December 3-9, 2001
volume 12, no. 159

Cloning? What's next -- the Killing of Unborn Babies?

If we don't quit cloning around, satan's circus will run out of room under the 'big top!'

    A Massachusetts firm has announced the first successful cloning of human embryos. The company believes that cloning human cells will facilitate the development of new treatments for various illnesses, including Parkinson's disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's disease and numerous others. The scientists at Advanced Cell Technology who created the clones say that they want to grow a human embryo only to the point when stem cells can be extracted.

    At the moment, scientists don't know whether stem cells taken from human embryos will help cure diseases. Whatever stem cells scientists harvest now will be used solely for experiments -- which might or might not lead to such medical cures.

    We do know that adult stem cells have already been shown to be much more reliable to attain the same goals. But of course, no human being has to be killed by using adult stem cells, however, since we are the culture of death, there are many who prefer playing God.

    Nevertheless, they are talking about creating human life in order to harvest stem cells -- and then destroying it. The moral justification they say is -- that greater good would come from their experiments than whatever harm they might cause.

    This is terrible -- to kill a human being just on the possibility that it may help others. Yes, an embryo is a human being. There's not a reputable scientist, in the entire world, who would deny this. At one time we were all embryos.

    But for the sake of argument, let's assume research produces the ability to use human embryos for this purpose. Are we willing to sacrifice one life in order to save or improve others? If that's our criteria, why stop at using only stem cells harvested from these embryos?

    Why not allow cloned embryos to develop until their organs can be harvested for transplant? If a cloned fetus could save or improve lives, why not sacrifice its heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, corneas, and whatever else we can use? Why not harvest the organs of other human beings, whose lives may be about to end or are in a vegetative state?

    This slippery slope, one day, may actually lead to the legalized killing of unborn babies. There may be some people who would be willing to have their unborn child killed, if it would make their lives a little easier.

    Sure, I know of all the risks and complications of abortions, such as breast cancer, premature babies on subsequent pregnancies, hemorrhage, punctured uterus, infection, abuse of drugs and alcohol, emotional and mental problems and even death. But if we don't inform women of these risks, I do believe there would be many women, who would have no qualm about having their unborn child killed, as long as they think it will make their lives a little easier. Maybe, even hundreds of abortions would be done every day throughout the United States.

    The problem would be to get a civilized society to pass a law that would guarantee, that those who kill unborn babies would not be prosecuted. Yes, I do believe the slippery slope could lead to this. However, there's always the chance that a country founded by people of faith would not stand for the killing of unborn babies.

    But, lets say they did, then we might be able to go a step further. How about if we kill babies while they are being born -- you know, when their entire body is delivered, except the head. With the head still in the birth canal, we can puncture the baby's head with scissors and suck its brains out.

    Since the head has not been delivered, the abortionist cannot be prosecuted for murder. Sure, tests have shown that unborn babies feel pain at 20 weeks gestation and some tests even earlier, but what the heck, isn't it worth it -- we can just sell their body parts to the highest bidder, so experiments can be done in order to cure various diseases. This way whole hearts, brains, livers, kidneys and extremities can be obtained.

    The gory and macabre procedures of killing unborn children may never come to pass, because, after all, we ARE a civilized society, but you never know if we allow stem cells to be harvested from cloned embryos. What a difference between the killing of 6-50 cell humans, to killing human beings in the womb.

    But wait -- this is already being done -- silly me. What was I thinking? I need more sleep. Never mind. OK, so I'm just a smart ---, for pulling your leg, but someone has to point out the sudden injection of morals and faith-finding into our politicians, and, I might add, the Bishops' outrage at cloning when they have been experts at fence-sitting on abortion and other perversions that they don't like to talk about.

    There were 34 Senators, who had no qualms about killing unborn babies, while being 3/4 born -- the barbaric partial-birth abortion. Several were Catholics. Still are, as far as I know. That is because the Bishops have not issued a latae sententiae to them, notifying the violaters that they have been excommunicated as Canon Law demands. In fact, I would venture to say those same politicians are still receiving Communion on Sundays. I always thought one had to be free of mortal sin to receive Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist. The last I checked being an accomplice to violating the 5th Commandment - "Thou shalt not kill" is still a grievous sin. Do you think the Bishops realize this?

    It is important to note that 31 of the Senators were Democrats, in case you are a person who believes that there is a God, who will judge us all for our sins of commission and sins of omission -- including voting for candidates, who condone the killing of unborn babies and if elected will pass laws to propagate these killings.

    You know, the ones who can't even say the word, “abortion.” So, they sugar coat it and say, “I'm for a woman's right to choose,” or “women should have reproductive freedom.”

    As if women haven't had that right from time immemorial. They can reproduce any time they want to. All that a civilized society asks is -- please don't kill what you have already reproduced.

    Is there a difference between the politicians, who sign the death warrants and those who carry out their orders -- the abortionists? Of course not!

    Now, all of a sudden these same pseudo-honorable men think it's horrible to kill 6-50 cell embryos. Where are they, when babies are killed in their mother's womb and all organs and extremities are already formed -- even in the first trimester, when Planned Parenthood claims that most of the killings are done?

    Where were these Senators when they sided with Bill Clinton, NOT to even ban the late term, gruesome and excruciating painful partial-birth abortion? And where were the Bishops? Most were merely depending on a document "Living the Gospel of Life" that few have read. They evidently rationalized that would be enough, that everyone would quake in their boots at this 'definitive statement' and abandon the pro-abort stance. Have they ever heard of follow-up? Good management demands it. But no, they are afraid to go further and so the so-called 'Catholic' pro-abort politicians continue their morbid ways, running amok against God's will. Yes, all have a right to ask: Where were those Senators and Bishops?

    Ah, that is the question. It all has to do with votes and contributions. Since 80% of the American people want all cloning stopped, even to create embryos to harvest stem cells, the politicians, being poll driven, are working feverishly to enact laws for its banishment.

    You see, the very word CLONING sends chill up and down one's spine. It is politically correct to condemn cloning, but not politically correct to condemn abortion. Visions of mad scientists working in their labs, trying to play God -- creating life and then destroying that life for what they claim is for the good of mankind is difficult to ignore. If it were reversed and 80% of the people wanted cloning to continue, these same politicians, without a doubt, would be in favor of cloning. After all they have no problem with the killing of unborn babies, EVEN WHILE BEING BORN.

    If they can sell their souls to the devil, when they sided with satan, to condone the killing of unborn babies -- the killing of tiny microscopic embryos would definitely not even elicit a raised eyebrow from these very same pathetic people. That is -- if that's what the public wanted. THEY HAVE A ONE TRACK MIND -- FOLLOW THE MONEY AND THE VOTES. I fear that also applies to the Bishops. Their track record signifies such. Were 80% of the people for cloning, the sad fact is that the Bishops wouldn't stand in their way.

    Those who do not uncompromisingly promote the Sanctity of Life care absolutely nothing about human life, whether it be the tiniest of life in the form of an embryo, or larger life in the womb, or 3/4th out of the womb. Again, I do not want to indict all politicians --and though there are some Republicans who have sold out as well, the only party whose platform includes the proposition that a woman should have the right to have her unborn child killed, if she so chooses, is -- The DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Despite the uproar against cloning, the killing of a human being, for any reason, should NOT be one of our basic freedoms!

Dr. Frank Joseph

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December 3-9, 2001
volume 12, no. 159
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