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From: the spamMaster
To: soulScanner 43
Memorendamn Two
Subject: The Plum of Plurality

    You are well aware of my brief review of my broad plan for victory in my memorandam to soulScanner 89. I write now to you, soulScanner 43, because in your sector there are those who vex me no end with their stubborn free will turned from me to my hated Oppressor, He Who thought He knew better than I!

    It is imperative, soulScanner 43 to be vigilant. Even though I held in the palm of my hand many princes of The Church as Vatican Council II was announced and given birth, I was thwarted in the final seconds when He Who reigns in that abomination of Heaven called them back to Himself with mercy and they repented of their deeds. Oh, humility of heart is a stake through my very spirit, which knows not mercy, and gives none, for it is the stuff of groveling to a superior, and I alone am superior, and my legions know this well, and the punishment I demand for those who fail me is not the stuff of mythology or legend.

    Now you find yourself dashing to and fro, feeding into the intellect of many of those ideas which I spawned in the revolution called Vatican Council II; then you dash to and fro trying to undo that ferocious will of the human nature turned to Him, those who in their faith remain ever loyal to the total absolutes made visible on the cross of Calvary, never reminding them that it was I who put Him to death to begin with. How silly are these mortal fools who profess the Cross and carry their own, when I am the one who can liberate them from such a concept, such a yoke! Oh, He laughed at me then, but regardless of the past heights of greatness His Church once reached, now I am having the last laugh on Him. Oh, damnable jealousy, the balm to my pride. Well, my time and energy have not been wasted! You will continue to see to that, soulScanner 43, or else!

    Here is what you must do, soulScanner 43, and heed well my words to you; should you fail, then within your sector could come a grave assault against my victory, which is now so close as to give me the greatest satisfaction.

    I spoke to soulScanner 89 of the sands of ambiguity, which I prompted the Thinkers of Vatican Council II to use for my own ends. Let me go forward from there with a specific point which you must consistently use in order that our battle may ever increase in victories while the Antagonist is left to wonder at the mess I have helped to create.

    Now, the easiest way for you to proceed is to work with those humans who, professing faith in that One, True Church founded by my enemy-- He Who resisted all my many temptations, despite the weakness of his flesh due to forty days of fasting and prayer! Oh, what a blow that was to me, soulScanner 43, when I was summarily dismissed, as one swats away a bothersome gnat, by a God-man. Surely you realize now how easily He should have been given over to me because of his flesh; yet the flesh of the God-man was never mine…ever!

    Work with those who have believed the lie of the past forty years. It is of no matter their age or their gender. These are easy bait for the continuance of the lie that proceeds out of the mouths of those who call themselves princes of the Church, but who kneel at one moment in prayer, and in the next speak words even more ambiguous than those I planted in the documents of Vatican Council II.

    Here is what you must consistently whisper into those already tainted ears, and besieged minds. I recall to you here, for your edification, the very first Chapter of that which has become the Dogmatic Constitution Lumen Gentium. Ah, this document is one of my greatest works…better than any outright heresy which I have created since the God-man established His Roman Catholic Church!

    Please note my emphasis on words or phrases, for it is these that you must plant anew in these minds already lost in the sea of confusion, and the widening ambiguity of the authority in this tottering church.

    "This…sole Church of Christ which in the Creed we profess to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic…constituted and organized as a society in the present world, SUBSISTS IN the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter…Nevertheless, many elements of sanctification and of truth are found outside its visible confines. Since these are gifts belonging to the Church of Christ, they are forces impelling towards Catholic unity."

    Have your subjects refer to this and other statements by going to Lumen Gentium 8b.

    Now, to the subtleties, which are inherent in this blessed document from the mighty pens of the great 'thinkers' who, filled with academic, philosophical, and theological pride, rephrased, not always cleverly, the very soul of the French Revolution. Notice, soulScanner 43, the phrase Church of Christ. It does, indeed, sound very 'catholic' in a quick reading. However, as you will note in a subsequent sentence, I inserted the notion that this 'Church of Christ' SUBSISTS in the Catholic Church. Oh, how many have not read between the lines!!! You do understand, soulScanner 43, my intent here? If you do not, then get thee back here where I may instruct you more deeply…in the manner I use with those who have sold their souls to me.

    In these short words I, the Father of Lies, sowed the seeds of my 'ecumenism', and the very unraveling of the centuries old truth of what my Oppressor rightly calls the Church militant. How easily was I able, in such a few words, to orient the Antagonist's church toward a global notion of liberty, equality, and fraternity. By unraveling the notion of Church Militant, I was given the victory of seeing ecumenism rise to the forefront of this enemy, which, heretofore, had blocked my many attacks. Oh, yes, I hid behind the concept of "fraternity" of the "People of God" rather than the One, True Faith given by the incarnate Word of the Triune Divinity, which I refused to acknowledge as superior to me, the prince of angels!!!

