August 13-15, 2001
volume 12, no. 142


    My very dear brothers and sisters in Christ, may the good Lord bless us all and help us to see the Truth, which He is.

    Since last I wrote to you, I have prayed that you will have had the time and the interest to read the material we've presented thus far on our site. More, I have prayed that you have done so with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Let your heart be open to the prompting of the One Spirit of Truth. That is the only way you will arrive at the truth.

    It has come to us by way of much research that we have discovered the Letter of Intervention by Cardinal Ottaviani. Please, if you have not read what we have put on in installments thus far, please, stop now and go back and read these. Please!

    Oh, my brothers and sisters in Christ, it is bad enough when I said we have been lied to and deceived. There is a much larger issue at hand, and it is true of any one of us who profess belief in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.


    It is a harsh sentence, I know. Yet, it is the truth.

    Oh, to think they robbed us of the very nature of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass!!!

    The Judas Kiss was given to Holy Mother Church during and after the close of Vatican Council II. The very subcommittees set up by Paul VI to implement the wishes of the council deceived. They ramroded through a "new" Mass, and Paul VI agreed to it, despite the warnings not only from Cardinal Ottaviani, but from a large number of Cardinals, Archbishops, Priests, Theologians, and Religious at the time. Did Paul VI hear these voices crying in the wilderness?

    If he did, then he ignored them as completely as he ignored them during the Council. How could he have heard, when he himself had hand selected the members of these subcommissions, or at the very least charged a known anti-Catholic modernist to select the members.

    BETRAYED by the very trust we had in the Vicars of Christ, and with the Council Fathers. How little we knew then. How little we know now. What a cover-up. What a charade.

    The masked-ball that has been going at full tilt since the announcement of Vatican Council II is coming to its peak just now. The midnight hour is about to strike. The masks will be stripped away. We'll see what has really become of our Precious Gift of Faith, and we'll have to make a very hard decision then.

    Do we believe the lie, go along with the betrayal? Or, do we stand and be counted among the faithful remnant, the "little army" of Mary, Our Mother, Mother of the Church.

    The often touted belief that our present Holy Father would announce the final Dogma concerning Mary as Advocate, Mediatrix, and Co-Redemptrix, is not going to come. Not now. Not for a long time. Not as long as the present Magisterium has anything to say about it.

    Did you know that the Council itself did not wish to have Mary declared "Mother of the Church" since this would offend Protestants, and lead to a disunity between the other sects and the True Faith? Did you know that it was only at the last possible second, and in complete surprise, that Pope Paul VI gave her this title? Well, I have to give him that. It was far, far short of what should have been pouring from the lips of this Vicar of Christ and all the Council Fathers with their theological "periti" (experts).

    Only the true Catholics at the Council wanted to speak of Mary. All others, the vast majority didn't. Why? Because it wouldn't jive with their progressivist idea of a one-world order, a one-world economy, a one-world religion. Oh, the notion of a "one world" has been around since lucifer was thrown out of Heaven. It's his great lie…the synthesis of all heresies. It hides today under the title of "ecumenism", and this false ecumenism has swept the world right into the waiting arms of the mark of the beast.


    Oh, I am so outraged! I am righteously angry. So should you be. Our obedience to the Magisterium was satan's tool. Who was to question the norms of the Council? Who was to deny that whatever the Holy Father promulgated must necessarily be in accord with the Sacred Deposit of Faith?

    Obedience. We obeyed. We followed. We learned to either adapt to the changes, or to embrace them willingly as the 'church' moved forward in a modern world.

    There's nothing "modern" about our world except our almost instant ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world via satellite uplink. We have become a living tower of Babel. We speak of 'progress' and deny the Truth. We seek increasing wealth, denying Truth. We have found a faith that provides ease of conscience, lack of discipline, the absence of sin and the need for Confession, and the saints and angels have been erased, not to mention the prime factor of having removed the True Presence of Our Lord in the Tabernacle from the Altar.

    Oh, but they had to move Him, you see, because the altar wasn't an altar anymore. It was a table. There was no need for a "Sacrifice" because it was simply a "meal" commemorating the Last Supper (Martin Luther's concept, by the way, and he was a heretic, and remains one to this day!)

    Gone for forty years are the concepts, the absolutes of the Mystery of the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS, by which man was reconciled with God through the Infinite Sacrifice of Christ, in the unbloody sacrifice of the altar. Then, the priest led his flock to God. Now, the emphasis is placed on the Word of God, and an equal presence has been given to both the Word and the Eucharist.

    This is heresy. Christ is present with us in spirit when we gather to pray in our homes, in our own cars, in our routines, and in our churches (which don't resemble anything close to a church, but a dinner theater in the round). However, at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the bread and wine are transubstantiated, they change into the real Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The "appearance" of bread and wine remain, but if you are Catholic, then you believe, and hold dear to your heart the REAL PRESENCE.

