November 7, 2000
volume 11, no. 224

Special Message from Jesus on the Fifth Commandment from THE HIDDEN WAY for November 7, 2000

Lesson 96


(Imparted on February 24, 1995 to the Hidden Flower by Our Lord)

    Beloved Hidden Flower of My Mother's Immaculate Heart, I Who Am, bless you and give to you My Peace. Today, I will speak to all My children concerning My Fifth Commandment, one much misunderstood, which admonishes and commands "Thou shalt not kill!"

    Oh! How much evil lurks in the hearts of My children, the result of your human nature weakened by Original Sin and the trickery of satan who swells your ego and passions to poisonous levels.

    In all of My little children there exists the potential to kill if you do not constantly seek My grace, My Life, My Mercy and Forgiveness and rid yourself of all bodily excesses.

    As it is with all of My Commands, so it is with this one. To keep it, to understand it, your conscience must be well-formed by Me. How, My children, can you have a well-formed conscience when you insult Me and suffocate conscience by the constant on-slaught of violence which you see, hear and read daily in your world? Oh, do you not believe that My Most Sacred Heart is wounded anew by these acts of violence which kill your conscience, deaden your spiritual reflexes and deprive your soul of My True Light and life?

    "Thou shalt not kill." I did not say to you that this act of killing was occasionally all right and permitted, because you had a right to judge and take a life. I Am Life. And I alone give life and call all life back to Me.

    It is obvious by My Command that you are forbidden to murder someone out of a willful act. You may not take gun, knife, sword or any other weapon to destroy any one of My children.

    But this Command goes far beyond the obvious act of murder which is clearly seen and willfully motivated.

    Let each of My Children carefully examine their conscience as I address the other ways in which you kill by thought, word, deed, or omission, which the world may not see, but I see; which the world may judge proper, but I do not!

    First, I want all the world to cease the hideous sin, the slaughter, the murder of all the innocent unborn. I say to you from My Throne on High: "Woe, triple woe to all who, knowing My Command, participate in and urge others to participate in the evil sin of abortion." All who, of their own free will commit this act of murder and who, of their own free will remain unrepentant, I shall wipe from My sight into the eternal abyss! At the moment of conception I Who Am infused into the being an immortal soul. This is My child! MINE. How dare you make of yourself god, and destroy any life because you do not want My child! All are precious to Me. All I died for. All I seek to bring to eternal Life, and yet you hate life and seek only to set yourself up as a god whose judgments please Me. I am Judge, not you. This sin of abortion marks well that you are in the End Times. But you must come to Me in prayer and sacri- fice if this evil is to cease. I Command all of My children to cease judgment of all peoples involved in this act, yet knowing the act to be evil, to pray ceaselessly for its end. I Alone can and will bring about its end through the intercession of My Holy Mother's Immaculate Heart! Put aside all violence. This is not My way. Pray and sacrifice, and I shall come to your aid.

    Also, little children, guard well your thoughts and tongues. How often, dear children, either through carelessness or even willful desire, you commit an act of murder by killing one of My little children by all manner of evil thought and even more abusive language.

    Heed My words. In all things you are to think, speak and act with sublime charity. Charity disposes you to live in holiness, thus recognizing evil and admonishing the evil in a holy, charitable way. Never does holy charity lead you to murder, to kill even one of My little ones by a malicious thought, word or deed! On the contrary, holy charity disposes you to reach out by virtue of My Light, to lead the sinner back to Me in My Infinite, Divine Mercy. By this, My Fifth Command, I tell you that you cannot make one or two attempts to bring a sinner back to the Font of Divine Mercy. No, I solemnly tell you that by this Command you are obliged to do all that is possible for you in your human nature, always seeking the higher, better path of supernatural graces. Armed always with My grace, with the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit, I admonish you to approach the sinner with My Love and Mercy, and to so love that person that your prayer for him rises ceaselessly to Me on his behalf.

    This, My children, is the fullness of My Fifth Commandment! Go to My little ones who live in spiritual darkness and by a holy, upright life seek their bodily and spiritual well-being, trusting Me to set right all that is wrong. I Alone Am Power and Authority. You are My little children through whom I work. Therefore, if you would keep My Fifth Commandment then you must willingly suffer as I suffered, uniting all sorrows, pains and injuries to My Most Sacred Passion so that by My Infinite Merits the soul of the sinner receives My Light, seeks Forgiveness and is saved for all Eternity.

    To fully keep My Fifth Command you must learn to love as I Love, to forgive as I Forgive, and to leave all judgment to Me lest you be judged by the Eternal Father!

    In these End Times murder is rampant on every continent, and its seeds can invade any heart which is not disposed to live My Gospel. Therefore, My children, be crucified with Me and for Me, and the evil of murder shall cease for the Reign of My Sacred Heart shall come to you in Mercy.

    Prepare well, My children. I Come!

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November 7, 2000
volume 11, no. 224

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