December 10-16, 2001
volume 12, no. 160

It's time - High time - to come clean!

One can sin by commission or omission. Either way it is still a sin and the sooner the bishops understand and convey that to their flocks, the sooner America will return to God's merciful graces.

    Ah, the bishops! They can't get a break! Regular readers of this column know that we have always been very critical of the lack of total commitment by the bishops as true shepherds of their flocks. Now they're being assailed by the other front - the pro-abort fronts - which proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that neither the bishops nor the pro-aborts really get it. We hope this column will help enlighten them.

    If you live on the east coast you may have seen the billboards blaring back at you that shout: "Banning Condoms Kills! Because bishops ban condoms, innocent people die." Yes, you heard right. As ridiculous as that sounds, now the bishops are on the grill because they won't allow contraception on demand. Here all along I thought they did. Doesn't silence mean consent? Wasn't it these same bishops' predecessors who soundly rejected Humanae Vitae? Did that not open the floodgates for the erosion of morals that led to Roe vs. Wade? I think so. And yet, now they are 'blamed' for not opening the floodgates wider! Go figure.

    Speaking of trying to figure, how does someone the ilk of Frances Kissling get so much ink? It would seem that she wouldn't get the time of day were it not for the fact she and her organization - 'Catholics' for a Free Choice' are being funded and backed by the powers of Planned Parenthood, read Planned Barrenhood, and NARAL and the rest of the nefarious legion who have sold their souls to the devil to carry out their deadly culture of death campaign. Unfortunately, it has been very successful. Their '30 pieces of silver' have translated to over 40 million being slaughtered in the womb. What price betrayal!

    However, anyone who has rejected the Ten Commandments as superfluous will get greedy and twist their perception of Who God is and what He (or in their case 'she') demands. You see CFFC is placing the blame on the bishops for the deaths of so many AIDS people. I'm not kidding, here is what she says: "The Vatican and the world's bishops bear significant responsibility for the deaths of thousands of people who have died from AIDS." The ads themselves, being placed in the Washington Post say, 'Catholic people care. Do our bishops?'

    So someone else is trying to rouse the shepherds from their ivory towers. But their approach is totally twisted. First of all, you'll note the ad claims the Church is responsible for 'thousands of deaths.' If only the shepherds could get off that easy. Because of their silence, because of the tolerance and ecumenical mindset, the shepherds are, in reality before God, responsible for 'millions of deaths' - as in over 40 million by their silence. But you see Kissling and company have never considered the unborn as human beings, even though the Church has always defined life as beginning at conception. But then when was the last time the bishops strongly defended Church teaching as taught by the perennial, infallible Church? Therefore, Kissling's numbers are vastly, vastly underrated. The bishops know that, but they're afraid. Sadly it would seem they have lost all perspective of their calling. It has become a good ol' boys club with perks and privileges provided by those who seek to be politically correct. Unlike Saint Thomas More, they have bought into the 'king's' promises and betrayed their office as holy shepherds. Sadly today holiness and bishop are not synonymous.

    Because of that, we have abortion on demand, condoms being passed out freely not only in public schools but 'Catholic' schools as well with many curriculums supported by the heretical 'Growing in Love' sex education filth that has the Imprimatur of one of these bishops, an archbishop no less - Archbishop Jerome Hanus, O.S.B. of Dubuque, Iowa. So what are Catholics to think? No wonder there is so much confusion. And to confuse things more we have the defense of the bishops as more incriminating evidence that they have failed miserably. Their official word comes from Cathy Cleaver, a spokesperson for the Pro-Life Office for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (Notice how it seems to always be some appointed woman speaking for the bishops? Don't they have any backbone to speak for themselves?! Have they so feminized the heirarchy of the United States?). Anyway, Ms. Cleaver (or is it Mrs. Cleaver - you know like the wife of Ward and mother of the Beaver - or could it be Sister Cleaver? You just can't tell them apart now days!), responded by saying that Kissling and CFFC "is accusing the bishops of denying people access to condoms, but the bishops don't get involved with issues of access."

