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From: the spamMaster
To: soulScanner 817
Memorendamn Seven
Subject: Keeping mythical the Mystical Body of Christ

    Just when the roof was coming off this place with howls of laughter your memorendamn arrived, and believe me my head spun around at the news you presented.

    With so much success coming from sectors 213 and 319, you would do well to have a meeting with these soulScanners to go over the proper tactics I expect you to employ. You, subject, have ticked me off.

    What is this insidious news you send about a few fools who cling to traditions? I have my own traditions, soulScanner 817, and they've been the same, without change, since my Antagonist threw me out of one place and sent me to another. Well, I've not grieved about the change of address even once. In fact, I've established my kingdom rather well, and it's growing. Then you tell me that there are groups (I take it they are small?) that are springing up and gaining strength to uphold the former ABSOLUTE SACRED DOCTRINE, DOGMA, TEACHING, AND TRADITION of the now defunct Roman Catholic Church?

    Oh, hell, must I come there personally to do your job?

    Listen well, soulScanner 817, and get it right this time. These small pockets of so-called Traditionalists do me no harm in my master plan, provided that THEY DO NOT UNITE in their puny effort.

    Your greatest tactic, soulScanner 817, is to constantly reinforce with the true authorities in the now nearly-deceased Roman Catholic Church that great document which my servant declared a Dogmatic Constitution, Lumen Gentium, and in particular the first Chapter, number 8b.

    I have addressed remarks about this to other soulScanners in various sectors, and THEY seem to be doing their job!!! Emphasis added from my wicked pen for your eyes only, lest you falter in allegiance to me.

    So what if these few have found out the truth and have realized that this thing called Lumen Gentium is nothing more than sentences and paragraphs strung together which say nothing because I wanted them to be ambiguous for my own broader plans, not to mention the FACT that the writers of this document knew well what they were about, and so did the Pope at that time! These few have no power to overthrow my work, which is so well entrenched today that I alone will be able to bring it to full culmination.

    For those in authority over these sectors where traditionalists reside, I suggest most strongly that you refer them often to the words of several of my closest aids in writing this document, which is already the hallmark of the deconstruction of His Church.

    Let me recite here for you the very words of my first servant in this regard. A mere whisper of this into the ears of the right prelates of the Church, are all you need to do at the moment.

    Inserted into this particular part of Lumen Gentium is the word "SUBSISTS" and I must say, soulScanner 817, that you seem to have forgotten its worldwide impact after the council closed. For example, my associate and the most authorative theologian of that Council II, Yves Congar, said: "It is said (in LG 8b) that the Church of Christ and of the Apostles subsist in, is found in the Catholic Church 'even though many elements of sanctification and truth are found outside its structure'. Therefore there is not a strict, that is, exclusive, identification between the Church Body of Christ and the Catholic Church. Deep down, Vatican II admits that non-Catholic Christians are members of the Mystical Body… The categories used in the decree on ecumenism and also in a number of documents and speeches of His Holiness Paul VI, are: fully belonging to the sole Church through baptism but having an imperfect subsequent communion."

    Need I point out, soulScanner 817, that here I have laid the groundwork to deconstruct the ONE TRUE CHURCH that the Christ founded? Do you not see here the irony that the Christ came in vain, that is, if there are elements of truth and sanctification outside the Catholic Church, then all religions are valid, and all are incorporated into this so-called Mystical Body of Christ? (I shall deliver quite a sermon to all my soulScanners shortly on the myth of this 'mystical body').

    If you are so weak that even these words delivered by the most authorative theologian of Council II, then read further, soulScanner 817, for the sake of your own damnation and subjection to me. I present one more quote to you, that you may cease to worry about a rag-tag assembly of a few diehards, and penetrate ever more the minds of the vast majority of all catholics who no longer hold to any absolutes whatsoever due to my deliberate ambiguity.

    A Msgr. Christopher Basil Butler, General Abbot of the Benedictines in England and later Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster, a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and Customs during the Council who took a great part in the writing of Lumen Gentium, stated that "Here we can gauge the advance of the Constitution (Lumen Gentium) over Mystic Corporis…the basis for the Decree on Ecumenism and other elements of the Council's teaching and proposals. An exclusive material identification of the Church with Roman Catholic communion is CAREFULLY AVOIDED."

    Why, soulScanner 817 do you think the document "carefully avoided" identification of the Church with Roman Catholic communion? Because, and I can't stress this enough, by doing so I began the immediate diminishing of the role of what these Roman Catholics used to call "The Most Blessed Sacrament", that mystery in which the Christ, my hated Enemy, is present to all of His faithful in a mysterious yet very personal way. (Oh, I hate with my whole angelic, though, darkened spirit, His Faithfulness to His children of the One True Faith in being present to them Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in this Sacrament!) Even I could not pull off a miracle of this caliber, but I can destroy the miracle, and my job is nearly completed.

    Keep the minds and hearts of the vast majority off the personal aspect of the once formidable Roman Catholic Church, which the Christ instituted, and rather on the aspect of ecumenism - liberty, equality, fraternity.

    Have I not taught you well, soulScanner 817, that in this one document alone I hid behind many masks, and I was present in the minds and even the hearts of many princes of the church through pride of intellect, and a confusion of the divine elements of goodness, holiness, Truth, and charity, and replaced these false notions with the reality that man has man to depend on, nothing more, nothing less. For the most part I've been able to do away with Him Whom I hate, even if it has been gradual, and in doing so I've also been able to do away with belief in myself…also another ploy which has seen much fruit, as the swelling ranks of my kingdom attest.

    Never let these gnats called Traditionalists unite, soulScanner 817. That sends cold sweats throughout my spirit. Rather, identify the 'new' church with Lumen Gentium and all that followed since then, and you will win your sector over to my kingdom. Never, ever allow one mind to focus again on the past, authorative, and correct thinking and teaching of the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church which taught, for centuries (oh, I gnash my teeth on such centuries wasted in my conquest) all that was directly, diametrically opposed to the words and meanings (multiple meanings I emphasize) in my favored document Lumen Gentium.

    Go and do your homework, soulScanner 817, and refresh your smoky memory with the truth of my words, which have been backed up numerous times, and are still the focus of the present magisterium in tottering Rome.

    That you have annoyed me beyond measure, that you have 'rained on my parade' here in my kingdom, puts you on notice that any further reference to Traditionalists shall be dealt with swiftly with my punishments. Should, at any time, I hear any rumor or substantiated fact that these few Traditionalists are uniting, I shall have your tail in the grindstone before you can utter a word of defense.

    Now, get thee to thy duty as my loyal subject, and let me return to my partying. Oh, and by the way, soulScanner 817, you are hereby put on a leash because of your hesitation to do my will. You know what that means. I am watching you! I dog your every step. Be a dog, then, and conquer in my name, and all will be well. Divide, soulScanner 817. Always divide. I am not only plurality, I am also DIVISION!

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