Joe and Jane Dalton
    Jane and Joe Dalton    We are delighted to add Joe and Jane Dalton of St. Charles, Missouri to our growing list of contributing writers. They are both devoted, staunch Catholics who have dedicated their lives to the Pro-Life cause for the sake of His little ones. For ways you can help and be rewarded in the pocketbook as well as in graces, we invite you to read our editorial A Gift that keeps on Giving for Life!. Hint, there's a free $25 book in it is as well - yours Free when you sign on to Pro Life Communications. It is fitting that Joe and Jane both want to communicate in so many ways what God wants of all - to fight with every ounce of decency and love to blot out the culture of death and promote the Sanctity of Life.

        There are many out there who are doing so much for the Pro Life movement. It is a constant struggle that may only be fully rewarded in Heaven. Joe and Jane realize this. Their story awakened us to how the laity is working in many areas and the vast opportunities available. Yes, the world needs more Joe and Jane Daltons. They are the founders of Pro Life Communications and it is their faith in their Catholic Faith that has made it possible. Joe is the youngest son of Reverend Mr. Michael H. Dalton, who was a long-time beloved deacon at St. Monica's Church in St. Louis. His father passed on to his Heavenly reward on the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica of Rome - November 9th. Joe and Jane celebrated their wedding anniversary with him at home the night before. Joe gave a stirring tribute to his dad during the overflowing, inspirational and uplifting funeral Mass. Both Joe and Jane, parents of seven young children, left lucrative careers to carry out God's Will for them and those who uphold the Sanctity of Life against the growing menace of the culture of death. He has said, in all humility, that he was the last one who thought he would follow in his father's footsteps in answering God's call. As he says, "Who would have believed it?"

        Joe tells his story better than we could put into words and so I share with you his heart: "In June of 1997, while on a flight from Memphis to St. Louis, God called my wife and I to start this ministry. The calling was unmistakable and it came down in tremendous detail (including technical terms from our industry that I did not know the definition.) I guess I should say God called me, because when I first explained all of this to my bride, she wasn't with me. Her most famous response to the situation was 'God doesn't call people to do things they know nothing about.' I will not bore you with the list that I gave her to re-buff that statement, but the theme of course was that 'God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called.' The biggest issue was that in order to implement the plan, we had to sacrifice our successful careers. We had a very comfortable life and the list of responsibilities along with financial need that comes with having a large family today is quite immense. The next Sunday, while in prayer, I told God that I didn't think I could do it alone and asked Him to somehow wake Jane up. Wow, did He ever!"

        "The next day, Jane, who was a sales representative for an advertising firm, stopped in to visit an old customer. There was no real reason for her to stop because she knew that an advertising budget was not in their business plan for several more years. She walked in and over to one of the owners and the owner said, 'can I help you?' Jane said, 'Nancy, it's me, Jane.' She was excited to see her and exclaimed that she didn't recognize her because she no longer had long hair. Just then, Nancy squealed, 'Oh my God, you are the friend that I would not recognize! I don't know how spiritual you are, Jane, but I have a message for you.' She explained that God had never spoken to her before, but while in church Sunday God gave her a message and clearly stated that it was for a friend that she would not recognize. She opened her Bible where she wrote the message and read to Jane, 'Somewhere between your vision and impossibility, I will provide the way. Go...Travel on.' Since then, my bride has been with me."

        To make a long story short, through thick and thin Joe and Jane persevered, guided by the Holy Spirit in forming a national long-distance telephone company and a national filtered internet provider that would donate 100% of its net profits to life-affirming organizations in giving back to God. They started in January 1999 and since then have been blessed with over 350 Christian and life-affirming organizations nationwide, many Catholic. Their most recent projections indicate their ministry of Pro Life Communications will donate $14.8 million dollars to the cause of the Sanctity of Life over the next three years. Joe affirms that by 2009, they will be donating at the rate of $72 million dollars per year. That is stunning to say the least.

        Between taking care of seven loved children from diapers to teens - in order:Timothy, 16, Joseph Jr., 14, Forrest, 6, Evan, 5, Emma, 3, Gabriel, 19 months, and Luke, 6 months - Joe and Jane relentlessly are on the front lines of the Pro-Life movement through prayer, through action and through their company dedicated solely to promoting the Sanctity of Life. They have dedicated their lives to this cause as founders of Pro Life Communications based in St. Louis. Their company donates all of their profits to the Pro-Life movement and to organizations that work diligently to spread the Pro-Life message (including The DAILY CATHOLIC). To join Pro Life Communications, you can call them toll free at (877) 878-LIFE. You can also sign up on-line. Their web address is or e-mail Joe at or Jane at They'd love to hear from you.