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From: the spamMaster
To: soulScanner 78
Memorendamn Eight
Subject: Consiliar Cosmetics

    I must chortle at your communiqué, which clearly points out what I executed so well at Ecumenical Council II.

    You say that there are still a few die-hards who cannot move past the correct, inspired theology called Scholasticism, of which that damnable man, Saint Thomas Aquinas, along with his cohort, the one called the seraphic Saint Bonaventure, conceived and wrote many centuries ago.

    I choke on the words of these two men who, arriving at the truth divinely inspired by the ONE SPIRIT OF TRUTH, offered to the entire world, and to HIS CHURCH in particularly, irrefutable theology which did not leave out all philosophy and science in their many writings. How I wish I could tear these words out of existence, burn them in my hellfire, and be done with it!

    But no! You have to come and tell me that there are still a few who remember these writers, and who, by logic, do a series of checks and balances against everything I helped confuse after Vatican Council II.

    You see, soulScanner 78, that over the centuries, HE used the work of these two saintly men to build an invulnerable wall, which protected Revelation and the Magisterium from any attacks that I launched against His One True Church, the Roman Catholic Church. Oh, I was beside myself as one attack after another fell to ruins at my hoofed feet, due to such tightly wound theology, philosophy, and science.

    I am appalled that you even mention this scholastic terminology, making me re-live those times when my victory was stalled, even at times altogether dismantled.

    I refer you to the most recent Council and its deliberate use of ambiguity, which cleverly disguised my doctrine of plurality as I built my victory in the hearts of men, turning them away from HIM, and diverting their attention to their brothers and sisters in the human race. Ah, I must dwell constantly on the formation of a one-world government, a one-world economy, and finally, my one-world religion! These latter salve my spirit, and feed my flames of hatred of HIM!

    However, you would do well, soulScanner 78, not to let the minds of men find any references to my deliberate and successful attempt at Vatican Council II to give the lie to the perennial Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. No, you must tell men, first in their minds, and then in their hearts that NEW REVELATION began with the Council. Let them believe this New Revelation came from the ONE TRUE SPIRIT. It suffices for us to know it is my own device, cleverly disguised, the REVELATION of PLURALITY.

    Whisper to men's minds the words of one Msgr. Luigi Sartori, former President of the Italian Theological Association, professor of theology and a consultant to the Secretariat for Non-Christians, who commented upon the Council in these words. It will not be difficult for you to twist the words to more profoundly confuse the already confounded and indoctrinated hearts of the faithful.

    Sartori's comments were about the Council in general, and he says: "Different, not to say opposed interpretations, are given of the Council; everyone pulls toward his own side. Worse, not a small part of responsibility for the mix-ups and confusions arising today out of the Council, is attributed to the Council itself. Some go as far as to speak, with irritation of 'Babel' and the 'confusion of languages.'"

    Ah, Babel, Another of my near-victories, which HE had to interfere with, confusing languages. Not any more, soulScanner 78. I have finally won through. It is the deliberate confusion of languages that has built one victory upon another for me, as the time for my coronation draws nigh.

    Again, Sartori goes on: "With Vatican II comes an end to the era of 'cloistering', of the defensive belt, of the internal technical language, of uniformity. The foundations have been laid for the catholicity of Church language. In order to attain that, Vatican II committed itself to the arduous work of achieving a synthesis that seemed impossible. In a large number of cases it was necessary to resort to compromise, as always happens with texts prepared in collegiality."

    Don't you just love that word 'collegiality'? A brilliant stroke of my genius, wouldn't you say, soulScanner 78? Collegiality equals democracy, and we all know how brilliantly that has been used in one particular nation to create nothing more than a beauracy that agrees upon nothing, and therefore stands for whatever one wants it to stand for.

    Sartori, in his work which was titled II linguaggio teologico oggie, ed Associazione Teologica Italiana (Milan, Ancora, 1970, pg 236 and 244), goes on to state three reasons for the deliberate work of said Council to do away with uniformity of language: "1) The clash of the 'scholastic' mentality with the so-called 'open' mentality; 2) the specialized literature and language of the 'cultural movements' formed in the pre-conciliar period such as the biblical movement, the liturgical movement, the apostolate of the laity; 3) the role played by the different 'cultural areas' from which the Council Fathers had come. The latter were further influenced by the presence of Protestants and schismatics."

    How true are these words! I brought the Protestants and schismatics to the core of this Council for MY purpose, which was to destroy HIS church, and to make of it a shambles that has now become just one church among the many of my own invention through pride.

    Again, Sartori states: "…This synthesis, or fundamental structure of Vatican II, was therefore sought in spite of the strong impressions of disequilibrium, discontinuity, excessive variety of languages. Therefore, in the language of Vatican II one should expect a desired, intentional and conscious plurality."

    And, Sartori concludes this section of his work by saying: "Here is the new fact. The Council has preferred the imperfection of patched-up, worked over, incoherent, promiscuous texts in spite of initiating this attempt at achieving a superior synthesis of diverse perspectives."

    All Sartori says in truth, but it is MY truth, not HIS! And we must work continuously to build up in the minds of the faithful that MY LIE is actually TRUTH, and that this false TRUTH was a long time in coming for a 'modern' church, a 'new' church that bears no resemblance to the former One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of His Foundation upon Peter, the Rock.

    Go, therefore, soulScanner 78, and be about your work again, whispering the LIE, defending the LIE, and enticing all men to believe the LIE, for the sake of the 'global society' the 'brotherhood of men', and the all-encompassing one-world religion which lurks just behind the curtain of dawn.

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