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From: the spamMaster
To: soulScanner 105
Memorendamn Three
Subject: Abolish the Absolutes

    You beg me for instructions. Have you dismissed those I have written to soulScanners 89 and 43 in their respective sectors? I do not take lightly to those in my legion who derive no directives from any of my instructions! I write then that your sector may become mine in its entirety, for my sake only, for my pleasure in stealing away the precious souls of He Who calls Himself CREATOR!!!

    I refer you back to the words of my glorious document penned by enlightened men called Lumen Gentium. Have I not consistently made this required reading material for all my legion? Have you failed to do your homework, soulScanner 105? Homework left undone in my realm is severely punished, as well you know.

    Your sector is volatile at the present. You say it is a small sector, but what of that? For me, nothing is small when added to the total it brings the fullness of my victory. Why is it that your sector is volatile? It is because you have forgotten to impress upon men's minds Lumen Gentium, and you have done little to keep them from reading other documents issued in the name of the Vicar of Christ (Oh, that term must be done away with!). And when such finite minds do stray back to forthright documents issued in the past on behalf of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, you fail to blind the heart to the TRUTH, and you allow the heart to lead the mind of the reader into TRUTH, rather than confusion.

    Your best attack here, soulScanner 105, is to prevent any searching into the past when this institution called the Roman Catholic Church stood for absolutes. When, despite all your efforts, the minds of men are called to review that past, it is your duty, your obligation to me, the prince of darkness and of earth, to cause a fog to develop over the mind, thus blocking the TRUTH which resides in the heart, from making any connection to the intellect. Are we clear on this? It had better be so.

    You tell me only part of what these men are referring back to, but I have all the documents here in my hellfire, and only when my victory is complete will these abominations of ABSOLUTE TRUTH be consumed in my fire of pride, hatred, and jealousy.

    What you tell me is frightening at first glance, but the damage is neither beyond my control, nor yours if you heed my advice.

    Therefore, I recall for you those portions of past authorative documents issued by the Vicar of Christ concerning me, under my many disguises. Please note my emphasis on certain words, phrases, or whole parts of these documents, for your own enlightenment from the fire, which I am, the fire that destroys.

    I can bear only a portion of those written words of these Vicars of Christ, but I master my disgust for the sake of my victory.

    That man, Pope Leo XIII, in his encyclical Parvenu, of March 19, 1902, said: "Returning to Christianity will not be a real and effacious medicine if it does not mean returning to and loving the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church. Indeed, Christianity acts through and identifies with the Catholic Church, a sovereignly spiritual and perfect society that is the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ and whose visible Chief is the Roman Pontiff, the Successor of the Prince of the Apostles. It is she who …propagated the Gospel all over the earth…and it is she who, according to the promise of divine assistance and immortality, never compromising with error, carries out the mission of preserving in its fullness the doctrine of Christ till the end of Time."

    Pay particular attention to that phrase "perfect society that is the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ", and realize that in Lumen Gentium I have given the lie to this phrase, and taken the vines from the branch. You must always be the vine keeper, the one who cuts, who prevents the vines from bearing good fruit. You must dissuade your sector from the curiosity of past Pontiffs. I have been successful in many sectors in vilifying those of the past. Do not let them uncover the truths of the absolutes. That is an absolute you must not forget!

    That pious man called Pope Pius XI declared in his encyclical Mortalium animos, of January 6, 1928 the following: "In this sole Church of Christ, no one is found nor does anyone remain unless he recognizes and accepts in obedience, the authority and power of Peter and of his legitimate successors…. Unfortunately there have been children who deserted the paternal home…Let them hear the voice of Lactancius exclaiming: 'Only…the Catholic Church preserves the true worship. It is the source of truth, the dwelling place of faith, the temple of God. He who does not enter it, or he who leaves it, loses all hope of life and salvation. Let no one allow himself to be carried away by recalcitrant contestations. This is a matter of life and salvation. If one is not attentively and prudently vigilant, it is perdition and death'."

    Oh, how I am tortured by these words, and so many more of the same nature that preceded that rebellion called Vatican Council II. I endure this torture that you, soulScanner 105, and your sector may be brought fully into my realm by your own vigilance over their minds, twisting the TRUTH into my fragments of plurality and fraternity, the dilution of the Roman Catholic Church founded by Christ into only one church among the many false churches I have created.

