December 17-23, 2001
volume 12, no. 161

The AMA's Hypothesis of the Hippocratic Oath is Hypocritical!

The sell-out of the AMA to the culture of death has thrown ethics out the window and calls to mind Our Lord's words, "Physician, heal thyself!"

    If the AMA (American Medical Association) hasn't lost the respect of the American people as yet, just give it a little more time. Currently the (AMA) doesn’t care one iota about the health of our country.

    So, you want proof. You've got it -- which you won't find in the mainstream media, which is 80% liberal.

    I won't even mention the AMA dragging its feet on the tobacco health hazard. When you consider that the first study was done in 1928, you can come to your own conclusion.

    Now, the AMA is in lock step with Planned Parenthood -- as a matter of fact their script sounds as if it was written by the billion dollar abortion industry: “All the studies linking abortions with an increased risk of breast cancer are inconclusive,” they say. Personally, I don't think they read all the studies, because if they did, they could not make that statement.

    They ignored 13 of 15 studies done in the USA and 28 of 37 worldwide that have shown that abortions do increase the risk of breast cancer. They also ignored tests on rats that have shown the increased risk. They relied on one study done in little Denmark -- the Melbye study, which was full of flaws and if studied carefully DID show an increased risk. The AMA ignored all the other studies because it didn't match their ideology.

    So, as in the tobacco fiasco, thousands of women WILL continue to die every year because they weren't warned about the most avoidable breast cancer risk of all.

    If that wasn't enough, the AMA recently proposed a resolution that asks national youth groups (such as the Boy Scouts) not to ban homosexuals. Now, you would think that the AMA, would have the best interest of the health of our country as their number one priority. The reason given by the AMA is -- there will be less suicides among homosexuals. Now this statement is important -- let it sink in.

    If there are more suicides among homosexuals, it certainly is not because they will be found out. Not anymore -- they flaunt it. It is because, even to them, they know their deviant sex act is disgusting. They know that it's condemned by God. They know they are SICK. It is the most dirty, filthiest and disease proliferating lifestyle imaginable. At one time, it was in all the psychiatric books as an abnormal behavior and was treated accordingly. That is, until the liberals took over the psychiatric profession.

    They know they can't go to a psychiatrist. They will just be told -- there's nothing wrong with you. Don't you know it's normal to have your mind in turmoil? Don't you know that to have your rectum ripped is normal? Don't you know that that having an increased risk of bladder and kidney infections is normal? Don't you know that to be in misery and have pain is normal. Don't you know that to die young is commendable?

    On the one hand, the fact that the AMA admits to many more suicides among homosexuals -- then THAT ALONE indicates they need psychiatric treatment.

    Even though homosexuals are now deemed normal by the psychiatric profession, one in four lesbians and gay men has sought professional treatment for mental illness because of their sexuality, according to the first "gay census" in the UK. This is a high percentage for people, who are supposed to be normal.

    Homosexuals lead the nation having a STD (sexually transmitted disease). Sodomy tears the rectal tissue as God did NOT make it for this disgusting and filthy act. This results in bleeding and thus the AIDS virus and all other venereal and other pathogens have a much easier access to the blood stream.

    Many times patients had to be transported (in the Jackknife position) with such objects as zucchini, squash and cucumbers lodged in their rectums.

    The San Francisco General Hospital has a surgical museum for surgical interns, nurses, other doctors and paramedics. The museum displays objects that have been surgically removed from gay men's intestinal tracts. Among these items are; light bulbs, bananas, rodents, batteries, Billy clubs, super-sized dildos, and a host of other objects that would make the stomach turn.

    If this wasn't enough danger for the health of Americans, about two weeks ago the AMA voted to include the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) in its Specialty and Service Society. This would have been impossible a decade ago, but as our country's morals keep sinking further into the cesspool, the medical profession has decided to follow suit and to hell with the health of our nation. They would sooner be politically correct than medically correct.

    GLMA President Christopher E. Harris said, "Last year we led the effort to recognize the LGBT population's needs in the federal government's blueprint for the nation's health, Healthy People 2010, and succeeded in having many issues of concern for our community included in the document. Now, as the first LGBT medical organization to be admitted to the AMA, we are being recognized on a peer level with other professional medical associations."

    If you are appalled that 4% of the population carries 35% of all hepatitis B, 53% of all intestinal diseases, 88% of AIDS and generates 50% of all venereal diseases you may want to wear protective clothing if you visit one of these doctors. You may want to accompany you teen age boys into the examining room.

    At one time it was listed in all the psychiatric books as an abnormal sexual perversion. Again as our morals deteriorated, it was decided to take it off the books. Now instead of treating these psychologically disturbed patients, their medical group has been welcomed into the mainstream of medicine. How's that for a turnaround?

    The Associated Press on September 2, '01 reported that drug-resistant HIV is on the rise, and that by 2,005 42% of HIV cases will be resistant to any medications. The team of California researchers who made this discovery made four suggestions how to deal with this, such as starting drugs later, establishing new centers of highly experienced medical experts, develop new therapies and minimize ineffective medication.

