Week of October 27-November 2, 2000
volume 11, nos. 213-219

CATHOLIC PewPOINT for Friday-Thursday, October 27-November 2, 2000

We have no other choice! The alternative is beyond scary!!! !

    Halloween is just around the corner again and this year the scariest thing is the thought that Al Gore could become President of the United States. That's enough to scare the bejabbers out of any pro-life Catholic. Actually that's redundant because all Catholics should be pro-life. Note the word "should." Anyway, the following supposed scenario pretty much sums up the culture of death campaign thus far:

    Last week Gore, while campaigning in the great southwest, decided to go out to the local reservation and try to get the Native American vote. They were all assembled in the Council Hall to hear his speech. Gore had worked up to his finale, and the crowd was getting more and more excited. "I promise better education opportunities for Native Americans!"

    The crowd went wild, shouting "Hoya! Hoya!"

    Gore was a bit puzzled by the native word, but was encouraged by their enthusiasm. "I promise gambling reforms to allow a Casino on the Reservation!"

    "Hoya! Hoya!" cried the crowd, stomping their feet.

    "I promise more social reforms and job opportunities for Native Americans!" The crowd reached a frenzied pitch shouting "Hoya! Hoya! Hoya!"

    After the speech, Gore was touring the Reservation, and saw a tremendous herd of cattle. Since he was raised in farm country, and knew a bit about cattle, he asked the Chief if he could get closer to take a look at the cattle.

    "Sure," the Chief said, "but be careful not to step in the hoya."

    That story is better than anything in describing the Gore campaign. But you won't hear it from the secular media, the false prophets of today. They have to be politically correct. The way I feel is if it has anything to do with political correctness, run the other way! That and striving to live God's Will are the only way to survive the terrible typhoon of tyranny suffocating America today. The headlines today shout the culture of death. The horrific sin of abortion is whitewashed with the verbal engineering of nomenclature. Rather than calling it murder, they call it the right of the woman to choose. Satan is so clever, so insidious. Even those politicians who supposedly stand for the Right to Life, cower and shrink from their responsibility to speak out, to call abortion what it truly is: Murder! It is the Holocaust of the Womb, much, much worse than the terrible, shocking holocaust of World War II.

    Before I continue, know this piece is an editorial by the editor. By that we mean it is my own personal opinion and does not necessarily support the opinion or stance of the DAILY CATHOLIC as such. However, everyone knows where the DAILY CATHOLIC stands - solidly with the Church in every way. When I say "we" I'm referring to my loving bride Cyndi for we are one mind and one heart. With that in mind, here are our own personal observations, shared by, to our knowledge, all contributing writers to this publication and hopefully most who read this. I am expressing my opinions in order to help clarify any confusion as to who to vote for. While the following are my opinions, I wouldn't worry too much about getting in trouble for speaking out so strongly against candidates promoting the culture of death. If the government wants to come after us, they'll have to take down the multimillion dollar non-profit Rand Institute as well. The Rand Institute is in the same IRS category as the DAILY CATHOLIC and now they're on their own hotseat. Through their supposedly non-partisan Rand Report they are trying to influence votes against the Republican candidate for President of the United States with bias figures on Bush's record on education in Texas. Regardless of the errors, it doesn't matter. The media bit on it. Because of that the IRS won't lift a finger toward them. This conglomerate "think-tank" Rand Institute is already in bed with the government since the majority of their "philanthropy" is Uncle Sam. Besides, the Clinton-Gore influenced IRS is too busy with their telescopes on the Church and Christian groups. Sadly, this intimidation factor has frozen too many bishops and priests from speaking out stronger.

    The guidelines are clear, the Church itself cannot endorse political candidates or issues, but the bishops and pastors, priests, editors, writers, etc. may and we intend to. "The Guidelines for Churches and Pastors for Election 2000" by James Bopp, Jr. of the National Right to Life General Counsel spell out what we can and can't do. Therefore we are following them to a tee. If we get in trouble, then so will Rand and Jesse Jackson and countless other non-profit 501 (c 3) organizations who masquerade as such but, in effect, are really lobbyists. We're not really too worried what a temporal government can do to us. We're much more concerned about the punishment we would face from a Merciful but equally Just God if we don't use the medium and platform we have been given to speak out for Him, for His creation, for the laws that override any temporal law when it goes against His commands. (cf. Matthew 5: 1-12, Evangelium Vitae, p. 73, 1995).

    Therefore, make no bones about it. There's only one way Catholics and Christians can vote: The Pro-Life ticket and that is the Republican ticket for President of the United States George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Both are supposedly staunch advocates for life, but in their campaigning and debates they sadly refused to truly draw the line in the sand and, by not calling a spade a spade, by not attacking the culture of death vigorously, by trying to be too politically correct, are further confusing Catholics and Christians everywhere. Because of their fear of offending voters, they have failed to convey the great difference that should exist between the GOP platform and the Democratic platform.

