December 24-January 6, 2002
volume 12, no. 162

A Christmas Pledge

Have we forgotten what Christmas is about? It is the day we celebrate the Birth of the Word made flesh, the One Who gave Life? Can we not present to Him on His Birthday a Pledge to defend Life?

    Christmas -- a day that brings joy to many -- family get-togethers -- food until you’re stuffed -- gifts will be given and received. Lost in all the hoopla is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who was crucified on the cross for our sins.

    This day -- His birthday -- He gets no gifts. If only we could give Jesus Christ a birthday present. A present so special and grandiose that it would please Him so much that it may bring tears to His eyes,

    But, where does one get such a present that would please Jesus Christ that much. Surely it cannot be a worldly gift. How about prayers galore; how about prayers and fasting. No, these things are fine, but they are to easy. It must be something special.

    How about if we save about 1.4 million lives per year of God’s children? I am talking about the American holocaust -- the killing of God’s precious children while still in their mother’s womb. You ask -- how can that be done? I will tell you, but it won’t be easy, but it can be done.

    The following is how we can give Jesus a great and special birthday present, and you will be a part of it:

    Light a fire under our bishops and priests. I don’t know about your parish, but where I live their effort in this regard is pitiful. Oh, once in a while on the pulpit we get the usual pitch that the Catholic Church honors the sanctity of human life from conception to the grave. Big deal!

    You hardly ever hear the word “abortion” and the “the killing of unborn children,” which is the truth, appears to be stricken from their vocabulary. So, it should surprise no one that the rate of Catholic women having their unborn child killed is greater than the Evangelicals as is the rate of Catholics voting for pro-abort candidates. Does this shock you? It should and it should make you angry.

    It seems that Catholics do not fear the wages of sin as much as the Evangelicals. Whose fault is this? It starts with the parish priests, right up to the Catholic hierarchy. Since the bishops are in charge of the flock -- the buck stops there. They are so afraid of losing their tax status that after a while it becomes sickening. They completely ignore: “For what does it Profit a Man if he gains the whole world, but suffers the loss of his soul.” I don’t think their tax excuse is the real reason. What is -- I don’t know. They surely must know that Clinton and Gore actually went to Black churches for one purpose only -- to get their money and their votes.

    The Catholic church will NEVER lose its tax exempt status, because if they did the Black churches would too and you know that would never happen.

    Still, the bishops will NOT give orders to pastors to step up the antiabortion sermons and to be more demonstrative and emphatic in their homilies and to speak the truth -- use the word, “kill.” They MUST say, “this is not just a Catholic belief that all human life begins at conception, there’s not a reputable scientist in the entire world, who could deny that human life begins at conception.

    “To kill a baby in the womb is the same as killing a toddler, an adolescent, or an adult. It may be legal, but we answer to a higher authority. We MUST NOT disobey God, Who said, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” If we do break this Commandment, we are doomed to the fires of hell.”

    These are just a few of the things that Catholics MUST hear from the pulpit.; There is NO more important issue on the menu of the Catholic clergy. We are dealing with human lives. The killing of unborn babies MUST be the number one priority of all homilies. It must be spoken about almost constantly and not in a bland and harmless way, but with fire and brimstone.

    If your parish is remiss in this, after mass go up to your pastor, or priest and ask “why isn’t the issue of the killing of unborn babies brought up more? Why don’t you tell the parishioners to vote for pro-life candidates. You can even mention specific names of candidates?” Reveal the truth about Clinton, Gore and the Black churches, if he hesitates or brings up the tax status thing. Tell him “it’s not a political issue, but a moral issue and they have every right to preach the Gospel and to save souls.”

    Know your candidates -- local, state and federal. If they are pro-life -- work hard to get them elected. In case you do not know -- the Democratic party is 90% pro-abortion, which is why I left this party that brings a smile to the face of satan, years ago. The Republican party is 90% pro-life. I tell you this because according to the Catholic vote in the last few presidential elections, you’d think it was just the opposite.

    For specific e-mail addresses and phone numbers of Catholic Senators and Catholic members of the House of Representatives who are pro-aborts and vote to kill God’s precious children, see Herod’s Heroes. Phone calls are a great way to protest -- they keep a record. After contacting your own Senator and Congressman/woman -- in your home state and district, contact as many others as you can. For all members in congress (Catholic, or otherwise) - click

    Phone and write to them to PLEASE. On all issues regarding the sanctity of human life, remind and encourage them to cast their vote strongly in favor of LIFE. Tell them that no woman should have the right to have her unborn child killed even if she so chooses. It is not a 'choice' it is a beating heart - a human life! Killing human beings should NOT be one of our basic freedoms. There's not a scientist in the world who could deny that human life begins at conception and we all know God's Command on this: "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

    There are 60 million Catholics in the United States -- 40 million of voting age, so, as you can readily see the Catholic church has the power to end the slaughter of God’s precious children, if only the bishops took this issue seriously. Wouldn't that be the greatest gift they could give Jesus for Christmas?

    And speaking of the birthday present for Jesus, which I mentioned above: In a few days it will be December 25, we WILL individually give Him the following birthday present:

        “I pledge, dear Jesus - on this the date of Your birth - to present to You all my efforts in heart, body and soul to end the legalized killing of unborn babies in my country -- the United States of America. I will do this in a peaceful manner. Besides prayers, I will always vote for pro-life politicians -- from the president, congress, on down to my local candidates. I will also encourage my friends and anyone else who will listen to me, to do the same. I will pay special attention to my parish priests’ homilies and if the abortion issue is not brought up forcefully and frequently, I WILL discuss it with the priest, or pastor after mass, or call him on the phone. If still not satisfied I will write AND phone the bishop.”
    Will you take the PLEDGE? This the least we can do for Jesus, Who died on the cross for our sins. For once, let us give our Savior a present. You just know that He will LOVE it and just maybe we can halt our country’s downward spiral into the fiery abyss of hell.

    For the past 28 years -- Roe Vs Wade decision -- 41 million innocent children have been killed in their mother’s womb. (99% for convenience sake) A figure that should shame us all. It IS apparent that the Catholic Church is NOT doing its job and we must NOT continue on this same course, if we want to enter the kingdom of Heaven. We WILL be judged, not only for our sins of commission, but our sins of omission.

    I do feel that when our time comes, and we are at the “pearly gates,”we will be asked by God what we did to save his innocent and precious children.”

    PLEASE TAKE THE PLEDGE AND SPREAD THE WORD and may you and yours have a joyous and blessed Christmas

Dr. Frank Joseph

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December 24-January 6, 2002
volume 12, no. 162
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