December 10-16, 2001
volume 12, no. 160

The Perfect Will

        "If man is to be perfectly happy, he must have Life, Truth, and Love. Not life for five minutes, but Life without age or decay, a Life in which one possesses at each and every moment the fullness of all joys; this means eternal Life, for so long as we are in time, one joy excludes another, for example, the joy of dining with Shakespeare and Homer. Happiness demands 'everything at once.' But we also need Truth, or the full ocean of Knowledge and Wisdom. Finally, to be happy, we need Love, not a love that turns to hate, not a love we become use to or a love that makes us 'fed up,' but an abiding ecstasy of Love. This Perfect Life, Perfect Truth, and Perfect Love is God. It is the Infinite God we need to satisfy the infinite cravings of our heart. It was for Him we were made, and 'our hearts are restless until they rest in Him.'

        Now we are in a position to answer in a simple fashion what is 'good' and 'bad.' Anything is good which brings us close to this Life, Truth, and Love; anything is bad which detours us from that goal. Obviously what is good for a pig is not good for a man. Each thing must be judged by its nature, and the nature of a man is quite different from the nature of a monkey.

        Everything in the universe has something implanted in its nature by God to make it attain the purpose for which it was created. Chemicals combine in exactly the same way everywhere in the universe, because God gave to each of them its own atomic weight and power to combine with or replace other elements. Scientists discovered this law put there by the Creator and named it the 'law of valence.'

        The plant kingdom has another kind of law, which, for example, makes an acorn turn into an oak, as if there were a little architect working on the inside of it. Biology discovered these God-given laws and called them the 'laws of metabolism.'

        Animals, in order to attain the end for which they were made, have instincts. All these things execute the Divine Will without knowing why and without being able not to do it.

        But, when you come to man, there are reason and will by which man can think out his final goal and also can freely will to follow it or reject it."

December 10-16, 2001
volume 12, no. 160
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