August 27-29, 2001
volume 12, no. 146

Why and Why not!?!

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to write to us. We definitely need one another in this time of confusion. We need to be united in prayer for the sake of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith, and put aside the labels that too often mark one as a dissenter in the eyes of others.

    That's what the Holy Spirit prompts me to write about today. From the e-mails we've been receiving, there are some things that need to be cleared up. I pray that through the grace of the Holy Spirit, I will be able to address some of these points for the understanding of all.

    First, Michael and I have returned to the Tridentine Mass. Why? This is where we belong. We sincerely believe that the Tridentine Mass is truly the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This Holy Sacrifice was given to the Church by Christ, and from Christ to the Apostles. This Mass of All times, of All Places, and for All Ages is that which was held in the Sacred Deposit of Faith until Vatican Council II. Let us be clear on this point. While the progressivist agenda held sway at the Council, as is well documented in various reliable source books, the Council Fathers as a whole did NOT vote to change the Mass in any way. The "reform of the Liturgy" was done after the Council closed, and Pope Paul VI set up the work of a special committee - his personally selected experts - who contrived the Novus Ordo. The fact that the chief architect progressivist Annibale Cardinal Bugnini was one of the most outspoken of modernists and strongly refuted freemason should send out the red flag to all as to the purpose of changing the Mass.

    Yes, Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani warned Paul VI of the dangers of this innovative, experimental 'mass', and yes, Cardinal Ottaviani was ordered to consent to this Novus Ordo Missae by Paul VI. In obedience, Cardinal Ottaviani did sign the paper as the Pope demanded, but he did so stating that his signature was "qualified," that is, he stood by the points he had made in his "Intervention" which we have been carrying for further clarification.

    What we are doing is presenting to you the black-and-white, reliable, backed-up facts about the Council itself, and the reforms that came after and are still taking place today. We are particularly concerned with the on-going push for "ecumenism" through compromise rather than through conversion, and we seek clarification from Rome on this point.

    We are asking hard questions, not to point fingers, but to behave as loyal, faithful Catholics must if we are to profess our faith fully. We are obliged before God to ask, always humbly and in charity, for clarification of certain writings, speeches, etc., from the Holy Father and those whom he has appointed to key offices in the Roman Curia, when there is contradiction from the perennial Magisterium of Holy Mother Church. To do less would be to deny our duty before God. We, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, have every reason to ask, and to expect a reply, for the Holy Father is just that…our Holy Father, to whom we look for the certitude of Our Faith. He is the servant of the servants. We are his servants.

    There have been three who have written, mistaken in their belief that we are out to besmirch the Holy Father. Absolutely not! He is our Holy Father, and as such is loved, revered, and obeyed. We are not disobedient if we attend the Latin Tridentine Mass. We are particularly upset that here in America the Bishops have not complied with the desire (call it a command) from the Holy Father expressed in Ecclesia Dei. In this encyclical, Pope John Paul II asks that all Bishops everywhere make the Latin Tridentine Mass readily available in their respective dioceses for all who are drawn to this tradition and Rite. We do not fail in obedience by attending this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. We do not wish to bring more confusion, more disunity to the Roman Catholic Church. There is enough of that going around, and dear brothers and sisters, this disunity is one of the fruits of Vatican Council II. That is the truth. One of the reasons is this: IF both rites are right, then why does one have to concede anything to the other? It makes no sense. Not in human logic, and certainly not in the eyes of God.

    Therefore, we have and will continue to present to our readers fact-based articles, always verifiable, that there is no doubt that the Novus Ordo Mass of today resembles all that Martin Luther demanded when he ignited the Protestant Reformation. His theology and ideology and philosophy were heretical then. The man is dead. Therefore, his excommunication is a mute point. However, his heretical teachings remain, and this is something we, as Roman Catholics, must take a serious look at, when we realize that the "new Mass" is Protestant, and each day and month becomes even more so as compromise is accorded our Protestant brethren, for the sake of "unity through compromise" not through conversion.

    Christ did indeed state that there would be but One Flock and One Shepherd. However, this cannot come about through a brokered "peace" a brokered "fraternity of man" for the sake of a "global society/" Michael and I are sincere in our belief that only through the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, through the Sacred Deposit of Faith handed down by Christ through the first Apostles, can there be this unity. Unity must come from the TRUTH, which is GOD, and not through any philosophy, ideology or theology that believes otherwise.

    We do not believe in sede vacantism. Pope John Paul II is the legitimate successor of Saint Peter. He is the Vicar of Christ, and to this office, and to the person who holds this great responsibility is due honor, respect, and obedience in all matters of faith and morals that are defined infallibly. Remember, nothing since Vatican Council II has been infallibly defined. Was this because the Council itself was merely pastoral in nature? Or, because it departed from the sound doctrine that was held in the Sacred Deposit of Faith? This is a legitimate question. We seek clarification from the Holy Father, for it affects the entire Sacred Deposit of Faith. It is responsible to ask, it is charitable and humble to ask. It is prudent to ask. It is NOT DISOBEDIENT to ask. We do not pretend to know more than the Holy Father. If we did, we would not ask, we would simply go off and start our own church or some such foolishness. On the contrary, our Roman Catholic Faith is so precious a gift to us that through the impetus of the Holy Spirit we have been brought to see the many contradictions and ambiguities that arose out of Vatican Council II, and are thus now imbued with the same Spirit of Truth to seek clarification.

