December 10-16, 2001
volume 12, no. 160

The Missing Link and the Lie the Media won't admit!

Abortion/Breast Cancer Link Exposed in England, But USA Silent. Why does the U.S. media persist in the cover-up?

    Why is the United States covering up for the abortion industry? Aren't women in the most powerful country on Earth entitled to know the truth? Are their lives worth less than the lives of British women?

    A December 4, 2001 report out of London England stated that British scientists said that women who have had an abortion are up to twice as likely to suffer from breast cancer.

    In the first study of its kind in Britain, researchers said the risk of breast cancer is significantly increased if a woman has undergone an abortion. The study, which looked at breast cancer and abortion rates in Britain, Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic, draws a direct link between rising cases of breast cancer and an increase in abortion since it was legalized.

    The research, by the Populations and Pensions Research Institution, an independent group of statisticians, suggests that up to 50 percent of breast cancer cases in England and Wales over the next 26 years will be "attributable to abortion."

    Professor Joel Brind of New York's City University and director of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute in New York, pointed out it was intellectually watertight.

    He said: "Women are at risk and they do not really know about it. They certainly don't seem to be finding out about it from the NHS."

    "This implicates a risk factor that is a matter of choice," Brind explained. "Simply undergoing [an abortion] once measurably increases the risk of breast cancer. We are talking about thousands of cases of breast cancer over the next twenty years. This is a very sobering statistic."

    Researcher and author Patrick Carroll said the total number of breast cancer cases is expected to more than double in England from 35,110 in 1997 to 77,000 in 2023. The rise was largely because of abortions carried out on women who have not yet had a baby, Carroll said.

    "Breast cancer incidence has risen ... in parallel with rising abortion rates. There is no doubt there is a causal relationship," he said. "Perhaps as many as 50 percent of these cases will be attributable to abortion and unless there is a major improvement in treatment, the number of women who die from the disease will rise alarmingly."

    Professor Brind said a surge in levels of the hormone estrogen in the first three months of pregnancy by around 2000 percent is the most likely mechanism for increasing risk in women who subsequently undergo an abortion.

    One would think that this news would make the headlines of all newspapers in the USA and be the subject of ALL television news. But, you won't hear a peep from them. I guarantee you that they have NO news as newsworthy as this. Anything negative that has to do with abortions is off limits. It's obvious why the billion dollar abortion industry will NOT warn women of this serious risk, but the media has NO excuse. The fact that thousands of women WILL die every year in the United States means nothing to them.

    The media will expose all other cancer risks at the drop of a hat, as long as they have nothing to do with abortions. Products have been pulled from shelves with MUCH less evidence. Cell phones -- how often have you heard -- they MIGHT cause brain cancer? This, on just a few studies, only to be denounced by a couple of other studies. The media didn't care that the pros and cons were about equal. It was NEWS and abortions were NOT implicated.

    There have been 15 studies done on the abortion/breast cancer risk in the United States alone and 13 have shown an INCREASED risk. 28 of 37 studies worldwide have also shown the increased risk. This is landslide evidence, unlike the cell phones -- still the media sits on its hands.

    Why is this, America's best kept secret -- that is the question? We know that the media is 80% liberal Democrat and certainly one would have to have a liberal mind to think that women should have the right to have their unborn child killed, if it would make their lives easier.

    Since, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, the abortion issue is NO. 1 on the Democratic ledger. The Democratic controlled Senate headed by majority leader, Tom Daschle and fellow Democrat Pat Leahy, the chairman of the judiciary committee, have yet to approve of any of President George W. Bush’s many appointments to the bench. The shortages on our federal benches are way past the critical level.

    They are so afraid that Bush’s appointees are pro-life and that he will appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court that they are literally in a constant state of anxiety. The fact that these appointees may know the Constitution inside and out, makes no difference. Unless you are of the same ideology as pro-aborts, you will not be confirmed.

    Daschle and Leahy are both so-called Catholics, which is all the more mind boggling. They have sold out their own faith and their souls to satan for political gain. Then again, so have 10 other Catholic Democratic Senators, who also condone the killing of unborn babies.

