August 16-19, 2001
volume 12, no. 143

The Truth is simple, not complicated!
The Truth is clear, never ambiguous!

    In my last article to you I spoke to you from my heart about the betrayal that has gone on since Pope John XXIII unexpectedly called for Vatican Council II. I pray that in this interval you have found time to read all the material we have presented to you since coming back online August 6th. We now have a text version so you can navigate more quickly and read more .

    I pray, also, that you have, through prayer, opened your heart to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, so that in these grave matters which we have begun to present, you may arrive at the Truth in every way.

    In the most recent issue of Inside the Vatican, August-September issue 2001, there is a lengthy interview with Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, and the complete text of the speech he delivered on December 10, 2000 on the occasion of the Jubliee of Catechists. Having read and meditated upon the speech, I am prompted by the Holy Spirit to speak to you about the confusing terminology Cardinal Ratzinger uses, and to point out to you just a few of the inherent dangers in this speech.

    This particular speech is one on the 'new' evangelization Holy Mother Church has been following now since the Council, and with greater determination since the pontificate of Pope John Paul II. I would also like to remind you that Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, when a Monsignor, was the personal periti (expert) theologian of Joseph Cardinal Frings, who played a dominate role in the liberal/progressivist agenda that held sway at the Council. Pope Pius XII once questioned his work, and he was, at that time, censored for his modernist viewpoints. His Marxist leanings were well known to the Roman Curia and Pius XII. Yet, he played a major role in assisting the European Alliance during the Council to win the day for the progressivist ideals, and after the Council he belonged to several committees set up by Pope Paul VI on the reform of the Liturgy, and on Christian Unity.

    In his speech, Cardinal Ratzinger says: "Nevertheless, we can see a progressive de-Christianization and a loss of essential human values, which is troubling. Many today do not see the Gospel in the Church's permanent evangelization. They do not see the Church's evangelization as a persuasive answer to the question: 'How should we live?

    "This is why the Church is now searching for a fresh way to evangelize, for a way that might be heard by the world that does not respond to 'classic' evangelization."

    Do you, my dear brothers and sisters, see how clearly Holy Mother Church has left behind the true evangelization that was the Teaching of the Perennial Magisterium of the Church until the announcement of Vatican Council II. Do you see the irony in the question Cardinal Ratzinger poses: 'How should we live?'

    Was there any question about how to live before Vatican Council II? The discipline of the Roman Catholic Church was in black and white. It was taught to us as children at the knees of our parents, and in every classroom of any Catholic School. Jesus Christ truly present in the Blessed Sacrament - Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity - was the focal point of everyone's Catholicity. The truths of Catholicism were further taught from the pulpit at Sunday Mass, on Holydays, and no one who professed the Catholic Faith ever stood in doubt as to how to live. Yes, there were those who found that they could no longer remain Catholic because their choices in life had led them astray. Moreover, for those who had been left astray, the Catholic Church was always there with her priests to offer counseling, healing and forgiveness in the Sacrament of Penance.

    Evangelization began with our parents, was continued by the selfless priests and nuns who supported the authentic teaching of Holy Mother Church. We learned, my dear brothers and sisters, that whatever vocation we had as we grew to adulthood, we would be evangelizers, teaching the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith, and praying for conversions in our daily lives.

    Do we no longer do this? Apparently we do not, because the statement of Cardinal Ratzinger suggests that this once-strong and vibrant evangelization, the "classic" evangelization no longer applies. I beg his pardon, but I do not agree. Never should Holy Mother Church have abandoned "classical" evangelization. It had worked for 1,960 years. Why would it fail to work in a 'modern' world?

    Further in the speech, Cardinal Ratzinger goes on to say: "The correct method derives from the structure of the new evangelization. We must use the modern methods of making ourselves heard in a reasonable way, or better yet, of making the voice of the Lord accessible and comprehensible.

    "We do not want to listen to ourselves, we do not want to increase the power and influence of our institutions; we wish to serve the good of the people and humanity by giving room to the Lord who is Life…"

    When, my dear brothers and sisters, in the entire History of Holy Mother Church, did the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith not leave room for the Lord Who is Life? When, in this long period did the tenets of the One True Faith deny a reasonable way, or failed to make the voice of the Lord comprehensible?

    This is a serious issue to me. It should be to you. There is a grave danger when Cardinal Ratzinger says that the Holy Mother Church does not wish "to increase the power and influence of our institutions." The "Institution" is the Church. So, what Cardinal Ratzinger is saying is that Holy Mother Church no longer wishes to grow through new converts, but rather wishes to allow for all men to choose the religion that seems right for them.