    Right there she's nailed it. They should get involved because souls are at stake. But she admits 'the bishops don't get involved." There's more. She goes on to say that "the Catholic Church has done nothing political to press its views of contraception on anyone, Catholics or non-Catholics." There it is in black and white in a Cathlic News Service article by Jason Pierce last week. She is admitting that the bishops do not press their views of contraception on Catholics. So then, what are Catholics to think? Oh, she says that "From failure rate of condoms, to encouraging promiscuity, the bishops have said the right approach is teach people to be chaste outside of marriage. What the bishops teach is not inconsistent or reckless, they teach Catholic doctrine, because that is what they do. It is Catholic teaching, not public policy."

    If that is Catholic teaching, and it is, then why don't Catholics understand better? Why are the bishops so fearful of speaking out forcefully without compromise? You can't blame the sheep for straying if the shepherd is not watchful. So then why are they compromising, why are they basically ignoring the issue and trying to solve world peace and world hunger in the Sudan or Afghanistan, or trying to broker a peace plan in the Mid East when their own backyard is in such need of being tended to? Father Peter West of Priests for Life has stated that the bishops are afraid. Afraid of what? One, they don't want to lose their precious non-profit status. As powerful as the Catholic Church is, that will not happen. If it does, all rights will be rescinded in America. It's coming, but so was the persecution of the Apostles and that didn't deter them from going forward.

    What else could they be afraid of? We all know that the within the hierarchy in America there is a ticking time bomb - a horrendous scandal that could spill forth its bilious bilge that has been building up on the barnacles of immorality. To prevent this there has been a desperate, no-holds concerted effort to cover-up so much pedophilia, sodomy and money scamming that stems from the parish plane to the highest levels of the American hierarchy. Rather than trying to do something about this plague of perversity by weeding out the lesions that are rotting away the hull , they only bring in more worms who are turning into maggots, squeezing more money from duped parishioners to pay off victims while continuing to deny it, thus eating away at the foundations of Holy Mother Church so much so that corruption reigns. Every Commandment is being broken and covered up. The whole tolerance thing with its modernist, saccharine 'don't judge', peace and justice, liberation theology bunk has aided greatly in the cover-up. Lukewarmness is choking the chanceries.

    We can only hope and pray that the new disciplines in John Paul II's motu proprio being ballyhooed by the Vatican to crack down on pedophilia, sodomy and other abuses including liturgical violations during Mass will have some teeth. But we are not optimistic since there hasn't been anything absolute since the Holy Father's insistence that women would not be considered for the priesthood. But still the bishops continue to feed the progressivist frenzy for deaconesses, and since women have invaded the sanctuaries of the Novus Ordo what is to prevent the post-conciliar Church from caving on that issue as well? They already have on female Eucharistic ministers and altar girls. That is why no one should think this new edict will carry any weight with those who continue the shocking, abrasive, and scandalous cover-up of abuses that cry out to Heaven for justice.

    Is your bishop or pastor an accomplice to this cover-up? He is if he is not preaching solid Catholic doctrine - the absolutes and disciplines that have been set in stone by holy Councils, specifically the Council of Trent, and observed up until the mid-sixties when a relaxed, more compromising, comfortable, accommodating-to-the-modern-times agenda was foisted on unsuspecting souls. Sin is sin. And if your pastor or bishop are not condemning all sin and counseling the sinner to repent fully and helping them by teaching them the virtues and uncompromising Catholic doctrine, then flee that parish and diocese for you too could be caught in the vortex of the unbelievable avalanche of divine regurgitation that will pour forth when the time of judgment comes (cf. Apocalypse 3: 16).

    Now that would be a disaster of the greatest proportions. But that is relegated to superstition and 'oh, He wouldn't do that' by so many. If they don't think He will, read Apocalypse 3:16-19 below and read Matthew chapters 23 to 25. Things are so twisted today that Kissling and her buffoons consider those who died because they couldn't get condoms as a 'disaster.' Please. A more realistic disaster is that the bishops have been so lukewarm; that they have not steadfastly preached the truths, have not stubbornly denied condoms and placed a ban on condoms. Oh, if only they would. I don't know where Kissling gets her information, but I'm still waiting to meet a bishop in the post-conciliar Church who will preach the truths of Holy Mother Church and emphatically stand up and say 'no' to all sin, no to condoms of any kind, no to any kind of contraception other than the Rhythm Method which is the only approved method other than outright abstinence.

