October 27, 2000
volume 11, no. 213


Sister Lucy's GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER column for October 27, 2000

Halloween has turned into Helloween!

        This is a repeat of what I wrote last year, but I think it's important to reemphasize just who is in charge of this day which was first called "All Hallows Eve" in preparation for the great Feast of All Saints, a holy day of obligation I might remind you. Halloween is appropriately called today "the devil's day" because he takes over in so many ways and so many just allow him to.

        I make no excuses for declaring that I don't like Halloween. You heard me right! I wish Halloween did not exist on the calendar or as a day of "celebration." Oh, I don't mind the kids ringing my door bell dressed up as Peter Rabbit, Kermit, or Cinderella asking for candy. I'm always happy to give candy to kids, even though parents may not always appreciate the dental bills that may follow their children eating too much.

        Why I don't like Halloween is what it has become: the montrous and satanical ramifications of the day. Halloween is the great high feast of satanic worshippers. Why should I like it? Why should I look forward to it or want anyone else to look forward to it? I don't! I won't! I couldn't and I shouldn't!

        As I've indicated in an earlier article, I don't watch much television. But when I do, it is quite impossible not to notice the previews of movies showing in theaters. It appears that Halloween with all kinds of monstrous and scary portrayals are on the screen all year round. Halloween has become a year round "celebration," and how people can find such "thrillers" as entertaining is beyond me.

        Perhaps one reason for people accepting the monstrous and satanic thrillers and chillers is because they really don't believe hell exists. I think it was Padre Pio who once said that if you don't believe there is a hell, you'll believe it when you get there.

        Why toy with hellish things? Think it's fun? I see teenagers wearing clothing with different pictures denoting the satanic. Why do parents allow this? And how can these kids "glorify" this evil? It is because of ignorance. They really don't know what they are doing. They have not been adequately instructed as to what they are displaying. They may call it "cool." The diabolic wants the attention it gives him. Do you want to feed satan's ego?

        Dear reader, whether it is with your children or yourself, if you are going to a party, please eliminate what pertains to the monstrous or evil. There are plenty of costumes one can wear apart from those.

        I might also recommend that you do not represent the holy habit of religious or priests as your costume. I've had friends ask to borrow one of my veils. I've refused. The holy habit is not for such secular use even for fun. It becomes sacriligeous when used for such purposes.

        Since Halloween is just a few days away, I felt a need to share the above with you. Until next week, God bless you and please ... enjoy Halloween as though Jesus were right beside you all of the time. He is! Take extreme care not to do anything that would displease Him. And you won't if you are careful and if you vote pro-life at the polls on the first Tuesday in November!

    Sister Mary Lucy Astuto

October 27, 2000
volume 11, no. 213

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