    Rewind for a minute here. For those who were raised prior to Vatican Council II, and for the many who have retained the One True Faith in the Latin Tridentine Rite, you know that Christ commanded His Apostles to go to every corner of the world and preach the Good News of the Gospel, and to baptize the people into the One True Faith - into the Church Christ established. In Mark 16: 15 Our Lord makes it abundantly clear. The Catholic Church is the only True Church. It is distinguished by its Four Marks. It is distinguished by its Sacramental Life, and through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which allows us the august privilege of having the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ consecrated on the Altar, given to us on the tongue by the priest, and reserved for our reverence in the Tabernacle.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but in the 20th century doubts about the Real Presence surfaced after Vatican II, not before. Pope Saint Pius X had reinforced the importance and true transubstantiation of the bread and wine, making Holy Communion more vital in our lives and extending this august privilege to all by making First Holy Communion to all Catholic children over the age of seven who had properly prepared. Before Vatican II it was not difficult to prepare, nor infrequent. Every parish teemed with First Communicants. Every First Communicant beamed at this biggest day in their life to that point. It was a great privilege then. Today it's something we just do because it's there. Take it or leave it attitude. As much as I pray more will receive Him devoutly and use those graces to grow in greater love for Him and all He asks, if they don't believe, then please don't take It for to do so is a sacrilege, an abomination and desecration of the highest degree.

    Instead of the Cardinal talking about returning to the disciplines and basics of the Faith that sustained Holy Mother Church so well during the first half of the century, he wants to "give room to the Lord Who is Life." What he's really saying is 'let's give room to those who might be offended by strict Catholic doctrine.' The Lord has given us plenty of room. He's also given each a free will. We have a choice. We make the wrong one, the Church has always laid out the consequences and the means to return to His good graces. He's not going to compromise with us. Remember, He didn't with those He preached to. Remember He said to the Apostles in John 6: 68, "Will you also go away?" He didn't hedge. You either leave or stay. If you stay, you do as Our Lord commands.

    Cardinal Ratzinger does not say why we must give the Lord room. Was it not always the Triune Divinity, working through our human frailties, through the many strong missionaries who traveled to pagan lands to evangelize, and through our own efforts in our homes, in our community and workplace, to bring those who did not know the truth, into the One True Faith? They didn't compromise. They didn't say, 'here, we'll make it easier for you' or 'we'll lighten up on those points that might offend your culture or own beliefs.'

    Yet isn't that exactly what the conciliar Church has done with the ecumenical movement? We don't want to "offend the sensibilities of our non-Catholic brethren." Sorry, but that is a lot of swiss cheese - full of holes! Yes, that's me, Cyndi, speaking. I'm incensed that we have compromised so much because of a few who infiltrated the Council and held sway. We have paid for it dearly ever since!

    If you read what I wrote in past columns, read the Ottaviani Intervention, read the excellent catechetical teachings from My Catholic Faith in our Appreciating the Precious Gift of our Faith series on the Blessed Sacrament, and if you compare the Council of Trent documents and past papal decrees with so much that has filtered out of the Vatican since the close of Vatican II, you'll realize that we no longer have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. No, altar any more. Now we have a table. We no longer have priests that teach sound doctrine, dogma, and traditions from the pulpit. We no longer have the Tabernacle front and center in the Lord's House wherein the True Presence of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is reserved for us to adore, to praise, petition, and to give thanks to for all His goodness. We no longer have the structure of a church, set out in the form of a cross. We have a 'dinner theater' wherein the 'presider' (once the priest) now is simply part of the entire congregation, and the "sacrifice of the Mass' has been replaced by a communal meal. Also, the Sacrament of Reconciliation is so little attended, that most people have lost their sense of personal sin, and seek not the Sacrament of Penance in order to obtain forgiveness, in order to grow in grace so they'll be stronger in their faith. We no longer cherish the grace to resist temptation, sanctifying grace to remain holy and pleasing to God.

    Can you see why I am righteously indignant at how our beloved Faith and Church has been sabotaged? If you are not as outraged than I ask if you are truly Catholic for every loyal Catholic must realize the grave damage done to our beloved Church and its rich liturgical traditions. How many can remember what being Catholic meant before Vatican Council II? I remember the ardent desire of many Catholic girls to become nuns, vowing their life to God through the evangelical councils. How many altar servers (acolytes) went on to test their vocations to the priesthood in junior seminaries before moving on to major seminaries where sound Doctrine, Dogma, and Tradition was not subject to dissident viewpoints until after Vatican II.