    One of the sources for confusion has been Bush's strong stance on the death penalty in Texas. His Holiness John Paul II, in upholding the Sanctity of Life to its fullest, also pleads for prisoners. But when comparing the lives of innocents vs. those who are guilty, we must take into consideration voting for the lesser of two evils. The Pope himself has affirmed this in his outstanding encyclical "The Gospel of Life" (Evangelium Vitae), paragraphs 56, 57 and 58. He has clearly defined how all Catholics must vote regarding candidates and issues that uphold and promote the horrors of abortion and euthanasia in paragraphs 73 and 74. While the death penalty is not right, Bush's rationale is to save lives, not snuff them out as just another bother. That is the big difference between Bush and Gore. While both are for the death penalty, Bush truly cares for the innocent unborns and the helpless seniors whereas Gore considers them disposable. He has said that so many times in forcefully asserting a woman has a right to do with her body what she wants. Not when it comes to a life, she doesn't. Only God can create or take a life! So in answer to those who say both candidates are not pro-life, I say that is wrong. Bush is not perfect, but he is definitely Pro-Life compared to the culture of death and destruction embraced by Al Gore!

    Everyone knows Gore is in cahoots with Planned Parenthood, with the gay militants, with the Hollywood muckrakers that seek to undermine moral principle. In other words, Gore stands against everything that is Pro-Life. Sadly, he is the best thing the once proud Democratic Party could provide the voters?! This is the same party that once stood so strongly behind the principles of the Church. But that is past. The Democratic Party is a mere skeleton of what it once was. Now it is a rotting carcus, suffocated by its own embrace of the culture of death. Gore will only bring more maggots to the remains. He wants to be his own man, to rid himself of the shackles of the Clinton administration, but in the same analogy of out of the frying pan and into the fire, Gore has embraced another ally by his actions and speech - lucifer. Whether it is his constant fabrication of facts and figures, his failed promises of economic utopia in order to prostitute votes, or his chameleon character traits, he is not good for America. He is not good for the soul. Sadly he has tainted a good man in Joseph Lieberman who once stood for strong moral values, but he, too, in order to be politically expedient, has sold out to the world, the flesh and the devil. We must pray for the conversion of heart of all these men.

    Facts be known, the only two who are not afraid to speak out strongly for the unborn, for the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of all are Pat Buchanan and Alan Keyes. Sadly Keyes has no chance and Buchanan is as bad for America on the right as Gore is on the left. Buchanan has burned too many bridges in the past with his brusque, no nonsense approach and the media's unfair portrayal of him as a fascist. Buchanan may be Catholic, but Keyes is a staunch Catholic. However, possibly because the false prophets of the secular media recognized the threat of a man whose character is above reproach and who lives what he preaches, they never gave him a chance. We - Cyndi and I - have always proudly endorsed Mr. Keyes, a black, conservative Catholic whose platform, values and ethics mirror what a leader - a President of the greatest nation in the world - should have. He is a man with a vision that is too noble for the movers and shakers of muck. But sadly, he has been shouted down. Upon the selection of Cheney, Keyes endorsed Bush's choice. Alan said at that time that Dick Cheney represented the same mindset regarding life as he did. I wonder today if he feels the same way. During the debates we could just see Keyes cringing when the issue of life was glossed over and diluted with fancy phrases that truly skirted the issue. In these last few days we would hope and pray Keyes would stump the campaign trail for one purpose only, to speak out for life. Forget all the other issues - Social Security, Education, Tax Credits, Military Strength, Environment. They don't mean a hill of beans if we do not uphold the Sanctity of Life!

    Therefore, if Bush and Cheney do not speak out stronger in these next few weeks; if they do not exhibit a total passion on the issue of life; if they do not address the issue of preserving life from conception to a person's last breath, then what are we really voting for? If the American bishops and pastors do not speak out strongly for Pro-Life with no misunderstanding of what party stands for Pro-Life, then where is the commitment by the Church in America? Within the next critical days leading up to the election, especially on Sunday November 5th every priest must speak convincingly from the pulpit, make it the centerpiece of meditation leading up to the election. They have a duty, a responsibility, a command to remind the people what the Church has always taught regarding the Sanctity of Life and they have the duty to outline the differences between the candidates. Yes, as Pastors they can mention the candidates by name and let the people know how they, as an individual, will vote. In other words, they can speak for themselves and quote the Church but not speak for the Church, as an official mouthpiece of the Church. Note the word "official." Because of the confusing statutes of the IRS code they think they can't speak out. But they can and must! Therefore they can't use the ridiculous Church vs. State misinterpretation to evade their serious responsibility before God. They can also be creative in their delivery to leave no doubts on the faithful in what way the voter has a moral responsibility before God to vote.

