously eliminating the family unit at an alarming rate? Can we see why the politicians are so adamantly set in their ways for the culture of death? It is purely and simply not a philosophical or ideological difference, but a monetary difference. If Roe vs. Wade is overturned, they would lose those precious pieces of silver that they have been collecting for woe these many years. The well of blood money would dry up for planned parenthood, naral and the rest of those money mongers who have made death big business.

    Saint Paul in his First Epistle to Timothy, 6: 10, pinpointed what the problem is. "For covetousness is the root of all evils, and some in their eagerness to get rich have strayed from the faith and have involved themselves in many troubles." It is not that money is the root of all evil, but the love of it, where they will do anything, including kill. It didn't pay for Judas, it won't for those who are willing to sacrifice the lives of innocents to stuff their own coffers. Have mercy on us, Father.

Joe and Jane Dalton

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February 22, 2001
volume 12, no. 53
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