    Toward the end of his speech, Cardinal Ratzinger, in talking about the social aspect of conversion, says: "But true personalization is always also a new and more profound socialization. The 'I' opens itself once again to the 'you,' in all its depths, and thus a new 'We' is born."

    Talk about giving one a headache. What kind of thought process is this? It is convoluted at best, ambiguous, and for many, unintelligible. I might add quite new age in scope as well.

    The truth is this: God is not complicated. He has revealed Himself to us in the Son. The only-begotten Son of God lived and walked among us. He taught. He performed miracles so that we might believe in every generation. He offered His very life on the Cross so that we might have eternal life. He instituted the sacraments so that we might have grace, and have it abundantly. He instituted the Greatest Prayer of All Time and for All Ages in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. He instructed His Apostles to preach, teach, baptize, and make converts of all nations. He established Peter as the First Pope, and gave to Peter alone the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth. Every pontiff since Peter also possesses these keys. The Pontiff alone has supreme authority in the Church, which by nature is monarchial, not democratic. The body of Bishops works with the Holy Father, but do not share in the same supreme authority as the Pontiff. Nor does the Body of Bishops in union with the Holy Father possess infallibility on matters of faith and morals. This right of infallibility is reserved to the Holy Father alone, and only when speaking on matters of faith and morals. Nothing infallible has been pronounced since Pius XII. The way to salvation is in the Catholic Church. We have the duty and august privilege of bringing souls into the Church, swelling her ranks, filling her seminaries, her convents, and monasteries.

    But first we need to clean them up. Cut off the bad branches and throw them into the fire and then plant good seed in a fervent soil that will only be fertile with a return to the truths and traditions of Holy Mother Church. What we had was beautiful and pleasing to God. Who do you think wanted to destroy that? Those who are His enemies. Satan must be so pleased today.

    What galls me is the FACT that never was the Latin Mass abrogated. NEVER. Despite what you've heard from your priests, bishops, cardinals, etc., every single priest anywhere in the world has the right to say the Latin Tridentine Mass, without permission from the bishop of the Diocese. To believe otherwise is false, but that's just what the Curia wants you to think and believe because they're afraid of repercussions from the bishops. Can you believe that? They seek to please man, not God. They're also very, very much afraid of the truth being made known. Of their lie exposed. If they can continue to cover-up the lie then that is the only hope Rome has to save face in light of the Novus Ordo mess that took hold after the Council closed and a committee on the Reform of the Liturgy concocted the New Order of the Mass. Despite protests from around the world, and from the man who defined the office Cardinal Ratzinger now heads - Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, Paul VI promulgated it anyway. For those who do not realize the severity of what Paul did and the repercussions, recall Pope Saint Pius V's binding words in Quo Primum that carry an ultimatum I wouldn't want to face: "Therefore, no one whosoever is permitted to alter this notice of Our permission, statute, ordinance, command, precept, grant, indult, declaration, will, decree, and prohibition. Should know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul."

    Now, all these years later, the Truth is surfacing. There is no need for a 'new' evangelization. The "classic" evangelization worked, which is why it is termed 'classic'. The method of evangelization has changed due to modern technology. Why do those in the Roman Curia think that if technology advances, then the content of evangelization must also change? The Truth is always the Truth, despite the epoch of man. For 1,500 years the Latin Mass was the Only Mass, and Pius V set it in stone, and he defined this infallibly in his encyclical Quo Primum. Don't listen to the progressivist terminology coming out of Rome. Vatican Council II did not undo Quo Primum. It could not. Vatican Council II declared nothing infallible. Therefore, the Latin Mass is valid, licit, while the Novus Ordo Mass is illicit, primarily because it is not a Mass, but rather a communal meal…a protestant concept, by the way.

    My dear brothers and sisters, may we together, through prayer and deed, begin to evangelize once again in the "classic" sense. Let us announce with joy and conviction that the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith is the One True Faith outside of which there is no salvation. Let us not complicate what is not complicated. Truth is simple. It shines forth like a beacon drawing unto Itself all who seek the Truth. Learn your faith. Teach your faith. Watch the Holy Spirit at work as He draws many into the One True Faith. We need converts. We need to be missionaries. We need to be the Church Militant, not the Church of anything goes for the sake of 'religious freedom'.

    Let us pray and work together, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. I am praying for all of you. Please pray for my family and me. Thank you for taking the time to read this…please take time to read all the articles we present in each issue. They are well worth the time.

Your very little sister in Christ,


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August 16-19, 2001
volume 12, no. 143
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