December 24-January 6, 2002
volume 12, no. 162

Knowing the Truths of Holy Mother Church: Priceless!

    On the 2001st anniversary of the Birth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we would like to share a special Christmas present with all our readers. Oh, it may not seem like a positive present right now, it might seem more like a lump of coal rather than a priceless present, especially to those who might be considered 'conservative Catholics.' It really is all in your perspective how you perceive it and the importance you place on this special gift we want to share with you.

    It is not a gift one would equate with the normal perception of presents, but it is one you will treasure once you truly open it, examine it and use it. That we guarantee. Oh, it won't be easy. If you are not deadly serious about the welfare of your own soul and those you care about, then click on something else, pass up this Christmas Message for perhaps it is not God's time yet for you to receive such a wonderful gift.

    Ah, you're still with us. Then you must be interested. Before going further we must warn you again that this gift will be one of the toughest free favors you have ever received because, in truth, you'll have to do most of the work yourself and will most undoubtedly reap very few temporal benefits - very, very few in the here and now. Quite possibly the rest of your fleeting life will be an uphill struggle against the majority of opinion, the majority who have been so hoodwinked that they will and have bought anything told them without definitive proof. It was P.T. Barnum who said "a sucker is born every minute." To see the total devastation the Vatican II reforms have had on the Roman Catholic Church, he could very well have been referring to Catholics.

    Today everyone wants 'new and improved,' rejecting the old tried and true for the latest novelty that will make their life easier. All that does is make the slippery slope toward the infernal abyss that much easier to slip, and, yes, fall. Remember the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Vatican II and all that has come after it has gushed with good intentions - man's intentions. But have they been in harmony with God's intentions? Ah, there is the rub. That is why the gift we are sharing with you is so tightly packaged in the absolutes that leave no doubts, no ambiguities, no gray areas that could ooze out and allow the words on the ribbons and bows to run together into endless tomes that would only confuse more and, in the process, weaken and decay souls. That is why we have taken great precaution to not giftwrap this gift in the frilly, exhorbitant, eclectic wrappings of ambiguities or false promises. No, this gift is secured in place by the sturdy wrap of Divine Revelation, sealed by the failsafe tape of 21 Ecumenical Councils and solid Pontifical teaching stretching over 2000 years. In other words, it's guaranteed!

    This is a gift we pass on to you after we freely accepted it from those who realized the value of this gift far earlier than we did. In fact, we received this very gift 12 years ago, but really didn't know what to do with it and so we put it on the shelf for a decade or so. Oh, there were times we'd take it off the shelf and examine it on the surface because there was a lure that kept bringing us back to that shelf. We would wrestle with it, mull it over, but we didn't really read all the instructions, didn't really understand its full potential. The manuals to operate it weren't simple, and perhaps that is why we tarried so long in fully realizing the authenticity of this gift. We realized, but never fully put into practice the mechanics of the manual that came with this gift. The more times we went to the shelf, the clearer in our minds was the fact of its clarity in comparison with 'modern manuals' that give the operator so many ways to work it that it ultimately never works. Any parent trying to put together something for their kids on Christmas Eve can appreciate the frustration of this. The screws never fit, the holes are misaligned, parts are missing. Yet we will go to any length to see our children happy.

    But we realized that pleasing others was not what it was all about for ultimately that meant gaining acceptance from man at the expense of displeasing the One Who created us in His image and likeness. The key for opening this gift came in Lent last year. We had been looking at the gift, applying some of the principles that showed without a shadow of a doubt that we almost had it, but one key was missing - one piece of the puzzle that would make this gift complete. We had searched far and wide for alternative keys, but always it came back to that one key that would explain why the new gifts were falling apart while the old ones, remained intact even though unused by so many because they weren't as colorfully wrapped, too old-fashioned for the modern mind.

    We were determined to find that key that would allow us to fully appreciate and understand the completeness of this gift and why so many rejected it. Could it be because by doing so they would have to criticize those who wrapped the newer gifts? That was a possibility that we weren't prepared to accept at first. From the critiques and outrage we have received since August we dare say many neo-Catholics out there are still not prepared to accept that possibility. In truth, it was like finding out when we were children that there is no Santa Claus. At first it was devastating. But when we realized who really was providing for us, it made more sense and gave us much, much more security and comfort. We matured because of that, growing in our faith and love for family and God. Truly we believe every family has experienced this.

