August 23-26, 2001
volume 12, no. 145

Luther's lie lives on

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, the Holy Spirit inspired me this morning during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to write to you about the Mass, and how the Novus Ordo Missae cannot be considered the true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I know that sounds painful to so many Catholics who have been taught that there is only one Mass that is recognized - the Novus Ordo Missae introduced by Pope Paul VI in 1969. How many are aware that the architect of that Mass was Annibale Cardinal Bugnini, a known modernist and a suspected freemason who hated the Latin Mass? Sad but true, my fellow Catholics. Many may think Michael and I have 'lost our marbles' in embracing the undeniable truths of the Tridentine Mass and exposing the grave errors of a Mass that is the only one many know. Yet once we discovered the truth, we would be remiss in our duty before God and our brothers and sisters in Christ if we just sat there and didn't seek to spread the truth and back it up with documentation that reveals the subterfuge of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    It is truly a symphony of suffering for my heart to have discovered how we have been deceived for so long. At first I assumed that those who were saying these things were true were, in effect, out to undermine the Pope and cause dissension. Therefore, being the skeptical one, I prayed on it and was led to read all the official documents of the Church myself. I began with the Council of Trent - all the documents, then worked chronologically forward to present time. I couldn't believe what I discovered, how the Vatican II documents couched things that, in essense, contradicted so much of what went before - what was so holy, so right, so sacred before God and man. How could this be? The more I studied, the more I prayed. Both Michael and I researched, prayed, researched and prayed more. Every day it became more and more evident that the Faith today had been greatly compromised, many times sacrificed and always ambiguous in comparison to pre-Vatican II documents that left no doubt, no room for rationalization or relativism. How could this happen? Those answers were provided by other works that not only documented but included quotes from those proud men who boasted of their intent at Vatican II. The best references to this are the scholarly books by Atila Sinke Guimarães and Marian Therese Horvat, Ph.D. as well as the revealing, out of print book The Rhine Flows into the Tiber by Father Ralph M. Wiltgen, S.V.D. which reinforced all we had discovered and more. There were so many signs that signaled to us our discernment was from the Holy Ghost. When they agreed to write for The DAILY CATHOLIC, that was truly a blessing and a further commitment by us to bring you the truths always.

    For us to not carry the torch for the truths of our Faith would be an omission we would have to answer to God for. I, for one, do not want to face that alternative. My love for Him and His Blessed Mother mandate that we speak out. There have been some who think we're being too intolerant to other religions and we should be more 'loving and accommodating.' The problem is that's how the whole mess of the new Church got started - too much tolerance and allowing all viewpoints equal consideration. It continues today with the 'we can't offend anyone' mantra that has only enabled every ism to run amok. Why do you think abortion has gained such a strong foothold or why the homosexual agenda has made such strides in being accepted? The same for the abuses in the Church. Again, I refer to the first part of this paragraph and I also remind my dear readers to consider this. How can you determine a cancer if you don't identify it and then do everything you can to eradicate it? You can't. And if you don't do that, what happens? The cancer spreads until it becomes malignant and destroys other organs and finally the whole body. Is that not happening in our beloved Church?

    First of all, we and many have made references that the Mass today has been 'Protestantized' and compromised. Our readers want to know how and back up what we say. Unfortunately in my last column I didn't give a reference and there were two people who wrote to me upset because I had stated things and did not back it up so to speak. I won't make that mistake again, I assure you. I also believe that in my last column I asked each of you who read this to go to the links we provide on our site that take you to the documents and other references which we are using to present our Traditional Stance.

    The reference for this article and part of my last column can be found at the following URL address for those who wish to read the material for themselves. It is". Do not be 'scared off' by the fact these facts on Martin Luther are presented by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre for the archbishop spoke the truths of the perennial Magisterium of the Church and remained one of the lone voices of truth crying in the wilderness of reform and auto-demolition of the Church. He would not compromise before God the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Sacred Faith for the benefit of man. Rather than listening to his wisdom, the conciliar periti listened to Luther's ideas. What we have today is the result of that error.

    In the Selected Writings of Martin Luther vol. 3 p. 397, Luther writes: "I would kindly and for God's sake request all those who see this order of service or desire to follow it: do not make it a rigid law to bind or entangle anyone's conscience, but use it in Christian liberty as long, when, where, and how you find it to be practical and useful. The cult was formerly meant to render homage to God; henceforth it shall be directed to man in order to console him and enlighten him. Whereas the sacrifice formerly held pride of place, henceforth the most important will be the sermon."

    My dear brothers and sisters can you not see how the Novus Ordo Missae complies fully with Martin Luther's wishes? Luther was and remains a heretic, excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church. He began the Protestant Reformation. Now, in this day, all that Luther the Heretic demanded has been accepted as the norm for the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith.

