October 18, 2000
volume 11, no. 204


Dr. Frank Joseph's Pro-Life Prescriptions LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL column for October 18, 2000
It's the Catholic vote that will make the difference!

    I was on a Catholic Radio talk show yesterday and I was surprised at the Catholics, who called in and said that their friends are Catholic and they are pro-life, but they are going to vote for Al Gore.

    I was dumbfounded by this. Why do Catholics stick to a party that has denounced the Catholic Church? Their platform of abortions on demand and homosexual acceptance are against the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

    The Vatican asked Al Gore to intercede in the homosexual parade to occur during the Jubilees 2000 celebration, when thousands of pilgrims would be visiting the Vatican from all over the world. Not only did Gore refuse, but he even sent a letter of encouragement to the organizers of the gay parade, wishing them well.

    Gore also sided with Planned Parenthood, the largest killers of unborn babies in the country, when PP and all the other abortion clinics tried to have the Vatican kicked out of the United Nations.

    A higher percentage of Catholics vote for pro-choice/pro-aborts than the Protestants. Apparently the Evangelicals honor the commandment -- ďThou Shalt Not Kill,Ē and the Holy Scriptures, more so than Catholics. Their ministers are doing a better job than priests.

    What is wrong with Catholics? Why are they condoning sin? The Catholic vote put two of the most pro-abort politicians in office in Massachusetts, Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Kerry. Both voted NOT to ban the barbaric partial-birth abortion. All together there were six Catholic Senators, who voted Not to ban partial-birth abortions -- all Democrats.

    This boggles my mind. How could they do this? If it wouldn't have been for these Catholic Senators, the Senate would have had the necessary 2/3 vote to overturn Clintonís veto. They act as if there is no God. How can they sleep at night?

    I place their action in the same category as the doctors' deeds which kill unborn babies. One does the killing and the other ones give their consent. There is no difference.

    It appears that the Democratic party has become satanís pride and joy. I really don't see how anyone can dispute this.

    And the Catholics, who claim to be pro-choice, or the ones who claim to be pro-life and still will vote for Al Gore, this doesn't absolve you. You are a party to the American holocaust. You are a member of the only religion that can be traced directly back to Jesus Christ, who said that if you know of a sinner, you should help him find his way to God and to sin no more. If you DON'T, then it will be your sin. But if you tried to help the sinner find his way and he still continues his sinful ways then you will be absolved.

    So if we sit idly by and do not try to stop the slaughter of unborn babies, which is a sin, then WE will have to answer to God. Because, when they say "a woman should have the choice" to kill her unborn baby, then in reality, they are sanctioning the taking of a human life. This has always been, is and will always be a sin.

    This support and encouragement acts as an authoritative permission, which influences women to kill their unborn babies. Thus, pro-choicers are a party to these mass killings and a great delight to Satan.

    Now, this should not be hard to understand. I donít know if Catholics are more stupid than Evangelicals, or if the parish priests are not sending out the right message, or just what the problem is. Maybe Catholics think, well if I sin, Iíll just go to confession and my sins will be absolved.

    Well, it doesn't work that way. They'll be in for a rude awakening when they are ready to meet their Creator.

    During the radio show they asked me, as Catholics -- what should they do? I told them the first thing they should do is -- if their priest doesn't -- tell the parishioners to vote for pro-life candidates. After Mass go up to the priest and ask -- "WHY NOT?" Tell them that Al Gore, if elected president is going to veto the ban on the barbaric partial abortion. Tell them that as a Catholic, you are appalled at the lethargy of priests in this regard.

    Our parish happens to be one of these and it angers me, because we MUST save these viable babies from a horrible and painful death.

    In Germany, when Hitler killed 6 million Jews, the German people did nothing. To rid our country of the American holocaust, we as Catholics MUST lead the way and not lag behind.

    Can they face God, when their time comes and explain why they were pro-choice, or voted for Al Gore?

    For to be pro-choice is to condone the very grave sin of killing unborn babies. For those who condone sin, their chances to enter into the kingdom of Heaven is greatly decreased.

    Now, if anyone cannot understand this, well then may God have mercy on their soul.

    Personally, I do NOT believe that people who are pro-choice, do not really and truly and down deep in their hearts, believe in God. They say it because they think it gives credence to their agenda. They are kidding no one. They may be kidding themselves, but not God. It's so sad that they won't discover this until it's too late.

Dr. Frank Joseph

October 18, 2000
volume 11, no. 204
Pro-Life Prescriptions column

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