February 18, 2001
volume 12, no. 49

Readers' Feedback

    Editor's Note: Following are a few of the e-mails and mail we received recently regarding the "reincarnation" of Ron O'Brien - now "Ronan O'Brien," and now operating out of Ireland, lurking in the shadows of the glorious shrine of Knock.

    I understand Ron O'Brien is coming back to the United States? Around Easter he's supposed to be on the west coast in San Francisco and up here in Washington. I hope he isn't coming to our neck of the woods. If the police are still looking for this sheister (sic) they'll find him here on the left coast. Heard lots of folks are looking for him. Just thought I'd let you know.
B.J., Seattle, WA, February 17

    Ron O'Brien (a.k.a. Ronald Woodruff) has a new website and has changed his name to Ronan O'Brien and his 'non-profit' name to 'Friends of the Holy Eucharist'.

    Please do everything in your power to shut-down this website which reaches England, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, The United States, etc.. Please prevent Ron O'Brien from stealing and scamming thousands and thousands of more people around the world.

    Ron O'Brien had already spent 18 months in prison for credit card fraud of over $300,000.00. During this last case he stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from pilgrims through his false miracles and then fled to Ireland, he got away with it since the Keene New Hampshire Police Department did not have the funds to pursue the case since their small town had a limited budget.

    If you can be of any assistance, please contact Sgt. Parsells of The Keene Police Dept. at (603) 357-9820 or by e-mail

    Is there a Vatican Legal Dept that can be notified or even the IRS or the FBI? What he is doing is a disgrace to Jesus!!! Please, it is your duty to help.

Name withheld by request, Wilkes-Barre, PA - February 11

    I would very much like to notify you and your fellow Americans that Mr. Ronan O'Brien is mixing it up here in the Isles. You scared him out of the States and now he is preying on Europeans. I visited the area recently and am very, very suspicious. I can't, by all that is holy, understand how he continues to pull the wool over people who favour his style of sensationalism over the Holy Mass. I know in my heart he is labouring for evil spirits and I pray for his soul and for the souls of so many who are bewildered by such events that have no logic to their merits. I pray you will let others be aware of the travestie of such people.

J.O., Leeds, United Kingdom

    Did not know who was running the O'Brien site: I guess you were not told. It can't be the same O'Brien cause this guys name is Ronan.Oh Brother. Do you have the url? If not here it is

    Supposedly has stigmata . No real background about what occured here in the States. Of course he goes by Ronan not Ron. Geesh, No messages etc so far.

J.L., February 16

    Editor's Note: It would be interesting to know if his organization is truly a non-profit and if the IRS is aware. However, if they won't go after Jesse Jackson who has embezzled millions, I doubt they're going to shut down O'Brien. We'll leave it in God's hands for He will separate the wheat from the chaff in His time.

    In the meantime, we did some quick research and are revealing who is operating his website. The culprits are Norman P. Tiedemann and Sean Gray at fote333@HOME.COM, Friends of the Eucharist, 3892 Carriage Hill Drive, Erlanger, KY 41018-2854 in the US. Their phone number is (859) 727-8242 (419) 730-0741 and their bishop is Bishop Robert Muench, Bishop of Covington, Kentucky at 606-283-6215. He can be reached by writing: Most Reverend Robert W. Muench, P.O. Box 18548, Erlanger, KY 41018-0548.

February 18, 2001
volume 12, no. 49
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