August 23-26, 2001
volume 12, no. 145

Behind the Vault

The Pope's Banks in America, the Giannini Family, and the American CIA

Part Three

    After leaving Chicago, sometime after 1991, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus took up residence in Sun City, Arizona. Italian authorities have tried repeatedly, to no avail, to force the U.S. to send Marcinkus back to Italy for prosecution for crimes implicating him and the Vatican Bank, the American CIA, and the traditional mafia, in assassination financing, arms smuggling, and illegal trafficking in stolen gold, counterfeit currencies, stolen bond, and radioactive materials. Marcinkus fought off all such attempts to send him back to Italy, by sheltering himself in his Vatican passport; the Vatican, after all, being a separate sovereignty from the Republic of Italy.

    Briefly surfacing in December, 1995, was a related scandal. A retired agent of the American CIA, living in Italy with dual U.S.-Italian citizenship, was arrested by the Italian police. Roger D'Onofrio was charged with being implicated with at least ten others in illegal trafficking in stolen gold, stolen bonds, exceptionally good quality counterfeit currencies destabilizing the economies of various countries, and trafficking in osmium nuclear bomb detonators and other radioactive materials. Reportedly implicated with D'Onofrio were a ring that included the former Vatican Bank Chief Paul Marcinkus, the Archbishop of Barcelona, Spain, and the First National Bank of Cicero. Earlier, D'Onofrio had been described by a witness as the CIA's paymaster with the task of making secret payments to CIA assets and business partners.

    Other witnesses reportedly contend that D'Onofrio's team were the ones reportedly arranging to poison Pope John Paul I who was murdered after only 33 days in office. That Pontiff wanted to stop the Vatican Bank and Marcinkus from dirty business with the American CIA and the traditional mafia.

    No coincidence. After Marcinkus returned to Chicago late in 1991, set up in Chicago about the same time was the North American office of the super-secret Catholic organization, Opus Dei. This was done reportedly with the aid of the Archbishop of Milan - Cardinal Carlo Martini, a Jesuit.

    In August, 1995, we did a taped TV Show, partly on-location, right near the First National Bank of Cicero, pointing out their criminal enterprises with Marcinkus, Topinka, and a confidant of that Bank, John Tarullo who lived nearby. Tarullo was once a member of the London Gold Pool and arranged clandestine shipments of stolen gold for the American CIA and the traditional mafia, as well as other criminal cartels. He was closely aligned with the Archbishop of Milan and, some say, also the Archbishop of Barcelona. [Note: Wallace Lieberman's body was found betweeen the bank and the not faraway residence of Tarullo.] Tarullo was murdered on the day our TV Show was cablecast.

    The Vatican has a major interest in a world-wide chain of Hotels and Motels called Ramada. A member of the Giannini family, Steven Belmonte [his mother is a Giannini], has been a top operating official of the chain. According to persistent off the record reports by very well informed law enforcement, Ramada reportedly is in some way implicated in vast money laundering of illicit funds, smuggled gold, and proceeds from the dope and arms traffic. Or, at the very minimum, traffickers and money launders of the same somehow find it convenient if not safe and secure, to meet at various Ramada locations. Why?

    Since about 1983, there have been a series of state and federal lawsuits by Joseph Andreuccetti, a Chicago-area caulking contractor. He has contended that First National Bank of Cicero, in combination with other banks and savings & loans, misappropriated tens of millions of dollars of funds, assets, and properties belonging to him. In the process, an extensive real estate development in a western suburb, called Kingspoint Condominiums, owned by him, was stolen by corrupt top IRS offiicals in the Chicago region, for their own personal benefit and not for the Public Treasury. The Acting Inspector General, Robert Cesca, arranged reportedly to cover it up. Cesca has been described by law enforcement personnel, as "the highest ranking mafia representative in the U.S. government".

    About 1983, a federal agency parked 58.4 million dollars in federal funds with Household Bank and Household International [described by some as CIA proprietary operations]. This was to make good Andreuccetti's pending claims. About 1988, 50 million dollars of that disappeared, and was secretly transferred to Little Rock, Arkansas, to try to cover up a 47 million dollar S & L embezzlement for which Bill and Hillary Clinton are subject to federal criminal prosecution and eventual federal prison if they are ever convicted.

    Joseph Andreuccetti, a member of the Giannini Family, contends some in the Family want him silenced because of all the details coming out through his extensive litigation about the financial octopus linked to other Giannini family members, former Vatican Bank Chief and crook Marcinkus, the Giannini-linked First National Bank of Cicero, the merger of two corrupt enterprises, Bank of America and Continental Bank, and the involvement of CIA proprietary Household International and Household Bank. Household is the alter ego and successor to the CIA's Nugan-Hand Bank which disappeared in 1980.

    Arriving in the fall of 1999 in the Chicago area and closely tracking him, Joseph Andreuccetti contends, has been a "hit" team head, known abroad as "The Sweet Assassin" by the way the killer boss is friendly to his target, kissing the target on the cheek, and then arranging some form of rub-out. This top killer has total immunity, U.S. and Italy, and elsewhere, and has co-ordinated his doings reportedly with the American CIA, primarily in Italy, and with the Italian military intelligence service, SISMI. These efforts are likewise intersected with the operations of Propaganda Due, known as P-2, a super-secret society pledged to overthrowing representative governments and re-instituting Fascism, the Iron Fist. P-2 has members in Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and the U.S., including judges, legislators, journalists, executive department and cabinet members, espionage officials, and civil and military brass. Reported members include former American secret political police chief George Herbert Walker Bush and retired war industry chieftain Alexander Haig, once head of NATO.

Sherman H. Skolnick

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August 16-19, 2001
volume 12, no. 143
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