    Hear me well, soulScanner 105, for you have neglected your duty! Let no one attend to the words of the dead past. Let them believe with all their being that the past is dead! Let no one be led to that belief that what the Christ established is for all generations unto the consummation of the world. That is anathema to me. Let it be also anathema to you, my legion member. Have I toiled in vain that you, a soulScanner, should shrink from your duty to find any means necessary to put off, to stifle any resolve to search the past which is not dead (though I make them believe it is so) and bring that living past into the present, thus stifling me, rather than Him? How dare you not use your wiles, which I have given you, to frustrate by any means the attempt of the finite human mind to research and study these old out-dated documents. By your very neglect, you have allowed many minds to find these sources of ABSOLUTES, and when you neglect your duty, you allow the ONE TRUE SPIRIT to direct these words of ABSOLUTES into the heart, which is not mine but HIS.

    I have no heart. That is His doing, and I consider it as a weak point, were it not for the infernal interference of she who is my enemy from all time - the one THEY call the BLESSED VIRGIN MARY, the IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. Oh, just saying that brings acid to a hiss. Much of the impetus these men's minds follow comes from her - a mere woman who, conceived without the stain of the human original sin that I inspired is prophesized to crush my head! Oh, my hatred flares, and I lose my concentration in speaking to certain points for your needs, soulScanner 105. Yet, those who call themselves "loyal" to my Foe have the audacity to believe a finite being - a woman no less and humble at that - is any match for my superior angelic nature!

    You must erase the past, make it dead. You must allow the minds of these men who seek the TRUTH to believe that in the dead past it was the sacred institution established by the Christ, His One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, which erred both in matters of faith and morals, but above all, in its relationship with the 'brotherhood of men' that 'fraternity' which I wrote as the battle cry of the French Revolution, WITH IT FALSE ABSOLUTES OF A HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY, A HUMAN PERSPECTIVE, ALL FOR THE SAKE OF THE TEMPORAL SPHERE, THE MORTAL BODY. Do not let them believe the Catholic ABSOLUTES of THEOLOGY THAT CAME DIRECTLY FROM THE ONE SPIRIT, and furthermore, do not allow them to accept the principle of HIERARCHY AND SACRALITY which are we realize are true and to which this Blessed Virgin speaks and directs to her children. They are enough to choke my spirit. Rather, re-direct their search and study to my ambiguous documents, which were spawned by my Vatican Council II. Let them read in my documents that His institution did, indeed, err, and then you have them in my pocket, where no truth exists.

    Make them believe the lie, and see it as the TRUTH. Let them look with human eyes and see, and with the understanding of a finite human mind and understand, their brothers and sisters in the world, which is now global, and by my impetus becoming one in a pan-religious ecumenism which hides my true face so cleverly. Do not spare any effort in this regard, soulScanner 105. You sector seethes with the seeds of rebellion against my dilution of Truth. You are responsible for allowing this to get out of hand. There are specific people you must go after. You must silence these voices, which are as lone voices crying in today’s global village, at all costs to you personally. Will I not reward you with even greater powers by your obedience to me?

    To prove how I value your work, I send to you now extraordinary powers, beside those with which I have already given you that you may proceed with greater vigor to my end. Abolish the ABSOLUTES OF TRUTH WHICH IS GOD, which are not changeable, since He Who is the great Oppressor cannot change.

    I change. I am the wind of deceit, I am the sower of seeds of rebellion, the father of lies, and you will find my cleverness in these matters throughout the Vatican Council II documents, as issued at the time of this rebellious Council, and unto the present stage of the battle, where the victory falls into my waiting arms.

    Note well the apologies for the past. Steer these foolish people into believing these mea culpas. Enhance the guilt and I will do the rest. I have critical soulScanners in strategic places to assure this. They are doing an excellent job in calling for more blame by the Church. It weakens her and puts her in a defensive mode. That is the ideal we must strive for. Keep her there. Implosion always helps topple that which is DIVINELY GIVEN, as the SACRED DEPOSIT OF FAITH..

    Go, therefore, and be my disciple of deceit. Bury the past. Bury the Catholic Absolutes given and defined by the SPIRIT through the Vicar of Christ. Deny the validity of any words that preceded Vatican Council II, and make the people believe that this "Catholic Church" did not begin as the Christ intended by building it upon that weak man Simon Peter, but began, rather, at the time of the Council, and in particular, after its closing. Continue to convince them that the medieval Church has outgrown its use and in this enlightened, highly technical age it is outmoded and has been in error. Again, a concerted effort will correct your faux pas to date. But be assured I am monitoring you closely.

    I will speak to you again, soulScanner 105. I will show you how easily I used the men of the Council's time, who already owed their allegiance to me, and the many who followed, for my ends, and how the lie I began in the Garden of Eden now sweeps from one end of the earth to the other through my smokescreen of ecumenism, my false peace, my false justice, my absence of any charity or mercy, but only of division and hatred. Heed me well! I tolerate no misuse of my gifts to my soulScanners!

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