    There is but one Spirit of Truth - the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit works in the Church. This is Truth, for Christ promised it. We do not believe that Christ has abandoned His Church. On the contrary, we hold fast to His promise that "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Matthew 16: 19). However, Christ's promise does not rule out that through the human weakness we all possess due to Original Sin, satan cannot attack the Church, its Sacred Deposit of Faith, its Traditions and Teachings. That satan will try to destroy the Church is obvious, for Our Lord would not have made the promise to His Apostles that He would always be with His Spotless Bride, the Church, had satan no place in the picture. We must always be vigilant over our priceless gift of the One True Faith. Vigilant personally, and on the broader scale of the security of the Sacred Deposit of Faith.

    We do not believe that there should be "factions" within Holy Mother Church. The fact remains that there are, and to this we ask the Holy Father "Why?" "Why, Holy Father, do you work so hard to bring about a brokered peace with the schismatic churches of the East, and do not see to the factions that are growing daily within the Roman Catholic Church?" A legitimate question? Yes. Another legitimate question to ask of Our Holy Father is this: "Why, Holy Father, have you appointed to key positions within the Roman Curia, raising to the rank of Cardinal, those prelates who would do away with the Petrine Primacy? Why do you permit these prelates to speak and teach whatever they like, when what they teach and preach is apostasy?" This is not being disrespectful of the Holy Father. Rather, we wish to rally behind the Holy Father, if only we knew where he stood on the very subjects that make the Roman Catholic Church the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith.

    We do not assume the things we speak and write about. On the contrary, our questions, our very research has been fact-based from the very beginning. It was not a research, study, and discernment brought about by any other person's viewpoint or research. No. We did the research first, prayed, discerned, and began to see the ambiguity and contradiction for ourselves. Only then, when we had discovered these things, did the Holy Spirit lead us to more reading and research, objective in nature, that gave further witness to these very contradictions of doctrine in black and white quotations from the very architects of Vatican Council II, and from the Pontiffs of the Council, and post-conciliar Church. Therefore, we can say with clear conscience that we were not relying on another's work, but rather on the clear and distinct impetus and discernment of the Holy Spirit.

    There should be no distinction within Holy Mother Church between "traditionalists" "conservatists" "liberals" "modernists", and "progressivists." However, these distinctions are clear to all, and the question to the Holy Father must be again "Why?"

    This disunity that exists now within the Roman Catholic Church has been given ample room to breathe, and to grow, without the writings of the Holy Father seeking to once again make ONE, that which is no longer one. We again ask the Holy Father in all charity and humility, expressing our obedience to him, "Why?" "Why, Holy Father, do you work so closely to unite with other Christian faiths, and other pagan faiths, and leave untended the very flock to which Christ entrusted to your care as Universal Shepherd, Vicar of Christ?"

    The Truth of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith has become extremely blurred during the years of the Council and post-conciliar years as well, and this is a fact. Each "distinctive group" within the Roman Catholic Church can enunciate well the point that each seeks to drive home. However, each group also overlooks many other points, and this is where the Truth becomes blurred.

    It is a fact that the Novus Ordo Mass today (except in a few parishes) is the exact Mass that Martin Luther demanded. It is also true that the Roman Catholic Church has had bad popes, bad theologians, heretics, etc., from the very beginning. Yes, Holy Mother Church has overcome all of these adversities by remaining faithful to the perennial teaching of the Magisterium. Doctrine and Dogma were defined. The Teachings of Holy Mother Church were set forth in black and white, and were understandable to all.

    The truth is the Latin Mass was never abrogated, nor the right of any priest anywhere to say this Mass without the approval of his local bishop. Somehow, in all the rhetoric, this fact gets lost. But it is true. What makes it all the more frustrating is that the Holy Father made it abundantly clear in Ecclesia Dei the need to make available the Traditional Tridentine Mass pre-Vatican II to those who desired it. How have his bishops responded to his directive? By and large by ignoring it. Is that obedience? Can you see why so many loyal Catholics are frustrated and feel trapped by "the obedience factor" they are subjected to while those they seek to be obedient to flaunt it in the faithful's face by being disobedient to the Sovereign Pontiff's directives? It is these kind of inadequacies that create the factions and the subsequent emotions that arise from the frustration.

    Our objective is to ask questions that need to be asked, and to back up our questions with facts, which we have done, and which we will continue to do. Only in this way will the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth which is God, bring about the necessary reforms for the sake of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith. We have had forty years almost of experimentation. The bishops and priests are still pushing the envelope, and many challenge the Holy Father's Supreme Authority. Again, we ask "Why?"

