October 3, 2000
volume 11, no. 189

SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING column for October 3, 2000

part twelve

Why do we pursue the trivial things?

    My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, in my last article I spoke to you about being zealous for the Lord, particularly in regard to the upcoming election of our new president who will define the course of our nation for then next four years.

    I have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to speak to you again on the Mystical Body of Christ, our role as members of Christ's own Mystical Body, of which He alone is Head.

    I am speaking to you today about TRIVAL PURSUIT, which, my dear brothers and sisters, is basically how we spend each day of our lives in this fast-paced world where technology has brought us to a global society, and has sent our lifestyle spinning out of control.

    Oh, I do not do so without having first looked at the constraints this technology has placed upon my own life, and particularly the lives of both of our sons. No one, except perhaps for the Amish, are without the major factor of trivial pursuit as the deciding, defining factor in our lives.

    What is it that we pursue every day? First and always our pursuit must be of God, for God, in God, and with God. Do you find yourself thinking about God less often, because your mind is so crowded with the constraints of work, children, after-school activities, more work, errands that must be completed, housework, and the challenge of TV, movies, videos, magazines, etc?

    While I am sure that there are some of you who have had the wisdom to limit TV in the home, to stand guard over the type of movies you as a family participate in, or which you permit your children to participate in, etc., my heart knows by and large that most of us have at one point, surrendered to the onslaught of pervasive TV, movies, videos, and games that our children entertain themselves with endlessly. And some of those video games are produced in the bowels of hell, my brothers and sisters, and we need to recognize this and deal with the repercussions it brings to not only our children, but also the family as a whole.

    We, as members of the Mystical Body of Christ, must realize that our every word, thought, action, or lack of action, impact the entire Mystical Body of Christ. Are we building up the Mystical Body of Christ, are or we tearing it down due to our compelling pursuit of trivial matters, that now have taken the prime place in our lives?

    Are we engaged in keeping up with society, or are we committed heart and soul, to God? Are we in the world for the love of God, or are we part of the world for love of trivial pursuit? What are the factors that keep us all so busy each day, that we rarely think of God, and are caught in the trap of keeping up with the growing trend to world globalization?

    Yes, we stand at the brink of the One World Order, my brothers and sisters. Even as I write this I am fully aware that already the UN Summit, which took place in New York, during the early days of September, has willingly, and without any thought of God, formed this One World Order, which shall sweep us all into hell if we do not become aware that our allegiance must be to God, and not to any organization that seeks temporal things based solely on depravity, even though the wording of agreements would tell us that only the good of the people is at stake.

    We pursue temporal goals, materialism as if these things were god! We pursue things that have no treasure in heave, but fill only temporal needs and WANTS! We have forgotten that we are here on earth for one purpose only-to know God, to Love God, and to serve Him alone.

    What gods do we pursue with such energy that we have placed the Only True God on the back burner, or worse, we have pushed God out of our lives because it's inconvenient to think of Him, much less serve Him?

    Do we look forward to Sunday, the Lord's Day, with enthusiasm? Or, do we dread this day as one where we are obligated to worship God for a full hour, and wind up resenting this hour because it keeps us from fulfilling all our wants, rather than our needs?

    This is evident, my brothers and sisters, in every facet of our lives, and we have become immune from our real purpose for being here, for having been born by the Mercy of God. Take, for example the new glut of "virtual reality" shows that, according to Nielson ratings, are keeping us spellbound to the TV set, as we watch others compete for "money", satan's sure-fire method of tethering us to him, in every imaginable setting. We are stuck in front of a TV set that shows us the basest instincts of human beings, applauded, lauded, and rewarded by money.

    The "Survivor" series, and "Big Brother" are only the beginning of a trend that makes us worse than the Roman Empire, whose people gathered in the Coliseum to watch gladiators fight for their lives, while the Romans cheered, booed, and finally gave thumbs down or up as they played god in saving or taking a life. We are no better than those people who cheered as Christians were martyred because they loved God with their entire being, and willingly, joyfully gave their lives for Him! Can you see the comparison? Do you realize that we live virtual lives, and sit in judgment of others, whose motives for participating in these trivial games are anything but holy?

    My brothers and sisters, we are called to holiness. Yes, each one of us is to be a saint. No, we may not be canonized by Holy Mother Church, but does that matter? No, it doesn't. We are each called to live our earthly life with such holiness that we are always pleasing in God's eye. And what do we do each day? I beg you, as a sinner myself, to awaken your conscience, to take a deep, hard look at yourself, and your pursuit of the trivial, before it is too late.

    The roles of mother and father are evaporating so quickly that in our own lifetime, if we do not return God to His proper role, will see that the ideal of "family" is dissolved completely. Did you not know that the family is the closest thing to the Trinity that we have in the entire universe? Did you not realize that the Holy Family is the model and example that all of us should be striving to emulate? What has become of morality and virtue today? Are we not to blame for the decline of family values, of holiness, of sanctity, of the erosion of conscience, of blatant disregard for the laws of God? Yes, we are. We are guilty of these things either by our silence, or our willing acceptance of what standards present-day society puts forth as then norm.

    No, you say, you do not condone these things. Yet, are you praying enough? Are you acting in whatever way is possible for you, to stand up and fight against immoral practices? Or, are you, like so many countless others, blindly following the "norms" that society puts forth, simply because it's easier to do this, leaving you free to follow your manic pursuit of the trivial!

    Without God, without full Love, Trust and Hope in Him, all things are trivial! It is He alone who sanctifies our work, our family, and our recreational time! Do we give all things to Him to sanctify, or do we let society sanctify things for the good of a global society?

    As technology soars to ever-higher realms of achievement, do we blindly follow along, applauding these developments, because they seem to us to advance our own goal of being "god"? These are serious questions we must ask ourselves, not just today, but every day. Do we still have a conscience that speaks to us, or have we silenced conscience because it interferes with our pursuit of the trivial, mundane, temporal things which we believe, (wrongly, I must add), that make live more pleasant, more "bearable".

    It is the Cross of Jesus Christ that gives meaning to our lives. It is not the newest technology that achieves this, though many would argue to the contrary. In my next installment I will continue in this vein and how the pursuit of trivial things trivializes what God truly wants from us. That, my dear brothers and sisters, is not trivial.

Your very little sister in Christ,


October 3, 2000
volume 11, no. 189

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