Week of October 13-19, 2000
volume 11, nos. 199-205

CATHOLIC PewPOINT for Friday-Thursday, October 13-19, 2000
A truly awesome vision to behold and adore in awe! !

    Again, I want to say thank you so much to all who have conveyed their wishes of concern and prayers for my recovery. God bless you a thousand-fold. Or ten-year-fold, for it was ten years ago to the day that I witnessed the splendor of the Holy Trinity during my third visit to Medjugorje the week of October 11th to 14th.

    It was no coincidence that earlier that evening many of us were able to look at the sun and see it spinning spectacularly, zooming towards us and then back. And why not, it was October 13th, the 73rd anniversary of the Final Apparition at Fatima, and the day the sun danced at Fatima. Later that same evening, the night before we were to leave this oasis of peace, everything was clear, brisk, and there was a definite chill in the air. It was around 10 p.m. and hundreds filed down the path we had chosen to descend Apparition Hill or the Podrbo after praying the Rosary with the visionary Ivan. There were thousands there, with pockets of people navigating various pathways down the hill. Each was slippery, for the moist mud-covered rocks were a great obstacle and more than a few fell. But there were always a flock of hands willing to help the fallen back up. No one was embarassed, but all were astonished at what they saw midway down the hill. At first just a few saw it, then, like a rumor it buzzed through the crowd: "Look!" A light appeared over Mt. Krizevac, the highest point in overlooking the valley of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was a blue light that danced brilliantly above the cross and then a burst of light that illuminated the silhouette of the immense stone cross built in 1933. As the light faded another light appeared with the blue light. It was a red light of the same proportions. Together these "sparklers" danced and fluttered, then zoomed from the top of Krizevac straight to the top of Apparition Hill. Again, a flash of light as the two merged, and from it a third light - a white one. It was visible to all and we all discerned it was the Trinity - the Blue for God the Father, Red for the Divine Son Jesus, and the White for the Holy Spirit.

    These Lights danced again and then darted to the twin spires of St. James Church. The three sites make a triangle and the Lights began tracing this triangle or trinite pattern in breakneck speed between the three points, much in the fashion that one sees a stop-action camera shot of automobile lights in night traffic. After a very short time They slowed and joined over St. James, each sparkling brilliantly, then they merged into one bright light which shot with a blinding flash straight to the cross atop Krizevac. The entire cross lit up and then it was dark. We were all in awe and wonder as we reached the bottom of the hill and shared what we had seen with other pilgrims. It was interesting to note that almost all saw the lights, but their account was different of how they saw it. To some they were like angels, to others like darts, to others like lanterns, to others like fireflies, and to others a glow. Regardless of their perception, God gave all the grace to see something wondrous that night. I was privileged to be one of them.

    I share this because that truly left an impression on my heart and soul. I have seen a few other phenomena since then, but none that had the impact as that night in Medjugorje until September 1st this year. It was First Friday. It began after our assistant pastor and our confessor Father Ken Keiffer, OFM had celebrated the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and exposed Our Lord in the Monstrance after Holy Communion at our parish Church of Saint Thomas More. The church is actually a store-front since the building will not be done until November at the earliest. We are growing fast and many can't wait to get into the new hall that will serve as the temporary church on the same grounds the church will eventually be built. It takes money, folks. Slowly but surely it will get done. Anyway, the chapel is situated just to the right of the altar behind a stain-glass door. It is a very reverent chapel, with a prie-dieu, chairs and a traditional tabernacle repleat with veil. We try to make it our refuge each and every day. We don't always succeed. I felt moved by the Holy Spirit to go to the chapel and retrieve the prie-dieu and place it before the altar of the main area so Father could kneel before Jesus as he led the congregation in the traditional prayers for First Friday Adoration after Mass. I say the Holy Spirit moved me to do so for the following reasons.

    After reciting the Rosary with the devout group who pray this special prayer after every Mass, always in the chapel except when there is Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, my beloved bride Cyndi and I stayed for an hour to spend quiet time with Jesus. These times, as many know, are always so special. With the prie-dieu still in place, Cyndi knelt there for a while and returned to her seat. Then, when no one else had come forward to kneel, I took the opportunity to place my arthritic knees on the soft padding of the kneeler. There I settled in, placing myself body and soul before Our Lord, trying to empty myself in order that He might fill me. What happened next was both mystifying and exhilarating.

    Many know of the gifts and mystical experiences Cyndi has always been blessed with. She has been privileged with interior visions, mystical experiences, prophetic messages and a chosen conduit for Our Lord and Our Lady's special words to her that have enabled her to have seen wondrous signs in the interior of her heart and realized, in the depths of her soul, why God has chosen her as a victim soul. She has shared why He asked her to convey His and His Blessed Mother's messages to the world from 1990 to 1995 in 632 significant messages compiled within "I Solemnly Tell You..." that were all in full accord with Sacred Scripture and Church Doctrine. Being a messenger, she has come under great persecution at times, But through the perseverance of our ministry and our fiat to God with The DAILY CATHOLIC for the last three years, and seven years prior to that of publishing "A Call To Peace," God has blessed us abundantly with His graces. For the past ten and a half years we have lived basically a mendicant lifestyle trusting in His Mercy and Providence to provide what we need. That is sufficient for us. Satan is furious however, and he constantly attacks in any way he can, many times targeting our oldest son who suffers greatly from a bi-polar disorder that at times leaves him helpless against the evil one's onslaughts. But we have all persevered through the goodness and Mercy of the Triune Divinity and Our Lady's loving care. Despite all these obstacles, once in a while God gives us a hint that what we are doing is fruitful and not to even think of abandoning ship.

