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From: the spamMaster
To: soulScanner 49
Memorendamn Seven
Subject: Demand democracy in the Church

    How vexed I am!!! Oh, as if hearing from soulScanner 817 was not torment enough, now I find your pathetic notice placed before me, which bears a striking resemblance to the former one!!! Are you and soulScanner 817 holding secret meetings? Are you, perhaps, losing your nerve? How dare either of your falter now that the final victory is but a short time away?

    What is that? You sneak in a reference to Him, the Oppressor? You even make a veiled reference to that upstart and equally nauseating Mother of Him Whom I detest with my whole spirit? Be gone, you weak vipers of my kingdom! Get thee away from me, for you know well that it is I who shall crush the head of this mere woman - even if she is the Mother of God!!!

    God is dead! Only my battle cry remains! Ah, the battle!! Oh, yes, it began when He created me, true and pure spirit with superior intelligence enough to see straight through Him. Then, I took the battle into the street in that Garden of Eden. It was but the first of my earthly conquests. I take great pride in the fact that my ends were met most victoriously with what humans refer to as the Reformation and then the French Revolution. Oh, yes, soulScanner 49, this 'revolution' which changed the world - and the church - not only carried in its banner "liberty, equality, fraternity," but also found its support in the condemned errors of Illuminism, and the seeds of my favored Communism. The spirits of the French Revolution, of Illuminism and Communism found favor in the multiple spirits I presented at Vatican Council II. I had long before enlightened minds to MY synthesis of errors; already the majority pined for MY way versus HIS way. Damn the straight and narrow…full steam ahead.

    How much of civilization did I destroy through the above grave events I started!, I have achieved through them the abolishment of superiority within the once monarchial structure of that institution called "The Roman Catholic Church." Why do you think that in Lumen Gentium I refer repeatedly to "The People of God", not as meant by the Christ in His institution of the Roman Catholic Church, but as meant by the victorious cry of the French Revolution, Illuminism, Communism, and many other 'isms' as well? In these events I abolished the TRUTH, and established the 'fraternity' of man-as the sole (or should I say 'soul') means of support for this existence of the mortal body. I offered no hope of any life beyond the one man perceives as a mortal creature, and I did away with any notion of such a thing as an immortal soul. I left man to his own devices, and instilled in him, as I did with the documents of Vatican Council II, that only in an all-inclusive manner of speaking, that man alone could build 'fraternity', from which would flow a one-world government, one-world economy, and, above all, a one-world pan-religion, quite contrary to that which the Christ instituted and commanded to be spread throughout the world.

    Well, I have stopped the Son of God (oh, hellfire rain down on me at the mention of that horrid name!), in His tracks. You, soulScanner 49, will do well to remember the following words of a man who understood the principle of 'democracy' within the hierarchical and monarchial institution of the ONE TRUE FAITH, the ONE TRUE CHURCH.

    Bishop Bonaventura Kloppenburg refers numerous times to the expression 'communion' or koinonia, that should exist in the People of God. You will find these references in Lumen Gentium 4, 7b, 9b, 13a, 15; and in Gaudium et spes 32d. Kloppenburg, speaking to theologians and philosophers after the council, did so in a manner taken from my spirit-that is, of one of intellect speaking to mere children who can barely lisp the alphabet.

    He says: …strictly speaking there are no 'superiors' and 'inferiors' or 'subjects' in the Church…one must take this seriously. …The Church is and must be a fraternity, a koinonia, a communion. It is certain that even though all are brethren and equal in dignity, there must be diversity in SERVICES or ministries so that the People of God may believe…"

    Kloppenburg went even further to serve my purpose. He speaks of democracy in the church, and states: "That which is most praised in Democracy - liberty, fraternity, equality, co-responsibility - will perfectly have its place in koinonia. By means of a government of love, the fraternal concord of the family of God will be attained… This koinonia, through which there reigns a true equality between all with regard to the dignity and to the activity which is common to all the faithful in the building up of the Body of Christ' (Lumen Gentium 32c)."

    Is your memory and determination still faltering? Are you in need of further reference to the nature of and purpose of my Council II? Read on, soulScanner 49, so that you will never again come running to me for reassurance. I give no reassurance, soulScanner 49. The only ABSOLUTE THAT REMAINS is ME, and my never-diminished angelic powers, particularly my intellect.

    There was a Spanish theologian Joaquim Losado, who stated my purpose very well:

    "…This recognition opens the way for a real participation of everyone in the life of the Church, which can find concrete forms in the models offered by modern democratic society. From here onward, based on the Council's ecclesiology, it is necessary to speak of the urgency of a process of democratization of the Church."

    The present Magisterium in Rome carries this democratization of the Church far beyond the horizon I presented at the Council. This is self-evident in the ever-widening globalization of human society for the purpose of liberty, equality, fraternity, for the sake of the "brotherhood of man." Notice, please, the total absence of what He, the hated Christ taught and commanded while on earth. His command of a ONE TRUE FAITH residing solely in His ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC CHURCH has been reduced to the notion of 'egalitarian', which derives from the French (ah, my dear, dear Frenchmen who continue the cry of the infamous Revolution), which, of course, means equal.

    Thus, all men by their common brotherhood and fraternity are equal to God, though this they have not fully comprehended, as my master plan is not yet fully revealed in precise terms, only through ambiguity. The ETERNAL PRIESTHOOD of the Christ is reduced to the self-worship of men, who see themselves as the first man and woman in that hateful place of Eden, saw themselves when I had opened their eyes to the great OPPRESSOR!!!

    Heed these words and use them often. Never relent, soulScanner 49. If you do not wish to feel the fullness of my wrath, you would do well to whisper these phrases that derive specifically from Lumen Gentium and Gaudium et spes, into the ears of those princes of the church, who now see themselves equal to and possessing the same power and authority as the Christ placed upon one man only - a weak man by nature - Simon Peter, the Rock.

    Attend thy duties, soulScanner 49, and insist on these words, which I have quoted here for your edification in the face of small skirmishes, which you have blown out of proportion. All that remains for total victory is the acceptance of this 'democratization' of the church, and in one fell swoop the so-called 'marks' of the ONE TRUE CHURCH - that is, it is ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC, will have no more meaning for the present generation, and those to come, than a vague reference to a dead and oppressive past. Play upon the words 'dead' and 'past', and highlight in the intellect of these prelates and princes that word 'oppressive.' Never desist from recruiting more, many more, demons for democratization of His Church. Demand it!

    Do this, and you shall not feel the weight of my punishment. Any less, soulScanner 49, and it will be you who gnashes his teeth upon his own tail, whose very horns are scorched in my flames. I have replacements, soulScanner 49. You are always replaceable! Never forget that, for I will not have a disloyal subject to my supreme authority. Your sector is of major importance in my plan of victory. I will not allow it to become weakened because you lack the loyalty to me - the true KING of the EARTH, the KING OF THE BROTHERHOOD OF MAN!

    I will direct further correspondence to you, but you would do well to avail yourself of my memorendamns to other soulScanners. Now then, get thee to work. I toss your over-exaggerated memo to me into my own fire. Let it ring in your ears, soulScanner 49, that it is MY FIRE which shall consume the earth. HE WHOM I HATE has nothing to do with it. HIS defeat is in the grasp of my claws. Dig deeply, soulScanner 49, and build up pride in all. This I command. So be it.

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