September 26, 2000
volume 11, no. 182

SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING column for September 26, 2000

part eleven

The Holocaust of the Womb

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    I apologize for the length of this thread of thought that has spanned three weeks but I am moved to write what God asks of me. If you remember my mystical experiences included the terrible sin of abortion and how little we do to stop it. We hear the candidates say in one breath, "It's for sake of the children!" and in the next breath call for a woman's right to choose what she can do with "her" body, including the legal right to kill her own child. How can we be so barbaric? I weep at the thought of a mother abandoning her own flesh and blood and that day in August at Mass I realized again, through interior vision, that Our Blessed Mother weeps also. She SOBS at the loss of these unborn children. She gathers them to her maternal breast, and she comforts these slaughtered innocents. These innocents, who have been given Life by God, but have been robbed of the right to live by inhumane practices, form the crown which she wears by the grace of God. At each instance she is offering to Her Divine Son the pearls of the souls of the slaughtered, trying to stay His hand from Justice.

    Do you want God's Mercy or His Justice, for both are intertwined. What is just? Abortion is the holocaust of the womb! It is time, for the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, that we do something to stop this slaughter. Do what is right, and you build up the Body of Christ. There can never be too many people on this earth. Do you think He would permit that? God is in charge. It is He who provides all that we have, all that we need. He does not provide everything we want.

    We NEED to stop Abortion. To do less is to slap God in the face, and to speak evil behind the back of the Mother of God, hoping we get away with it now and in eternity, if we even think about God and eternity.

    We NEED to start thinking, and our thinking must come first through the intellect of our soul before it can be processed by our human, finite minds.

    We NEED to start talking, not from the human perspective, but from God's perspective. Are we going allow society (what is society, anyway, but the name we place on the values we wish to have, or lack thereof), to tell us that God is a no-no, and the "anything goes" way of life must be crowned?

    Oh, the shame! To crown abortion as correct! To crown homosexuality as correct? To deliberately elect a president who fosters the mindset of the culture of death! Oh, how dare we! Who do we think we are? We're all too worried about misspeaking ourselves in public that no one stands up to the SOCIETY. Even our priests waffle about this issue of abortion when they speak from the pulpit, if they speak at all.

    We NEED to get serious. We allow our Blessed Mother's crown to contain ever more the pearls of the unborn souls! Do you think these slaughtered innocents do not cry out for justice?: Is God not justice? What do we think is going to happen to the world if we allow these evils to take over? God will not rest while evil grows. We are letting it grow. Did we not learn from Sodom and Gomorrah?

    It is a SIN to let this situation go on. It is a SIN to condone evil, no matter who commits it. We must always LOVE the sinner, but we may NEVER condone the evil that a person commits, either by participation, or by omission. The thought struck me that morning how could we truly celebrate the Feast of the Coronation of the Blessed Mother while we deliberately, by our silence, allow the world to slide into hell. We cannot justify our silence before God, while His angels are constantly receiving for Him the souls of the innocents. The moment will come, my brothers and sisters, when we all realize that we have allowed the slaughter of millions of innocents, and we will have to answer to God for our SIN. No, not a fault or weakness. A SIN!

    We cannot celebrate the Anointing of the Sick and Dying, if at the same moment millions of babies are being killed. The next time you go to Mass, really get down to the core of your faith. How much do you love God? How much do you Trust Him? Enough to get yourself slapped around by society? Enough to get hate mail, etc. We get the hate mail, and we pray for those who have written. We pray for the entire world, and we do so with love, for God is the reason for life, not society.

    The meaningful Mass on the Feast of the Queenship of Mary reminded me again of Lourdes, of the Healing of the Sick and Dying at the basilica St. Pius X on May 19th. The MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST comprises the millions of souls of aborted babies. We are responsible for the wellness of the whole BODY of Christ, and many of us just aren't doing our part. We let a few speak what we know is correct but we're too worried about our job, our home, the mortgage, the new car, the new TV, the newest Video games, etc, to get ourselves worked up about abortion.

    Dear reader, we NEED to be worked up. We need to be OUTRAGED. We must do everything in our power to stop ABORTION, to restore dignity to Life, which comes from God. When we allow abortion, we slap God aside, and make ourselves little gods full of evil.

    It's time that we, as Children of God, crown our Mother with roses of love, and not with pearls of the souls of the innocents. Oh, if you could have seen and heard the Mother of God cry on her feast day, you too would know the reality of ABORTION!

    Pro-aborts call themselves "pro-choice" and indeed, the choice is theirs since they, like us, have a free will. But we have a choice as well. God will never overrule our free will. Let us together take our free wills and surrender them to God, so that He may work through us to truly crown His Own Mother with the joy of having with her all her sons and daughters, all of whom love her Divine Son as she does. Let us, together, take these slaughtered innocents, and every day conditionally baptize them in the Most Precious Blood of Jesus, for the Sake of His Sorrowful Passion. Let us know that by our work here below, these innocents will await us for all eternity in Heaven, where Our Blessed Mother will truly rejoice that her children have come HOME.

    Let us all pray, and let us not be afraid or anxious what the world will do or say to us. God's truth will flow from our lips, and His Mercy and Love will overflow in our hearts. Stand up. Do not be afraid. Shout from the rooftops, use every means available to you to stop abortion! If our cry is loud enough, long enough, then abortion will stop. Once dignity has been restored, you'll be surprised to see just how quickly our world will clean itself up. Good follows good! Evil follows evil?

    The Coronation of the Blessed Mother in Heaven is our hope and joy. We, too, must long for Heaven, where we, too, may be part of her glorious crown. But our work is not done. We cannot retire from the duty we have to God. Only when God says to us, "Come home, My child" are we given eternal rest, and believe me, there is not one saint in Heaven who is not working overtime to stop abortion.

    Together, as the Mystical Body of Christ, in communion with the Saints in Heaven, let us work to free the souls in Purgatory, and at the same time, to free this world from the clutches of the evil one, who smirks at each baby that is aborted, and winds his chain around those who provide abortion, and those who do nothing to stop it.

    I am going to pray my heart out to stop abortion. I will speak out strongly against it. I will not rest until abortion is stopped, and with it the legalization of homosexuality, and other perverse man-made laws. May Our Dear Lord bless us, may He smile at us with such Love that our souls shall burst with joy, and may we each day deliver into the Hands of the Mother of God the priceless souls of the innocents slaughtered each day, by our prayers and our actions and by our charity in conditionally baptizing them each day. Togetherů.with Christ, we are all called to be members of the MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST.

    Always I remain your very little humble sister in Christ,

Cyndi Cain

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September 26, 2000
volume 11, no. 182

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