    Ah, abstinence. I would like to think that over 40 million unborns and the 'thousands' of AIDS 'victims' might be alive today had abstinence and chastity been taught uncompromisingly and observed by the faithful as the Church has always taught. But, because the Church compromised after Vatican II, Catholics have compromised. The more compromise, the more corruption. But the real tragedy, the real disaster is not the physical lives of those who have died, but the spiritual state of those who have died and the billions who are still alive. That is who the bishops are responsible for. And they are responsible to God alone for their lukewarmness.

    The problem we have always had with the likes of CFFC is that the bishops have been so timid in condemning such a heretical and blasphemous group. Other than a few, most notably Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz in a well-publicized campaign that earmarked his see as a target-market, few other bishops have said anything definitive in condemning the actions of CFFC. Therefore, what does that say to the common Catholic? It says "maybe the Church does okay condoms, maybe the Church isn't as down on sexual sins as it used to be. Maybe women can be priests. Maybe it's okay if priests marry. Maybe it's okay to be lukewarm and ambiguous on things that used to be absolute."

    Personally, I am tickled that those billboards are up because it will, 1) Expose CFFC and their agenda for what it is, and 2) It should push the bishops to even more vociferously uphold God's and His Holy Church's Laws or else.

    Let me explain. More and more the masks are coming off on both sides. You see you cannot hide a lie! Modernists try, but they're eventually exposed. 'Catholics' for a Free Choice have been lying to themselves and others for too long, and those in charge of the Church today have also been lying to themselves and their flocks that everything is getting better. The problems are only compounded when one lie after another is piled on top. Pretty soon they all catch up and that is what is happening with the pro-abortion movement and the post-conciliar Church. Had the Conciliar Church been loyal to the wise and holy documents that preceded Vatican II such as Pope Pius IX's landmark Syllabus of Errors or Pope Saint Pius X's Pascendi Dominici Gregis, had the shepherds, who were appointed to tend to the flocks over the past 40 years. been loyal to Pius X's clear, defining Oath Against Modernism, I daresay we wouldn't have the problems we do today.

    Just as the laxity of the Church led to the Protestant Reformation - read revolt, so also the laxity in the Church after Vatican II has led to a Revolution far worse than anything that preceded it in the history of the Church because it refuses to identify the enemy. Because of that, the casualty rate is much, much higher for millions are being duped into thinking they can be lukewarm and still get to Heaven. The Apostle Saint John made it very clear what God says about such an attitude, "But because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will begin to vomit thee out of My mouth" (Apocalypse 3: 16).

    Pretty strong words from thee Source Himself. Think about the despisement one would have for someone to say such strong words as 'vomit' - not a pretty picture. And to be vomited from the mouth of God Himself is sure condemnation. Now consider the next two verses (17-19), "Because thou sayest: I am rich, and made wealthy, and I have need of nothing: and thou knowest not, that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked. I counsel thee to buy of Me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be made rich, and mayest be clothed in white garments, and the shame of thy nakedness may not appear: and anoint thy eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. Those whom I love, I rebuke and chastise. Be zealous, therefore, and do penance."

    Those who might think they are rich in fame or popularity because of their positions are in for a rude awakening. Isn't it sad that Ms. Kissling and the bishops don't realize that by their actions in the sight of the Almighty they are merely wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked? But God always extends hope to those who love Him and keep His Commandments. In order to be received into His good graces and wear the white garments of grace they need to follow the prescriptions He lays down. That is being zealous and doing penance. Nothing new. But it is a novelty to many in the Church today.

    This Friday is a national day of fasting and penance. One day isn't going to cut it, folks. We need to commit to fasting and sacrifice as a regular habit so that God will bless our nation once again. He can't bless sin, never has, never will! Whether it's the sin of commission or omission, it's still a grievous sin against the Ten Commandments when we are talking about the Fifth, Sixth and Ninth Commandments, not to mention the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Seventh, Eighth and Tenth Commandments. And oh, is that Seventh Commandment trivialized so. It is as if they don't understand the impact of God's words "Thou shalt not bear false witness." That means no lying! That means being truthful in everything! We've lived with the lies and immoral political correctness long enough. It's time - High time - to come clean!

Michael Cain, editor

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December 10-16, 2001
volume 12, no. 160
CATHOLIC PewPOINT commentary