August 9-12, 2001
volume 12, no. 141

Shedding light on the 'Great Spiritual Darkness!'

Too many of us have hid our lamps under the bushel basket while allowing the modernists of Vatican II to trample on our precious Faith.

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today the Holy Spirit sets me on fire with such love for God and for the One True Faith in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, that I cannot find adequate words to express to you the outrage that I feel for the deconstruction of the Roman Catholic Church since the announcement of Vatican Council II, and the deliberate actions of the Pontiffs at this Council, along with Alliances of Cardinals from Europe and our own United States over the last forty years.

    How, my brothers and sisters in Christ, could we have been asleep so long that our very gift of the True Faith has eroded into mere ashes , blowing to whatever whim modern man decides is pertinent "now" and wasn't pertinent "then."

    We can plead ignorance no longer. Our Lady has been calling to her children since LaSalette, but we didn't listen then. She has called to us at Rue de Bac, at Lourdes, at Fatima, at Akita, at Rwanda, and at Betania (all approved as worthy of belief) and still we have buried our heads in the sands of "modern" technology.

    Well, we better get our heads out of the sands, or else we will have to answer to God for the misuse we have made of our True Faith. If you don't agree that "something" is rotten, then I suggest that you check out the local protestant service in your area next Sunday, and then tell me what is the difference between these services and the one at your local parish?

    Yes, there are a few "good" parishes left, where the Priests do remember the dignity of their calling, and the importance of the Real Presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament. The key word here is "few".

    Take for example Holland. It was once the most Catholic country in all of Europe. It was the leader in vocations, especially to the Missionary lands. Well, today it is barely 3% Catholic, and of this 3% the ones who still believe in the True Presence are few and far between. How could this have happened?

    What happened between the time of the great age of vocations (sincere and lifelong) to the present day when the few priests there won't wear their clerical garb, prefer not to be addressed as "father" and slink along the streets incognito because they don't want to offend the majority protestants on the streets?

    Think back. Think back a little over forty years ago. The answer is simple. Vatican Council II!!! Now, don't take my word for these things. Do your homework. Do it with the grace of the Holy Spirit, and do so without any prejudice if possible, or if not, then let your prejudice be on the side of the modern church going in. This is a good barometer to check out what has happened to the True Faith.

    Oh, I am so outraged today as I write to you that my soul leaps within me. I have gone back. I have read every single document that we have listed for you to read. I did so without anyone prompting me to do so, without reading any "books" that held a position contrary with Vatican Council II. I read them, believing Pope John Paul II was going to go down as one of the greatest popes in the history of the Church. What led me to go back? The Holy Spirit. What happened when I allowed the Holy Spirit to lead me?

    Mind-boggling, clear-cut contradictions, apostasy, schism and even borderline heresy between the perennial Magisterium of Holy Mother Church, and the "new" doctrines and "Dogmatic" decrees that came out of Vatican Council II.

    Then, I let the Holy Spirit lead me to undeniable fact-based ideologies of the Council's Pontiffs. Was I shocked to discover that both Pope John XXIII and Pope Paul VI were Marxist in ideology? I nearly dropped dead from shock to the heart, to the soul, and to the mind. I double checked. I read and read until my eyes were bleary and dazed. The same facts came up repeatedly. The Pontiffs themselves said they were Marxist. The real historical biographies (not the ones put out by Catholic laymen, or those prepared by the Church) tell the "real" story. Both Popes had been exiled and censored by Pope Pius XII because they were dangerous. Both were progressivists who wanted to broker a "one world order" when the rest of us were reveling in our youth, in the peace that had finally come after years of war. Well, we fell asleep in our trust of our hierarchy, and just when the REAL battle was getting underway, we looked around, saw that our military forces were, for the time being, free from battle, and thought we were "safe".

    In truth, the Hierarchy of Holy Mother Church sold us down the river even before the first session of the Council got underway. These "alliances" especially by the German-speaking countries, from Poland, from Scandinavia, from Belgium, Holland, and the Netherlands, from France, and from our own United States, had already brokered a deal with the communists. Only Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski, primate of Poland and mentor to Bishop Karol Wojtoyla, the solid Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani and Antonio Cardinal Bacci and a bloc of Spanish and South American bishops and one French prelate Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre comprised an opposition to this. They were called the International Group of Fathers and they were stonewalled and their objections purposely buried by the alliance of modernists. Sadly Bishop Wojtoyla broke with his friend and the man who warned him not to tinker with tradition - Cardinal Wyszynski.

    Didn't you ever wonder why the word "communist" was never mentioned in one single document that came out of Vatican Council II? The "Red Menace" was not dead then, it is not dead now. In fact, I would venture to guess that it has firm roots within the Church, choking out the Real Faith for a "false ecumenism" that means "one world order."

    Have you read the Catholic News services this past week? Well, our present Holy Father is the biggest promoter of "one world" and urges it on even as I write this to you. Even the unlearned can grasp this significant point. We don't have to be theological scholars to grasp what has happened to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith. In fact, being non-scholars just might be our saving grace. The Holy Spirit speaks to the simple, those who have child-like faith.