    This gift we share, wrapped in prayers, is a challenge. A challenge to conservative Catholics to truly KNOW their Faith in order to KEEP their Faith. To make full use of this gift, you must charitably, but firmly challenge what is being issued today by your pastor, your bishop and yes, from Rome, as well, by sincerely comparing the barometer of truth - the Traditions passed down by 21 Major Councils, Saints, Fathers, and Doctors of the Church over the course of twenty centuries in which the uncompromising, unchangeable truths of Holy Mother Church were decreed and defined as absolute. We challenge you to identify the ambiguities and ask why. There are many questions you must ask.

    We did not come to our decision to fully embrace the Traditional movement easily or overnight. It took over six months of prayer, research, more prayer, discussion, more prayer, more research, even more prayer, more discussion and devil's advocating, back to prayer and then more confirmations that the course we were on was the only one to embrace. Every day since we are even more convinced the only course to take is to defend the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church for the course the Church has been on over the past 40 years has been disastrous and only getting worse.

    The facts are that a good tree cannot bear bad fruit and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit (cf. Matthew 7: 16-19). Therefore since there have been no good fruits from Vatican II, rather many bad fruits that have depleted the clergy with no visible vocations on the horizon (except in the Tridentine Rite) and greatly divided Catholics, the only conclusion that one can come to is that the reforms of Vatican II cannot bear good fruit. Ergo, it is a bad tree. The evidence is overwhelming despite the countless efforts by die-hard modernists to try to not only rationalize Vatican II, but to polish it to the extent that they dared to elevate it to the status of a Trent or Vatican I. This, of course, is impossible since Trent, like Nicaea, the Lateran Councils and Vatican I were doctrinal where infallible doctrines were proclaimed. Vatican II was nothing more than a pastoral-only council where NO infallible doctrines were declared. Yet, from the direction the post-conciliar Church has taken you would think Vatican II has trumped all those other Councils and the holy Pontiffs who ratified them. Therefore to continue to support and promote a bad tree is totally fruitless and not the right course loyal, faithful Catholics should follow.

    Yet, because so few truly know their Faith, they go trudging onward and downward. This is evident in how they have allowed themselves to be de-catechized and de-doctrinated to what the Church truly teaches in the Absolutes and Disciplines of her Canons and Dogmas. So many conservatives go blindly on thinking it will get better, but in their heart knowing something is seriously wrong - very wrong.

    Rather than confronting the truth, rather than striving to truly live their Faith as it has been taught for two millennia, they choose the easier path. Yet how much progress has been made? Is it not true that Catholics have been wandering and wondering in the desert for nearly 40 years? Have you not seen too much of the same ol' thing to know it is not going to get better if we do not strive to be loyal to the true teachings of the Church in her Truths and Traditions as God expects? Prayer is paramount, but God expects us to do our part. We are not the "Church Tolerant." We have always been and will continue to be the "Church Militant" and we all need to realize that. We are in grave spiritual warfare for we are in those times Our Lady warned of at La Salette. Yes, we can pray for Mary's Heart to triumph soon, but it won't if we don't uphold our end of the bargain in defending the Truths and Traditions of her Divine Son's Church.

    We truly believe concerned Catholics sincerely want to live their lives the best they can. We assure you with all our heart, soul and intellect that returning to the Truths and Traditions before the upheaval of Vatican II is where you'll find your answers. You don't have to take our word for it, read what the perennial, infallible Magisterium of the Church says. We challenge you to read all the documents and material we have on line. Read the Conciliar Documents we provide in each issue. It's all there in black and white. We would charitably urge our conservative friends to read these undeniable writings and other sources that uphold the Absolutes and Disciplines. Often times that is the only way one can come to the truth, through their own research.