    In the work of Christiani, Du Lutheranism au protestantisme (1910) p. 312, Luther teaches his followers thus: "Luther believed that there is only One Priest, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and one Pontiff, Christ. He asserted that all are called to the priesthood through Christ, and thus the Priesthood at once becomes unique and universal. What folly, he writes, to seek to limit it to the few. Similarly, all hierarchical distinctions between Christians are worthy of the Antichrist; "Woe". Luther states, "therefore, to those who call themselves priests."

    Has this not become the norm in nearly every parish? The people act as priest, and the priest acts as only a presider, one of the faithful, nothing more, nothing less. Seldom, if ever, do you see a priest in clerical garb. It is difficult to find one priest who wears clerical garb on a regular basis. Many priests today do not want to be called Priest, or "Father", they are just Joe Blow from down the street. Luther again infiltrated the Reform of the Liturgy as Vatican Council II allowed.

    Luther wrote in 1520, in a letter to the Germans called "To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation Concerning the Reform of the Christian State", "Whoever comes out of the water of baptism can boast that he is already a consecrated priest, bishop, and pope, although of course it is not seemly that just anybody should exercise such office" (Tappert, vol 1. pg. 23-65)

    In the same work by Christiani, as noted above, Luther taught to those who had joined his monastery the following: "The Principal expression of their cult, the Mass, surpasses all impiety and abomination in that they make of it a sacrifice and a good work. Were this the only reason to leave habit and convent and abandon the vows, it would be amply sufficient."

    Oh, the horror of this statement. How cleverly satan has worked in the sanctuary of Holy Mother Church for nearly forty years!! Read the statement again. Insidiously, slowly but surely, the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith has forged a path to unite with Protestants, not by converting them to the One True Faith, but by joining them in their heretical and schismatic theology. Whether we want to admit it or not, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass exists only in the Tridentine Mass. It does not exist in the Novus Ordo, because the wording of the prayers, the teaching that Jesus Christ is equally present in both the Word and the Consecrated Bread and Wine, have lead to a protestant "meal," a "communal celebration," a "Eucharistic celebration."

    Yet, let us go further into this same work by Luther. "It is, therefore, clearly erroneous and impious", he declared, "to offer or apply the merits of the Mass for sins, or the reparation thereof, or for the deceased. Mass is offered by God to man, and not by man to God" (Christiani).

    Luther was so turned upside down in his theology, in his HERETICAL teachings, that one can but wonder at how the Roman Catholic Church has so swiftly become just another "Christian" church among the many other sects, rather than the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, guardian and teacher of the Sacred Deposit of Faith as handed down from the first Apostles.

    Again, Luther writes: "With respect in the Eucharist, since it ought first and foremost to move one to the Faith, it is fitting that it be celebrated in the vernacular in order that all may comprehend the grandeur of God's promise to man" (Christiana, page 176).

    From this erroneous, heretical theology, Luther reduced the solemnity of the Offertory to a people-centered ceremony. In the Tridentine Mass the Offertory explicitly proclaims the expiatory aims of the Sacrifice. Luther also abolished a major part of the Canon, retaining only the essential passages as a narrative of Christ's Last Supper. In Luther's desire for reform, he emphasized the Last Supper by adding to the formula of the Consecration of the bread the words" Quod pro vobis treadetur" ("Which will be given up for you"), and deleted both "mysterium fidei" ("the mystery of faith") and "pro multis" ("for many").

    Luther thought of the Mass as essentially the Word, and secondly a mere Communion as a meal, after the Last Supper. Luther did away with any notion of Sacrifice, of the Sacred Deposit of Faith which teaches that the Mass is the most perfect prayer, by which the priest, the alter Christus, offers to God on the behalf of the faithful present, and all faithful throughout the world, the most Perfect Sacrifice, that of Jesus Christ Himself, to the Father, to atone for our sins. The Mass is also a means of perfect praise, adoration, and petition. The Novus Ordo Missae attempts this, but does not achieve anything remotely similar to the Tridentine Mass set down by Pope Saint Pius V, declared infallibly over and over. Yet, in the early 1960, the Popes and the European Alliance at the Council, decided otherwise. Why? To achieve a unity among all Christians, believing, erroneously, that through unity through compromise, a peace, an ecumenism, could be forged. These Pontiffs and prelates denied the Sacred Deposit of Faith, and instead embarked upon the path of false peace, for only by obeying Christ's own command to "make disciples of all nations", will there be but One Flock, and One Shepherd.

