October 10, 2000
volume 11, no. 196

SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING column for October 10, 2000

part thirteen

Do we really want to undermine the Mystical Body of Christ?


    The roles of mother and father are evaporating so quickly that in our own lifetime, if we do not return God to His proper role, will see that the ideal of "family" is dissolved completely. Did you not know that the family is the closest thing to the Trinity that we have in the entire universe? Did you not realize that the Holy Family is the model and example that all of us should be striving to emulate? What has become of morality and virtue today? Are we not to blame for the decline of family values, of holiness, of sanctity, of the erosion of conscience, of blatant disregard for the laws of God? Yes, we are. We are guilty of these things either by our silence, or our willing acceptance of what standards present-day society puts forth as then norm.

    No, you say, you do not condone these things. Yet, are you praying enough? Are you acting in whatever way is possible for you, to stand up and fight against immoral practices? Or, are you, like so many countless others, blindly following the "norms" that society puts forth, simply because it's easier to do this, leaving you free to follow your manic pursuit of the trivial!

    Without God, without full Love, Trust and Hope in Him, all things are trivial! It is He alone who sanctifies our work, our family, and our recreational time! Do we give all things to Him to sanctify, or do we let society sanctify things for the good of a global society?

    As technology soars to ever-higher realms of achievement, do we blindly follow along, applauding these developments, because they seem to us to advance our own goal of being "god"? These are serious questions we must ask ourselves, not just today, but every day. Do we still have a conscience that speaks to us, or have we silenced conscience because it interferes with our pursuit of the trivial, mundane, temporal things which we believe, (wrongly, I must add), that make life more pleasant, more "bearable".

    It is the Cross of Jesus Christ that gives meaning to our lives. It is not the newest technology that achieves this, though many would argue to the contrary.

    The Holy Father has recently released a document that states, quite clearly, that there is no salvation outside the Church. And the Church, my brothers and sisters, is the Mystical Body of Christ. It is you and I, it is everyone who professes the name of Christ; it is all those who, without the grace of faith, struggle in their misconception of "truth" disguised under the many different faith that swell our society. Have we forgotten Christ's admonition to His apostles to spread the Gospel to every corner of the world, to stand up for His Truth, which cannot be compromised, to every land, every person, and every culture? What are we doing to promote the fullness of the Gospel as given by Our Lord Jesus Christ, and of which Holy Mother the Church, contains the full Truth alone, guided by the fullness of the Holy Spirit?

    We have become complacent, as we bring in more and more money to have a bigger house, more appliances and devices that do all the work and entertaining for us, while in truth, we are far from one another as family, and as extended family. Do we talk to one another from our hearts? Do we listen to one another with the Heart of Christ? Or, do we simply listen, but do not hear? Do we gather together, dreading the moment, when family is brought together over a family meal, over a recreation that is shared together…not for the sake of convenience, or to numb our minds for a moment, but to be shared in Love for Christ, for we have invited Him to share in every moment of our lives?

    My dear brothers and sisters, if we do not invite Christ to fully participate in every moment of our lives, we have succumbed to Trivial Pursuit, which gains nothing in Heaven, but garners only the riches of the temporal world. "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul", Christ said in the Gospel. Do we take this to heart? Do we realize the importance of His words?

    Christ did not speak idly to those of His time…He spoke for every generation that has ever been or will ever be. God's laws or immutable, unchangeable. There is no if, and, or but, in Christ's teachings. They are for all time, for every person, regardless of race, of culture, of learning. Ours is not to judge, but to take Christ's command seriously, and work each day, in our own particular circumstances, to speak of His Truth…which is the source of our very lives.

    Do we sell our lives to satan, or do we seek to give our lives back to God, from when they came? My brothers and sisters, do you realize how low we've sunk as "children of God" in a society that makes us marvel at the advances in science, medicine, etc? How many of you have taken note that there are more ads for "Planned Parenthood" than ever before? How many of you have taken note that there are more ads for surrogate mothers, of sperm and egg donors…so that those who seek to have children, and cannot, might yet have a child? We see these ads everywhere, and never once equate that while we offend God by going against His Holy Will, we are also contributing to the ever-increasing number of abortions performed throughout our nation, and throughout the world, even as we stress ourselves out in the pursuit of the trivial pleasure of the world?

