February 22, 2001
volume 12, no. 53

Communism: The Fearful Menace
part two

    From the beginning Communism put into force the theory of collective ownership under the State. In the winter of 1932-193 the State seized the crops of the Ukrainians, then deliberately allowed about two million people, with twenty million cattle, to die of starvation. The most terroristic methods were used to effect State ownership.

    In 1929 peasants in Russia were forced into collective farms under absolute State control. There the peasant lived as a serf, without even the right to transfer to another farm, or move elsewhere except with permission. The State decided everything about crops and their disposal. And for all his labor, did the average peasant receive enough to support his family? Surely he did not live as the few at the top did. And millions were condemned to forced labor.

    The basis of the method was simple: Whatever helped the cause of Communism had to be prompted by any means, for the end justifies the means.

    With this simple basis, the method of operation expanded into complicated branches. By stealth and deception, by infiltration and treason, by terrorism and force, Communism strived to attain its final goal, world conquest. In the propagation of doctrine Communist tactics varied, method being adapted to circumstances and the character of the people concerned. Tactics varied, but Communist principles remained the same.

    If the end could be attained by subtle means, Communism adopted that method of stealth and deception. Under the guise of something good, under pretense of battling against evils, it lured good men as unsuspecting victims into supporting itself, a most atrocious evil.

    An example of this method was Communism's fight against Fascism. Having killed Fascism, it then became firmly entrenched, one horrific evil replacing another.

    By infiltration and treason Communism reached out, clutching at every level of life, the lowest laborer to the highest government official could be influenced. It penetrated every avenue of the government, even the Church itself, whenever occasion arose of which advantage could be taken. The Pope, then a young man as Karol Wojtyla saw firsthand the horrors of both the Nazi evil and the Soviet evil and he vowed that, through God's will, he would do all he could to smash the hammer and sickle and return God to the people. He accomplished this through the ecclesiastical steps from priest to bishop, from archbishop to cardinal, from Conclave to the Papal Throne.

    For over fifty years communism carried on an international conspiracy to break down every nation that did not adopt its theories. With secret agents under the direction of the Kremlin, the Soviets went into each nation, reaching everyone that could be influenced. From Italy to the United States, from South America to Poland.

    If Communism could best attain its end by terrorism and force, resistance was "liquidated" by whatever means. Every person, institution, practice, and tradition not favoring Communism was persecuted, murdered, tortured, torn down, annihilated. As a means, military aggression was never excluded.

    In Communism changes were made according to the wishes of the one at the top. Dates, ideas, facts, reasons, --all are changed to fit the occasion. Everything was approved that promoted the cause.

    Everyone under the rule of Communism owed it blind obedience. Lies, violence, robbery, murder, treason, -all these and more were excellent, if committed to promote the Communist principles, the end always justified the means.

    Ever masquerading behind something good, Communism lived up to the instructions of Lenin, who wrote: "We have to use any ruse, dodger, trick, cunning, unlawful method, concealment, and veiling of truth." Because of the failure to entice many nations to their side the leaders of Communism were compelled to make concessions against their own principles. They declared for coexistence; they announced readiness to suppress works of the Cominform; they permitted visits behind the former Iron Curtain; etc. Mikhail Gorbachev could see the handwriting on the wall. The Promise of Fatima was coming true. God had enabled His hand-picked Vicar Pope John Paul II to persuade through God's guiding hand and the Holy Spirit, empowered by countless prayers and Rosaries, Gorbachev to sit down and talk. The United States, led by President Ronald Reagan had gained the upper hand over the Marxists. Twenty years prior to Reagan, President John F. Kennedy and the US had come to the brink of nuclear war against the Soviets. The reds blinked and from that point on the US held the edge.

    Many feared that it was all a ruse, mere allurements of a temporary nature, securing an armistice before the renewal of attacks. These were all according to the methods of Communism, ever ready to use whatever means in the propagation of its principles. Until those basic principles were finally rejected by Gorbachev there had been little hope. By the Communist method of action, millions of human beings were pinned under that yoke and the barren fruits of the hammer and sickle are evident today.

Next installment: part three of the communist curse.

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February 22, 2001
volume 12, no. 53
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