    Rabbi David Eidensohn, director of the National Non-Sectarian Council of Pro-Family Activists, points out that the most important suggestion, that HIV and AIDS be declared an infectious disease like any other disease, is ignored. He said, "First the gays tell us to take HIV and AIDS off of the infectious diseases lists so that government cannot trace infected people and stop the disease. The gays promise to police themselves, if only they are given money to educate their community. The government complies with both requests, only to find the gays are not getting educated, they are getting sick and spreading the disease. The gays then come and demand money for medicine to cure HIV and AIDS, because they won't practice safe sex. The government again surrenders, and takes billions of dollars away from research for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and mental illness to find a cure for AIDS.

CRESTWOOD, KY, November 14, 2001 ( - An important research paper by Dr. Judith Reisman, demonstrates with statistics from the 1992 US Statistical Abstracts that the 'gay' population contains a vast subset which "commits multiple, repeated child sex offenses."

    Dr. Reisman is the famous psychologist who discovered that the main body of research which led to the sexual revolution was fraudulent. In her seminal work on the father of modern sexology, Alfred Kinsey, Reisman showed that Kinsey paid pedophiles to sexually experiment with children as young as 2 years of age. Kinsey later used that "data" to give impetus to pedophilia by claiming that children are sexual from birth.

    Reisman cites the 1992 Statistical Abstract of the United States saying that 6 to 8 million boys are sexually victimized by members of the approximately 2 million-strong gay community in the US (2% of the adult male population in the US). Comparatively, the statistics indicate that 9% of the heterosexual adult male population of approximately 87 million are responsible for the victimization of 8 million girls. Thus the ratio shows 3 to 4.5 boys are victimized per homosexual male while 1 girl is victimized per 11 heterosexual males.

Washington, DC - A trio of psychologists associated with the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) have just published a startling report that debunks one of the major foundations of the homosexual movement: That homosexuals are "born gay." The report quotes noted "gay" scientists as well as "gay" philosophers who openly admit there is no research proving there is a "gay gene" or "gay brain."

    From the faulty premise that homosexuals are born that way, flow a number of other equally flawed assumptions. Two of these are: That society must encourage and protect individuals who think they were "born gay"; and that those who oppose homosexual behavior are mentally unstable (homophobic) and are trying to force homosexuals to deny their genetic destinies.

    One cannot forget the attack of the Salvation Army by homosexuals. The Salvation Army is supplying much-needed food, clothing, and prayers of encouragement to the heroes of 9-11 in New York City.

    However, as a well-known political slogan states, "No good deed will go unpunished." This year, the Salvation Army is under assault by a homosexual activist group known as Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). PFLAG is angered by the Salvation Army's recent decision to not provide "domestic partner" benefits to its unmarried employees-including homosexuals. The Salvation Army's western division had made the decision, but just a week later the public outcry forced its top leadership to overturn this seriously flawed decision.

    PFLAG is now engaged in a vindictive campaign against the Salvation Army. In several states, PFLAG's ill-advised followers are dropping fake $5 bills into the kettles manned by Salvation Army bell ringers. The fake money contains a statement of protest against the Salvationists for their refusal to approve of homosexual relationships. The Salvation Army, like most Bible-believing churches, views homosexuality as a sin and as a sexual perversion. Instead of lauding the Salvation Army for its works of compassion, PFLAG's intolerant leaders are trying to punish this organization because of its moral stand against homosexual behavior.

    All of the above, you will not hear from the liberal media. Is it any wonder that our country has surpassed Sodom and Gomorrah in its depravity? We all know what happened to them.

    They say that if we don't embrace homosexuality, we are homophobic. Well, I want to announce to the world that I AM homophobic. Yes, I fear anyone who proliferates a deadly disease. Whether it be someone akin to Typhoid Mary, who long ago was a carrier of Typhoid fever and made the headlines, or an animal with foot and mouth disease.

    But most of all, I deplore a lifestyle that mocks God. Not only in refusing to heed His word, but using certain parts of the body, which God created to rid the body of waste, for sexual purposes. It's as if these people are testing God. To see how much He will take, as ALL people, who condone and propagate the killing of unborn babies (pro-choicers) are testing God.

    We have always had laws against sodomy, but they are not being enforced. You see, we must embrace deadly germs and the people, who get their kicks in this filthy manner. So please AMA, Health departments all over the country and the media, we appreciate your warnings of impending bacterial or viral diseases that are running amok, but why are you afraid to say what needs to be proclaimed from the rooftops? That is: DO NOT EMBRACE HOMOSEXUALITY -- IT IS SICK AND DEADLY.

    You refuse to warn women of the increased risk of breast cancer in women who have had abortions, so it should surprise no one that your predisposition to suffering and death is still intact.

    God teaches us to love the sinner, which, I do, BUT I hate their lifestyle. You see, as a physician, I did take the Hippocratic oath -- to do no harm and to preserve life. So, I have NO choice -- I MUST be homophobic, and do all I can to rid our country of this deadly scourge.

    Also, I must do all I can to end the killing of ALL human beings and that includes unborn babies, as there's not a scientist in the world, who can refute the fact that human life begins at conception. To do less, I will have desecrated the oath, but more than that I WILL have disobeyed God.

    And no one, can make me do that -- not the liberal Democratic party, not all the homosexuals in the country and not satan himself. I WILL honor God and His will: “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” and all the Biblical passages that condemn homosexuality.

    If only the AMA would do the same, we would have a much healthier country. We were warned -- “MAN REAPS WHAT HE SOWS.”

Dr. Frank Joseph

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December 17-23, 2001
volume 12, no. 161
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