    Yes, it's time-consuming, but for the peace of mind and the eternal salvation of your soul isn't it worth it to know the Truths of Holy Mother Church? Worth it for you and your family? Especially your children. That's our prayer for we're not giving up on our conservative friends. We're counting on the fact that they want to know the truth, no matter what. We offer you an on-line avenue to compare and discern for yourself. Can you afford to pass up those accessible freeways?

    Of course, we can still agree to disagree, but even in disagreement it's important to back up beliefs with solid facts, not feelings or sentiments or suppositions. That's the real problem with how the Masonic Protestant movement has made such great strides, turning the Church and her liturgy from the reverent, sacred and austere to a 'feeling, emotional event' that in and of itself is Protestant in every way. With sensitivities weakened and memories of past sacred traditions dulled, it makes it that much easier to plant a false sense of love and tolerance in the sheep and pass off heresies as tolerable, even acceptable in some instances. As the shepherd goes, so go the sheep.

    And so, we share this precious gift of understanding with all who will accept the Challenge as we extend a most heartfelt, blessed Christmas and a New Year full of grace and wisdom. You can regard this gift in the manner the Holy Ghost has directed the Church for nearly 2000 years, and realize that truths do not change or vacilate. The more you understand and pray, the closer you will be to Christ the King and Mary our Queen. Then you will understand what a treasure the gift of knowing the Faith in order to keep the Faith truly is.

    Yes, you can disgard it as merely more Traditionalist propaganda about the good ol' pre-Vatican II days. However, we might warn you that if you choose to reject the gift, you will only be providing more combustion for stoking the fires of hell to accommodate so many more who refuse to acknowledge the uncompromising Truths of why the Word was made flesh. The choice is yours. How will you treat this gift of knowing the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church this Christmas? We share it as a gift freely given to you. You have the free will to consider it as either an immeasurable treasure or a lump of coal. Don't you want to know which? Are you up to the challenge?

    To paraphrase a popular credit-card commercial, you might discover the gift thusly.

  • Dom Gueranger's Fifteen-volume "The Liturgical Year" from St. Bonaventure Press:$180;
  • The two-volume Traditional Catholic Bible and Commentary by Father George Leo Haydock from All Catholic Books: $125;
  • Denziger's hard-to-find "Sources of Catholic Dogma: Enchiridion Symbolorum": $90;
  • An edition of the Douay-Rheims Bible from Tan Books: $35;
  • A copy of "Iota Unum" by Romano Amerio through Catholic Insight: $24.95;
  • The Catechism of the Council of Trent edited by Saint Charles Borromeo and available from Tan Books: $23;
  • A copy of "Animus Delendi I" or "The Murky Waters of Vatican II" by Atila Guimar„es from Tradition in Action: $20;
  • "The Popes Against Modern Errors" from Tan Books or an annual subscription to The Remnant, $18;
  • Saint Ignatius of Loyola's "Spiritual Exercises" or "The Rhine Flows into the Tiber" by Father Ralph Wiltgen, S.V.D. or "The Interior Castle" by Saint Teresa of Avila from Tan Books: $16.50;
  • Saint John Vianney's "Sermons of the Cure of Ars" or Saint John Bosco's "Forty Dreams of St. John Bosco" or the "Imitation of Christ" by Thomas a Kempis from Tan Books: $15;
  • "The Great Heresies" by Catholic historian Hillaire Belloc or Father James F. Wathen's "The Great Sacrilege" from Tan Books: $13.50;
  • "An Introduction to the Devout Life" by Saint Francis de Sales from Tan Books: $13;
  • "The Story of a Soul" by Saint Therese of Lisieux or Father Fellix Sarda y Salvany's "Liberalism is a Sin" from Tan Books: $9;
  • "Catholic Prophecies" by Yves Dupont from Tan Books: $7.50;
  • Saint Louis de Montfort's "Secret of the Rosary" from Tan Books: $5;
  • John Vennari's "Alta Vendita" from Tan Books: $2.50;
  • Michael Davies' "Liturgical Shipwreck" from Tan Books: $2;
  • The DAILY CATHOLIC: Free to all;
  • Knowing the Truths of Holy Mother Church: Priceless!

Mary Christ-Mass to all. Love,

Michael and Cyndi

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December 24-January 6, 2002
volume 12, no. 162