    Yes, I went back and re-read every single message Our Blessed Mother gave to the world through me. Yes, in those messages she asked for continued prayer for our Holy Father, and called him her beloved pope-son. Our Lady also wept for Judas, prayed for him, was willing to comfort him. Are we not all beloved of the Father, and of our Heavenly Mother? We have all seen the picture of our Blessed Mother holding the Holy Father to her shoulder. We have all read the "Third Secret" of Fatima wherein the present Holy Father had much to suffer, even assassination attempts on his life. After what the Holy Spirit has led me to understand, to know in the depths of my soul, and to believe with my entire soul and body, mind and spirit, I see now how dense I was up until the start of the past Lenten season. Our Lady's warnings are there in the humble messages I received for five years. It's all over the place. In nearly every message. She said, "Look for the signs of the time". She warned of the "Great Spiritual Darkness" that was to cover the entire earth. We thought of something else, didn't we? We all supposed it was an outward manifestation of satan that we would easily recognize and recoil from. However, we never, ever thought that the Great Apostasy was within the CHURCH!!! God forbid that such a thing ever happen.

    Yet, it has. It started a little over forty years ago. It has gathered speed like a locomotive, plunging the True Faith into Protestantism, into apostasy, schism, and, yes, even heresy. God does not change. Man changes. His truths do not change. Men's opinions do. God does not today make one understanding of the faith complete, only to alter that understanding with the next generation.

    Christ established the New Covenant. He chose Saint Peter, His Rock, upon Whom the Church was founded. Each succeeding Pontiff has walked in the Fisherman's Shoes. Each has had a free will to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and guard the Sacred Deposit of Faith. Please note the two words: "free will". Only when the Holy Father speaks on matters of faith and morals ex cathedra, is he infallible. At no other time is the Holy Father infallible. However, in our time we have come to believe that every single word that our Holy Father speaks, every word he writes must be infallible because he is the Successor of St. Peter. Even Peter made mistakes. Saint Paul chastised St. Peter openly but charitably, "to the face."

    I have learned my lesson well, my dear brothers and sisters. It has been a long, painful lesson. I am shocked at how dense I've been. I even more in awe at how merciful God has been to me. I, for one, through the grace of God, intend to stand and be counted. I pray always to be charitable…and charity is the Truth. It is not couched in ambiguous language. It need not be apologized for. It does not transmit as weakness, but as strength. As an example I offer Saint Teresa of Avila, who took no guff in standing for the truth. Not one of the canonized saints became canonized because they skimmed over the truth in order to be all sweetness. No, they were charitable because they stood for and spoke the Truth that is God Himself, as Jesus Himself taught Charity and gave us the example of the greatest Charity that can ever be: To lay down one's life for another. He, the Son of God, gave His very life on the Cross that we might have life everlasting.

    He commanded His apostles at the Last Supper to "Do this in Remembrance of Me." He did not mean to commemorate the "meal", but to commemorate The Holy Sacrifice of the Cross in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The connotation of "Mass" is scarcely heard these days. "Table of the Lord" "Eucharistic Meal", these are the phrases that have replaced the Holy Sacrifice. Why? So the Roman Catholic Faith would not be an obstacle to a one-world religion, would not OFFEND our protestant brethren, our schismatic Orthodox, and any other ism on the face of the planet. The new creed is "tolerate all sins and dare not to speak out lest you be judged by others as a bigot, a racist, or whatever label society deems proper. Our bishops are more concerned about conditions in the Middle East than they are with the state of the Church in America.

    I am very concerned about the state of the Church in America. I am appalled to learn every day more about the state of Holy Mother Church worldwide. The greatest, strongest institution on the face of the earth has been shattered into shards by a Council, which had its agenda set long before John XXIII opened it. It ramroded its agenda through before Paul VI closed the council. It continued its deconstruction of the One True Faith in all the years following through the modernized Roman Curia.

    Yes, I know, I have written to you of many of these things before. I write them again that you may understand this simple fact: We have been deceived for forty years. We have been lied to. Yes, lied to. And who is the father of all lies? You guess correctly, satan.

    Let's begin our crusade to recapture the One True Faith before it really becomes too late. Join together in prayer, penance, sacrifice, fasting, and seeking out the true Sacrifice of the Mass. Understand that NEVER was the Mass of Saint Pius V abrogated. NEVER! No bishop anywhere has the right or the authority to prevent any priest, be he secular or religious, from saying the Latin Tridentine Mass. Check it out for yourself. You'll find it as a footnote in the conciliar and post-conciliar documents. A footnote!!!!

    Are you as outraged as you should be? I pray you are. Heaven will not abandon us. It is all part of the suffering we must endure as part of God's permitting will. The more who offer it up, the greater the symphony in awakening the chords of truth in the faithful. But do not sit idly and silently by and suffer. Be willing to be persecuted for the One True Faith. We may be only a remnant, but with the aid of Our Blessed Mother and all the angels and saints, we know Who is going to win the victory. It is up to us whether it be sooner or later. May God grant that it be sooner for the Sake of His Sorrowful Passion.

Your very little sister in Christ,


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August 9-12, 2001
volume 12, no. 141
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