February 16, 2001
volume 12, no. 47

Christian-Bashing Movie Buys Oscar Nominations With Jesse's Help

By Carl Limbacher , and Staff

    (NEWSMAX.COM, Feb 15) Miramax, the Hollywood studio notorious for using shameless, expensive ad campaigns to win Academy Award nominations for its high-toned but mediocre movies, has scored once again with "Chocolat." And Jesse Jackson, who is apparently some sort of minister when he isn't blackmailing corporations or hogging TV cameras at one protest or another, gave a boost to the Christian-bashing flick.

    The liberal Boston Globe said Monday that "Miramax's media saturation bombing campaign for 'Chocolat,' featuring national television and newspaper advertising, is considered over the top because the movie is so average. In a withering critique, Wall Street Journal writer Tom King recently suggested that 'Chocolat' deserves an Oscar for mediocrity."

    "Chocolat" is a bland, occasionally charming little movie about an unwed pagan who moves with her daughter to a stuffy French village during Lent and tempts the self-righteous Catholic prigs with her confections. But there's an eye-rolling subtext: Saintly, salt-of-the-earth, nonreligious liberal is superior to paternalistic, self-righteous Christians.

    In short, "Chocolat" is what you'd expect from the studio that spent a fortune last year to bag undeserved Oscar nominations for its subpar but politically correct pro-abortion movie, "The Cider House Rules."

    Even the liberal critic Roger Ebert wrote: "I enjoyed the movie on its own sweet level, while musing idly on the box-office prospects of a film in which the glowing, life-affirming local Christians prevailed over glowering, prejudiced, puritan and bitter Druid worshippers. That'll be - as John Wayne once said - the day."

    Despite its anti-Christian intolerance, "Chocalat" is being marketed as a message of tolerance; hence the endorsements from Jesse Jackson and the Anti-Defamation League. One wonders at their reaction if "Chocolat" ridiculed Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, atheism or any other ism - not that left-wing Hollywood would produce such movies.

    But it will be fun to see Jesse making his annual protest about the lack of black Oscar nominees after he helped the lily-white "Chocolat" nab five Oscar nominations today.

February 16, 2001
volume 12, no. 47
USA News
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