    I say this because, as a cradle Catholic, I have always gone on faith in believing all the Roman Catholic Church teaches. I seldom have been permitted to see signs and wonders, but when I do it leaves a lasting impression. The first occurred as I mentioned above at Medjugorje, the site of Our Lady's purported apparitions since 1981. Though the Church has not approved Medjugorje, she has not disapproved and therefore, we may believe, always leaving the final decision to the Holy See and the Magisterium of the Church.

    That October 13th day was the last time I had any mystical phenomena until September 1st at St. Thomas More when I knelt before Our Lord. It was a confirmation to me that we must indeed continue to bloom where we are planted - right here at St. Thomas More. As I gazed at the wheat-textured Host, images began to appear. First I clearly saw Our Lord's face, then it transformed into the Father and then a tongue of fire, which flickered in the Host and changed to the Holy Dove in flight. That soon changed back to Christ's face but it was bruised and bleeding, very, very sad. That dissolved into Our Lady cradling a tiny child, and figures entering to adore Him. In rapid succession other figures appeared in this mystical circular "screen."

    The first to appear was Saint Gabriel, then Saint Michael, John the Baptist, followed by various apostles from Peter to Matthias, then Saints Paul, Timothy, and Stephen, then blood dripping down from the top which dissolved into a ray of light that blanketed the Host and erased all texture to the Host's grain. Again Jesus appeared, this time with the fetuses of many, many children as He held them to His Sacred Heart, tears streaming down his chiseled face. From there another rapid series of saints flickered over the Host. Saints Francis, Anthony, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Bernard of Clairvaux, Bridget of Sweden, Thomas More, and Teresa of Avila, who then dissolved into the likeness of Mother Teresa.

    Then there was a close-up of our present Holy Father Pope John Paul II which dissolved into a series of other recent Popes from Pope St. Pius X to Popes Pius XII, John XXIII and Paul VI. There was another which I didn't recognize in my heart and, afterwards, I wondered if that could be the one who will eventually follow John Paul the Great. From this tableau the scene changed to three children at Fatima and then quickly to Saint Bernadette Soubirous at Lourdes. Here Bernadette was actually walking as she approached the Grotto where Our Lady hovered, beckoning the young visionary to not be afraid. Another series of scenes ensued which went so fast that I am helpless right now to recall specifically, but some showed the Franciscans in their missionary efforts, others of nuns helping children, then Blessed Padre Pio, another of families in prayer and another of people gathering for Benediction. The final scene left a tremendous impact for it was of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as He reached down to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque giving her something which I discerned in my heart was the Devotion to His Sacred and Merciful Hearts which First Fridays are all about.

    Because I had not looked at my watch, I can't honestly say how long I was transfixed, never blinking in this state of ecstasy, if you will. But when I returned to my seat I just sat there stunned and totally drained, with a new resolve of purpose in thanking God for this special grace He had allowed me to receive. I can remember it so vividly. Now some might say it was just a vivid imagination. And that could be true. But believe me, when my mind wanders, a plethora of things waft through my brain at breakneck speed and satan has a way of inserting things that try to divert from God. I can honestly say during this time I was transfixed on Our Lord, never was there anything but the sublime.

    I share this to remind all of the special graces we can all receive when we spend time with Him in the Blessed Sacrament. He's there all the time, not just on First Fridays, but each and every day in our beautiful, traditional Tabernacle in the chapel just off to the right of the altar. It is a special place, but He has placed on my heart, as well as Cyndi's constantly, that He is lonely because so few take the time to visit Him. He is truly sad because so many carry on a conversation in the main church before Mass while He sits there waiting for them to come, just to say "hi." Just a minute or two is all it takes. After all, He is the reason we are there. There can be no unity, no fellowship without Him. Yes, He is with us wherever we go, He is with us in the Mystical Body of Christ - the Church, but not in the special, total way He is with us when we receive Him in Holy Communion, not in the way when we take time out to spend quiet time with Him in the Tabernacle. We tried to impress that lovingly on Bishop Robert Lynch of the Diocese of St. Petersburg last month in these pages.

    I wish he could have shared in the wondrous vision I saw with my eyes. I wish he could have experienced this majestic mystery of the Eucharist, one that we seldom are gifted to be touched by in such a manner as this. I truly believe if he had this blessing, this opportunity, he would tear up his directives and guidelines to curtail Perpetual Adoration and be the first in line to spend vigil with Jesus all night if possible. I know it was a rare visual confirmation to me that not only does Jesus exist in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, not only is He there in all His fullness Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, but He is also there as the Projector of our hearts and souls...and yes, our eyes, too! He wants each of us to be His prisms to project to His children the beauty and goodness that emanates in blinding, brilliant rays of Mercy and Love from His Most Sacred Heart. This vision was a blessing that beats anything Blockbuster could ever offer. No Hollywood production could hold a candle to this magnificent Divine Production. This vision. that I was blessed with, was, in essence, a visual mystical banquet of Love! A truly awesome vision to behold and adore in awe!

Michael Cain, editor

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October 13, 2000
volume 11, no. 199-205

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