    Maybe one of the tabloids will have a headline -- CATHOLICS FOR ABORTIONS -- BISHOPS SILENT. Maybe this will wake up the bishops to give more than a token lip service to the killing of 4,000 children of God EVERY day in the USA.

    I have another thought as to why the silence by the media on the ABC Link. I believe that many in the media, if not most of them, have either had an abortion, if female, or their wives or girlfriends, or daughters have had one, or more. Since Roe Vs Wade in 1973, about 41 million unborn children have been killed -- 98% for convenience sake. So, one can readily understand the law of averages.

    The overwhelming evidence that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer, is not good news for the media. Their mindset is simple -- we were not warned -- our fate is sealed. It would only harm the abortion industry. If I, or my loved ones have taken the chance, on an early death, then others should too. Yes, it is a selfish world we live in. Misery loves company.

    Also, if per chance there is a God, who said, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” they want to make sure that they have plenty of company when they arrive at the “pearly gates.” They will gamble that God will not send half the population to hell. Good luck.

    The following you will not believe, it illustrates this very point: Last week The Daily Illini, the campus newspaper for the University of Illinois, ran a story called, “Politicians call for stricter abortion laws,” Daily Illini article . The author, Mary Tallon, reported that a total of 47,250 abortions had been performed in Illinois last year. This represents an increase of 1,236 over the previous year. This is partially due to the fact that Illinois does not have a parental consent law, whereas neighboring states do. Twelve percent of the abortions performed in Illinois last year were done on women coming from neighboring states.

    State Senator Patrick O’Malley, a gubernatorial candidate, offered his comments in a press release and argued that the increased number of abortions are also the result of a lack of informed consent legislation in this state. In particular, women are not being informed about the abortion-breast cancer risk. Senator O’Malley sponsored Senate Resolution 8, which called for a task force to investigate the research linking abortion with this disease. The measure, however, fell short of passage by only three votes in the Illinois Senate last spring.

    “Pro-choice” women in the Senate, including Christine Radogno and Kathleen Parker, fought bitterly against this resolution. Lt. Governor Corinne Wood, a breast cancer spokesperson and gubernatorial hopeful, testified against it, and argued that women who had abortions would experience added “guilt.”

    Gee, ADDED guilt, I thought there would be no guilt after a woman had their unborn child killed. That's what Planned Parenthood keeps shoving down our throats. They say that post abortion stress is just a figment of pro-lifers’ imagination. Now, we have a pro-choicer, in essence, calling, Planned Parenthood, LIARS. Shouldn't they get their act together?

    After all, we wouldn't want women to have added guilt, by informing them that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer. Apparently Ms. Wood doesn’t want to spare other women her suffering and that even death is preferable than to harm the abortion industry.

    This is a very strange argument coming from a cancer survivor. No one (not even tobacco executives) made this argument when the tobacco- cancer link was discovered. The first tobacco study was published in 1928, but it was 1966 before Congress required warnings on cigarette packages. Must we repeat the same mistake? Abortion has been aggressively marketed, like tobacco. The industry's politicians, paid experts and supporters have struggled, like tobacco executives, to suppress the truth for almost a half-century.

    All that was asked for -- was a task force to investigate the research linking abortion with breast cancer. It said nothing about ending abortions because they were a health hazard -- ONLY, to investigate the research. Certainly in a civilized society this is a not only a proper request, but one that should be demanded. Even so, the measure fell short of passage by only three votes. The losers -- WOMEN.

    If women have all the facts, including risks and all complications of an abortion, the abortion industry will suffer a “big” loss. What sane woman would take that kind of chance. Planned Parenthood, the most prolific killers of unborn children in the world, NARAL, NOW and all their advocates, including those who claim to be “pro-choice to kill,” are trying to block this life-saving news from the American public.

    They have to resort to lies, the biggest of which is -- the evidence is inconclusive. If they have really read all the studies linking abortions to breast cancer, they CANNOT make that statement. The evidence is overwhelming.

    Do you need more proof that we live in a selfish -- what's in it for me society? That satan is running amok; that the “pro-choice to kill” liberals, want the abortion industry to keep flourishing in spite of the deaths of thousands of women every year, solely from the fact that they HAD AN ABORTION.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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December 10-16, 2001
volume 12, no. 160
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