    When you remove the Tabernacle from the altar, and move the altar to the front, and when the priest faces the people, and the people themselves gather in the sanctuary itself, then you have a protestant service plain and simple.

    Don't agree? Go to a protestant service and see what little difference remains. You might just find that the protestant service is more richly endowed in some manner as opposed to the white-washed façade of the True Faith we practice today in the Novus Ordo rite.


    Does our present Holy Father know about this? You bet he does. We can't forget that the buck stops at the top. His appointment of Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger should have been a name we'd all know, for he was the periti of Joseph Cardinal Frings, one of the top leaders of the European Alliance at the Council who wanted to deconstruct the faith, plain and simple.

    In lockstep with one another, the Holy Father writes and releases in 1995 the encyclical Ut Unum Sint in which he not only "consigns to oblivion all the excommunications of the past" but goes further by stating that the missionary efforts of the Church to convert the nations to the One True Faith was a mistake, one that needs to be apologized for.

    Well, Ratzinger gave a long talk in December, 2000. It's reprinted in the "Inside the Vatican" August-September 2001 issue.

    Read it if you can. Find the magazine, or look on the web for the talk.

    It's about the Global Evangelization that is now the primary concern of the church. (Please note, small "c" intended).

    It's absolutely essential that you read these articles, and all the ones we've linked for you, with a solid background in the Roman Catholic Faith.

    Throughout the talk, Cardinal Ratzinger speaks of no need to "convert" anyone to the One True Faith. It is sufficient, he seems to say, to simply believe in God, and then God will do the rest through the free conscience of the believer. No need to convert from paganism, idol worship, etc. That would infringe on the free will of man.

    Baloney! Man has a free will. We always have since God created man. God will not take that free will away from us. Yet, Christ Himself commanded His apostles to preach the Gospel to every nation, baptizing them into the One True Faith. Look it up in Mark 16: 15-16.

    He didn't say to the apostles, "Go and tell everyone about me, but don't try to bring them to me through the Faith I have given to you. It's okay if they continue in their pagan beliefs."

    Now, we either believe what Christ commanded and set forth, and that which was held in the Sacred Deposit of Faith for nearly two millennia, or we don't. We can't have it both ways.


    If we choose, of our own free will, to deny what Christ commanded and what Holy Mother Church held sacred and taught for two millennia then we are not unlike the Mormons, for example. Here, we have Joseph Smith receiving a message which, in short, said that Christ did it wrong the first time, so he was speaking to Joseph Smith and telling him how to do it right the second time.

    God does not make mistakes. Men do!


    Satan slithered into the Council before it opened its first session. He did so by slithering into the minds of prelates and theologians who were men who could have been brilliant, had they not been so blinded in the first place by their own ego, which said that their idea was the better one. No one, not even a Council, or the Holy Father, may take from us the sovereign right, dignity and duty we have to attend the HOLY SACRIFICE OF THE MASS.

    If anyone should do so, they let them be anathema!!!


    It's taken a long time for us to wake up, for the scales to fall from our eyes which were blinded by obedience at all costs. Satan counted on that one. He nearly won because of it.

    Not now. Not anymore. The mask is slipping, my dear brothers and sisters. The charade is nearly concluded. I pray you will realize the grave, grave errors of the Novus Ordo and the modern conciliar Church and return to the remnant Church - the True Faith that was taught for nearly 2000 years and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - the Latin Mass practiced for 1,500 years. We are, dear friends, in those end times prophesied in Holy Scripture and in those times Our Blessed Mother warned of when only the faith will survive for "Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the antichrist."

    Shocking words and even more shocking when you, too, discover the truths and how they have been twisted to accommodate the post-conciliar church in pleasing the Protestants. Do you wonder why abortion and homosexuality continue unabated today? Because the conciliar church has no intention of standing in the way for that would be an unpopular stance. Oh, yes, they'll give it lip service to give the impression they stand against it, but if they truly were true to Church teaching the Pope would come out so forcefully against these horrendous sins that the bishops would truly be afraid not to take action. Fear of God is much more severe than fear of fellow man. Fear of God is good and noble. Fear of man is weak and encouraged by the prince of the world - satan. The conciliar church has chosen the latter path. Faithful Catholics must follow the true and narrow path that Holy Mother Church truly stands for and has stood for over 2 millennia.

    Which will you choose? The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith given to us by Christ? Or will you allow yourself to continue to be BETRAYED?

    This betrayal has prompted us to launch a grass-roots campaign to win back our Church, to defend the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church through the FirstCRUSADE of the 21st Century. This can only be accomplished by informing the faithful of the truth. We are endeavoring to do that in these pages. The truths of our Faith are there and the truths that we have been betrayed are also there. See for yourself.

    Let us pray for one another with all our hearts. Without prayer we will not see clearly, we shall not persevere, we shall not preserve the ONE TRUE FAITH.

    Your very little sister in Christ, who is praying for you,


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August 13-15, 2001
volume 12, no. 142
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