    Consider that since the implementation of the Novus Ordo Missae, we no longer have an altar with an altar stone. We no longer have the Blessed Sacrament on the Altar, because you can't put the Victim and the Priest, on a table where there is no sacrifice intended. The excuse to move the tabernacles was a lame one which we all fell for. Luther denied Transubstantiation and the Real Presence of Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Instead he called it "constransubstantiation" which holds that Jesus is not truly present physically in the bread and wine, but spiritually. Bugnini and other architects of the New Mass fell into the trap Luther had sprung about 'spiritual Christ' with the false idea that He is equally present in the Liturgy of the Word as the Liturgy of the Eucharist. To reinforce this they needed to remove the Blessed Sacrament on the altar for It, in their mind, confused the faithful with "multiple Christs" if there was also confection of the Holy Eucharist at Mass. The rationale also was to focus on Christ alone and that everything else was a distraction. The ironic thing is that distraction is now so obvious in the liturgy of the New Mass. After all the changes rather than reverence and edification with the tabernacle front and center, the beautiful statues, stained glass windows and all the other elements that lent so much sacredness to the house of God, today we have sterile auditoriums that in no way resemble least Roman Catholic churches. Many of the other reforms…music, renovations of churches into a "theater in the round," the preponderance of banner mania, or the modernized, unrecognizable statues and over emphasis on the baptismal pools all contribute to a more Protestant service, a more Protestant mindset.

    Martin Luther's denial of the Transubstantiation was the paramount lie he fostered in addition to so many other lies, all of which, until Vatican II, were soundly refuted. One of Luther's disciples, Melanchton, wrote: "Christ instituted the Eucharist as a memorial of His Passion. To adore it is therefore idolatry." Again he was trying to reinforce consubstantiation rather than acknowledging that it is truly the Transubstantiation that takes place when the bread and wine are confected at the Consecration.

    With that lie, it was easy to do away also with a sincere reverence and awe of the Blessed Sacrament and keeping vigil with Our Lord in the Tabernacle and Monstrance during Adoration. Has not the Novus Ordo Missae done away with adoration, except in a few parishes? It is in only a few parishes in this diocese. Oh, maybe on a first Friday, but only for a few hours, and a couple times a year there will be a 24-hour period. However, you can count on one hand the times this happens. And then it was like pulling teeth trying to get the pastor to promote it. Oh, it would get mentioned between social announcements which have taken such dominance, even during sermons and the aggravating talk by some lay person about this cause or that event before the final blessing after Communion. I cannot tell you how frustrating it was to still be in a state of meditation after receiving Communion, only to have to be subjected to a ten minute talk about the upcoming golf tournament or some drive that had nothing to do with spirituality but was all part of the "Peace and Justice" movement.

    Every well-intentioned Catholic is aware that for many the Holy Eucharist is no longer revered; either by the priest (who leaves the "table" to shake hands with members of the congregation), or by the people themselves, who talk at the kiss of peace, and who either are taught to stand or sit during the consecration. No kneelers here, my brothers and sisters. God forbid that any one of us should practice kneeling, bowing our heads, and reverently receiving Christ on our Tongue, not in the hands. God forbid that we should be righteously upset about the overload of Eucharistic ministers each parish has, how women have taken their place in the sanctuary, where they do not belong by Christ's own teaching, and by His Mother's example.

    Six years after Luther posted his 96 thesis in Augsburg, the monasteries were in ruins. Priest left their sacred office, and married. The people themselves gathered in great numbers to attend this communal service. Luther retained the Introit, Gloria, Epistle, Gospel and the Sanctus, which was followed by a sermon. The Offertory and Canon were both eliminated and abolished. In the Protestant rite the priest was to concentrate on the narrative of Christ's life. Read: humanism, a heresy which was also condemned by Holy Mother Church.

    The list goes on, my dear brothers and sisters. Every point Luther wanted has been adopted in whole or in part, in the Catholic Church since the beginning of Vatican Council II.

    We have become a Protestant church, and many of our bishops and cardinals are still not satisfied. They clamor for more reform, for more "religious freedom, freedom of conscience."

    To have compromised toward becoming a Protestant church is an insult to God. It is blasphemy. It is heresy. It is schismatic. The fact is, Holy Mother Church has become swamped in apostasy, and the vast majority of the faithful truly believe that what has become of the One True Faith is "good", that the "new springtime of grace," as was the wish of Pope John XXIII. These people believe, whole heartedly that surely this 'new springtime of grace' will come soon. After all, it's been just shy of forty years.

    These same people do not look at the fruits of the Council and realize there are none. The striking lack of vocations is but one barren fruit of the Council. The clamor of ex-nuns and nuns to become ordained as priests is another clue. Our school system died out - no nuns to teach - therefore, the responsibility of teaching children would fall upon the state. CCD classes would work just fine. False. CCD classes do very little to teach the True Faith.

    The increase in pedophile cases, in the voices of both men and women in the church demanding the Pontiff to retire, to abdicate his responsibilities, etc., are all over the news. Never once have I heard one news story about the Catholic Faith in which the correct concept of Roman Catholicism was expressed.

    Please go to the link I gave earlier in this article, so you, too, can read the entire report. I think this is essential for all of us. If we read with an open heart directed toward the Holy Sprit, we will find that the TRUTH is out there. We just were too blind and numbed by the Novus Ordo to see it.

    I am praying for you. Please keep my family and myself in your prayers, too.

Your little sister in Christ,


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August 23-26, 2001
volume 12, no. 145
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