    Many bishops have spoken out strongly with pastoral letters. We would hope and pray these pastoral letters are reaching every parish and the pastors are reinforcing their shepherd's words. The chief bishop of the Church, the Holy Father in Rome has spoken out stronger than all and his shepherds need to follow suit. The sooner the better. So many Catholics are still confused, so many Catholics are swayed by false promises, so many Catholics fail to remember that the path to hell is strewn with gold. It is only through the narrow way that leads to Heaven. Do Catholics really want to go to hell? Do they realize that could be their destination if they do not seriously consider God's will when they vote? Much of the fault lies with the pastors and associates, with the teachers of the faith at the diocesan and parish levels who downplay hell as not to scare the people. Folks, we need to be scared! We need to realize we are at the edge of the abyss and if we vote for those who would uphold the culture of death than we deserve what we get.

    For the last ten years we have been saying over and over that it is time to stand up, to speak out for the Sanctity of Life. We know many, many times we are preaching to the choir. But the choir needs to start singing louder so their melody of love and life will reach the ears and hearts of those who don't hear. Only through this method and prayer can we hope and expect a conversion of heart in the hard and cold hearts of those whose priorities are askew. In 1992 and again in 1996, the choices presented to the American people left such a void that we strongly endorsed voting for Jesus both times. We came under some criticism from some camps, even Catholic sources, who accused us of diluting the vote, of taking away votes from George Bush in 1992 and Bob Dole in 1996. It wasn't the numbers that we were advocating, but the whole meaning of the vote. The majority doesn't count with God, it's the heart. By voting for Jesus one was making a statement for the Sanctity of Life, placing total trust in Him as the only Answer to our woes. By writing in Our Lord we were saying that man cannot solve finite problems. We've seen over the past eight years what you get when you place your trust in man. Nothing! You can be prepared for a letdown whenever you place your trust in man for you will be disappointed. Not so when you place your total trust in Jesus. Clinton, Bush, Gore, Dole, Cheney, Lieberman ad nauseum are mere humans, very, very fallible men who do not espouse the virtue and values Christ expects of all. With that in mind how can we, as loyal Catholics throw our support behind mediocrity? We can't!

    Yet, will we vote for Jesus again in this election? In our hearts yes, but this election is the most important in the history of America and it is so close that every vote counts. Bush, while still a politician, has at least shown a moral backbone and ethics. The same, as we all know, cannot be said for Gore. In many ways, folks, Gore is more dangerous than Clinton. Therefore, I encourage all Catholics and Christians, all voters to forget party loyalties and remember the ultimate loyalty: God! It wasn't the Democratic party that gave you life, it was God! Yet the Democratic Party is intent on playing God by taking lives - millions of them. It's just the beginning. If they can make abortion so acceptable, than euthanasia comes next. Oh, they won't say: "Kill all senior citizens!" Even Hitler didn't start that way. But Hitler's modus operandi was the same as Gore's is today. That might sound outlandish if it weren't true! Despite Gore's promise to fund every senior with Medicare and prescription medicines, it is another of his empty promises. First of all, it is impossible to accomplish what he has promised without bankrupting America. Secondly, he has yet to fulfill any promise he has kept. He is a man who is totally unethical and will say anything to get elected. In other words, it's all "hoya!" But what he will do is worse. Gore, if he is not checked, will begin by cutting back needed financial help to purchase necessary medicines because of the realities of the budget. Then he will cleverly pit one class against the other in convincing the vast younger generation that the older generation of seniors is bogging down the country and, in a clever manifesto right out of Jack London's "Call of the Wild," senior citizens will be left to fend for themselves. We've seen how both Clinton and Gore have sacrificed others to stay afloat. Do you think they'll change in mid-stream? We can pray for their conversion all we want but, in all honesty, if it does come it'll be on their death-bed because their actions belie any contrition of their behavior whatsoever.

    Is Bush the end-all solution? No, of course not! But his election will begin the glorious ascent of America back into God's good graces, of restoring dignity and morality back in the White House and throughout our great country, of suffocating the culture of death by appointing honest, forthright Supreme Court Justices who will see the grave error made in Roe vs. Wade and overturn this terrible decision. That is why Bush's election is so vital. If enough Catholics and Christians go to the polls on Tuesday, November 7th and vote for Bush-Cheney, we can begin to give America back to God. Without Him, we are lost!

    As we said earlier, we have been called fools for Christ by our endorsement of Jesus in the last two presidential elections, but we refuse to compromise the principles of our faith. Little has changed. There is still the great void. Only through Christ can we be saved, only through placing our trust in Him totally can we expect hearts to change, only through consecration to His Immaculate Mother Mary can we expect the Triumph to take place in our hearts and the hearts of others. But because of what is at stake, I strongly recommend you vote for Jesus in your heart while physically casting your vote for George W. Bush on November 7th. We have no other choice! The alternative is beyond scary!!!

Michael Cain, editor

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October 27, 2000
volume 11, no. 213-219

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