    To the very best of our ability, we will present you with the truth that is fact-based and readily backed up in black and white if you will only take the time to read and discern as we have been asked to do by the Holy Spirit.

    We will never, ever besmirch the Holy Father; we will never assume anything about him because he is the Holy Father. We decry any who would seek to bring scandal to the Holy Father, who would cause scandal by assumptions and mean-spirited personal agendas.

    We have linked on our website some very valuable resources. Everything within these written works can be verified. We know. We've checked and rechecked all of the references that we can find in the English Language. We point to these works for their scholarly value, and their reliability based on the very statements of the Pontiffs and prelates of Vatican Council II, and the post-conciliar Pontiff and prelates who continue the work of Vatican Council II with a drive toward ecumenism under the banner of the French Revolution "liberty, equality, fraternity." We must report to you the Truth that is backed up and provable. To do less would be to shirk our responsibility before Almighty God in this apostolate which was given to us by His Blessed Mother.

    Each day, throughout the day, we beg the Holy Spirit to enlighten us, to direct us, to give us proper discernment. Not interpretation, mind you. DISCERNMENT. There is a big difference between interpretation (which is subjective and therefore liable to be erroneous at some point) and discernment which comes from the Holy Spirit and cannot contradict itself, for it is the TRUTH always backed by solid Catholic doctrine.

    We ask again why our Bishops do not comply with Ecclesia Dei. We ask why the Tridentine Mass and the Novus Ordo Mass (if both are right) why there cannot be two rites? We ask that all who truly are called to the Tridentine Rite be allowed that Mass, and that it be amply provided for in each diocese as our Holy Father has requested. We would recommend that every church that's going to be closed because of the consolidation of parishes (caused, I might add by the defection of parishioners who were not fulfilled by the new rite), be allowed to be a Tridentine parish and watch how it will flourish. The bishops won't have to provide new churches for the Latin Mass. In fact, the old ones will do just fine. In fact, the older the better for they will retain more of the character of the traditions of Holy Mother Church compared to the modern sterile buildings the bishops are trying to pass off as churches. Is it fair that loyal Catholics are denied this right and rite freely provided by the Holy Father but ignored or blocked by his bishops? We ask for this in obedience to the Holy Father. We believe that were our bishops to obey the Holy Father, there would come about a wondrous renewal of the Faith through the holding fast to the true tenets of that Faith which for centuries was guarded and upheld infallibly. Vocations would flourish. Now, a new doctrine has come along. A novel doctrine that carries with it much fiction in respect to the truths of the traditions and teachings of the perennial Magisterium.

    And what did Saint Paul say about anyone who preached a "new" gospel other than the one he preached? New doctrine, after forty years of experimentation, has only sown seeds of discord, and a dilution of the Faith throughout the world. Again, we ask: "Why?"

    We ask in total humility, total respect and total love. We feel the Holy Father has a duty to address these problems before they get further out of hand. While we question the characteristics, we do not question his character. We do not subscribe to personal attacks on the Holy Father. Therefore, we do not endorse now or at any time in the future any work by any person that is a smear campaign against the Holy Father based upon assumption and personal agenda.

    It is proper to bring to the attention of the faithful questionable doctrinal statements and actions of the Holy Father for the sake of clarification, for the sake of the One True Faith. It is quite another to seek to destroy the Holy Father by innuendo, etc. This we will not abide by. This we reject whole-heartedly.

    Our Lord stands with His Spotless Bride, the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Christ will not undo what His Vicar does, for that would be to deny the Pontiff free will. After all, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the Holy Father is human. The Holy Spirit is with the Church through it all. He will not desert the Church. We are not abandoned, but we are in a time of apostasy, and this is a fact. What is needed now is a unity that is fervent in the hearts and minds of all the faithful of the Church as we pray together for Our Holy Father to always do the Will of God.

    I pray that through my mere human words the Holy Spirit has helped you to see exactly what we are about here at The DAILY CATHOLIC. Yes, we are traditional. However, we are not so blind as to think that we can turn time around, and go back. That's foolishness. We know that time never stands still for man. One age succeeds another, and to each age, the faithful must be vigilant over the "whims and fancies" of the time and age, and to hold fast to the unchangeable law of God, of the Church founded by Jesus Christ as the only means of salvation.

    Would it be so bad to have the Latin Tridentine Mass restored, while still advancing the cause of ecumenism, while still acknowledging the "global" society we have become? Perhaps more than at any other age of mankind since the beginning of Salvation History we need the Latin Tridentine Mass to restore unity to the Roman Catholic Church. This time we ask: "Why not?"

    Let us pray for one another that, with the Holy Spirit, and through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother, we may seek only the Truth, and unite in prayer for the Holy Father, whose cross is indeed heavy. Your little sister in Christ,


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August 27-29, 2001
volume 12, no. 146
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