    You must never cease to whisper these words into the dulled minds and spirits of those who have believed and followed the lie I created.

    Secondly, I draw your attention to that sentence which states, "many elements of sanctification and of TRUTH are found outside its visible confines. Since these are GIFTS belonging to the CHURCH OF CHRIST, they are FORCES impelling towards CATHOLIC UNITY."

    Learn how to twist words to fit my purpose, and you will keep in line all the souls you scan within your sector. Here, in these words I established the principle that the One, True Faith was only part of the Truth. I divided the One Truth into many, as many as my legions who serve me. I used the minds of the writers of this document who already served me. My servant Karl Rahner, who put exactly what he wanted in this now oft-quoted document, and the final writer of Lumen Gentium, my servant Gerard Philips, a Belgian (and what fun I’ve had destroying this bastion of the once-noble and strong Roman Catholic Church), who wrote a book explaining all the tricks and traps he explicitly used in the document to favor progressivism. Oh, there were no confused minds here. All had one bent, one mindset, and it was mine! I turned upside down their thinking and faith in the notion that Truth derives from the One God, and that this ONENESS could be diversified into plurality…and in plurality of TRUTH I am winning my victory.


    For centuries the Oppressor's rock-solid Church had never strayed from the ABSOLUTES OF ONE TRUTH. Therefore, for these many centuries as man counts them I was never given the fullness of victory, which I craved. Here, in this document, which is now the guidepost of the 'new' Church of Christ, I have done away with the notion of that which used to be called THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, which professed the Oppressor's ONE TRUTH, and allowed nothing else to detract from its ABSOLUTES.

    Ah, soulScanner 43, remember for all times, for all the work that you are required to do in your sector, that in dividing, I conquer. I conquered the solid ROCK, split it into many fragments, all under the conception of 'ecumenism' for the sake of 'fraternity', and thus to this day, and to my greater advantage, there is no longer a notion of that Church which the Oppressor's Only-Begotten Son, born of the VIRGIN MARY (Oh, I shall deal with her in later communications with all my legion. She irks me to no end!) founded as the ONLY means of salvation to which souls were brought home to that abomination called Heaven. Oh, how well I have succeeded, and I demand that you continue my work with even greater fervor.

    Look at the words yet once again, soulScanner 43. In this brief statement I have twisted the ONENESS, HOLINESS, CATHOLICITY, and APOSTOLICAL nature of the Oppressor's institution, into the meaning that the One Spirit, Which proceeds from the Father and Son, is no less present in every culture and religious notion, be that notion Protestantism or any other religious belief present on the face of my kingdom-earth. You see, I trust, that in doing so, I put to shame the solid belief that was present up until these words that which, by the Oppressor's Son's command to His Apostles, had been held with piety in the bosom of all the faithful of this so-called One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Here, I oblige, through the authority of an ecumenical council, those who profess this Faith to reconsider their position, and to recognize the multiple religions, steeped in heresy and schism and apostasy, as actually holding to TRUTH. I have brought forth into the minds and hearts of what was once the Church Militant a spirit of indifferentism, of cooperation for the sake of a 'brotherhood' of man - not the unity of all under the ONENESS of the TRUE SPIRIT, Who alone is the sole guide of the visible Catholic Church - His CHURCH!!!

    You must never cease to refer any soul back to these words. You must assist them through their intellect to understand these words in the way I intend, and to do all as a soulScanner to keep the ambiguity alive.

    Ah, see how I, the author of ambiguity, have swept millions of true "stars" of the ONE, TRUE FAITH, from the vault of Heaven! See how I have diluted this ONE, TRUE FAITH into fragments so weak that it is now only a matter of time - a very short time-before the final victory will be mine. I will reign, and my legion will stand with me, their ranks swelling with every single day that passes. This is your job, soulScanner 43. Your sector seethes with the under-rumblings of traditional mindset. Do away with this.

    Confound, confuse, and deliver ambiguity in heavy doses…and play upon that 'obedience' factor. Ah, obedience to Him must be annihilated. But I, to whom obedience was abhorrent, will now claim for myself the souls of many who no longer know to whom they must be faithful, much less why.

    I will write to you again, and you will follow closely the memorandams I send to other of our legion, other soulScanners, in these final days of battle. My flames of dissent reach to the vault of Heaven itself. So be it!

    HA! HA! HA! (Use this often; it is abbreviated from that abominable word HALLELUIAH!)

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