    Oh, my brothers and sisters, it is time we took stock of our lives, awakened our conscience, and returned our self, our family, our neighbor, and our community, back to the path of Truth, which is God! We cannot call ourselves "Catholic", when we condone those things, which are contrary to the very dogmas, doctrines, teachings and traditions of Holy Mother Church. It is one thing to pray for our neighbors who are in ignorance of God's Truth, and it is another thing to condone this ignorance by participating in practices that are contrary to all Christ said, taught, did, and lived in His own earthly Life.

    Oh, I am appalled at the laxity of the moral fiber of our nation, and of the world at large. As we are brought now into a One World Order, we must, at all costs, come ever closer to Our Lord, through His Cross, lest we perish in the plan of satan to rule us and lead us to hell, while stripping us of our noble and infinitely valuable life as children of God. Do we really hear what we are saying in the Apostle's Creed, in the Nicene Creed, at Mass? Do we take these words to heart? What is it that we truly believe today?

    From the election pools, to the TV ratings, to the glut of immorality that Hollywood dishes out in Movies, Videos, and video games, it would appear that there are more people who have chosen the wide and easy road to hell, than the straight and narrow path to eternal life. Have we chosen the comfort zone packaged neatly by satan in the glitz of sexuality, homosexuality, of every and all depravities? Oh, that it were not so!!!

    Every action we do, every word we speak, or every action or word we leave unsaid and undone, affects the entire Mystical Body of Christ. Taking the easy road is more comfortable. Allowing society to dictate to us is the norm. Since when, as Americans, have we sunk so low as to forget that our nation was founded on God! Why then do our Supreme Court, our elected officials, and our very government push God out, and let satan in! And to think we permit this!! We have no freedom anymore, my brothers and sisters, because we have become too lazy to work at Loving God. We have accepted the trivial pursuits of satan as the norm, and we've fallen in love with these trivial pursuits, for the give us instant gratification in our human life.

    Enough of trivial pursuit, my brothers and sisters. It is time to take stock of our lives, and to ask ourselves whether we are seeking treasure in Heaven, which is eternal, or if we have accepted satan's lies, and wish to continue our trivial pursuit of the evil one's slimy path to eternal damnation!

    What will it take to realize that as members of the Mystical Body of Christ, we are offending God, and putting shackles around all the members of the Church Militant, by our laxity, our laziness, our complacency, and our outright enjoyment of evil in all its many names and disguises?

    Let us, together, pray that the Holy Spirit shall indeed renew the face of the earth. Only God can prevent this One World Order. It is not too late! It is never too late for us to return to God, for He always waits with open arms for the prodigal son. We are all, to some degree, a prodigal son. The prodigal son pursued the trivial. Yet, in time, he came to his senses, disengaged himself from his trivial pursuits, and came home to his father, and that father is God Himself.

    Awaken, o my soul, to the glory of God, to our kinship with God, to our right to be heirs and sons and daughters of the Kingdom of Heaven! Awaken, all souls of the Church Militant, to the obligation and privilege we have to be heirs of Heaven. It is time, dear brothers and sisters in Christ, to put away from ourselves all trivial pursuits and to focus our attention on the one and only goal we must have: God! Take up the cross with joy, embrace the Cross with joy, and offer everything in your lives to Our Lord by embracing willingly His Cross, without which we are not true members of His Mystical Body!

    Shall we pursue our Trivial Pursuits, or shall we once again return to our rightful purpose, our only true pursuit…God! Let us Love Him with all our being, and let us boot-kick satan right back to where he belongs….hell!

    The choice is ours. We always have free will. May our free will be a gift that we give to Our Lord willingly, and take upon ourselves freely His Will, which will make our burden easy, for His Yoke is light!

    I am praying for all of you, and I humbly ask for your prayers for us, that together we may persevere until the end!

Your very little sister in Christ,


October 10, 2000
volume 11, no. 196

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