November 22, 2000
volume 11, no. 239


Dr. Frank Joseph's Pro-Life Prescriptions LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL column for November 22, 2000

The Ballad of the Ballots

    The lives of millons of babies and life as we know it are hanging by a thread. This means our country’s moral future is hanging by a thread. As this is written, we still don’t know who will be our next president. The forces of satan will not go away without a fight. They will pull out all the stops. They will NOT accept the rule of law. They will use every means to get the enemy of Catholics and unborn babies and the purveyor of homosexuality elected.

    George W. Bush had been announced president elect of the United States by the networks. Al Gore phoned Bush and conceded. A few hours later, Gore again phoned Bush and retracted his concession, claiming that the networks proclaimed that the race was tightening up.

    A little history is in order here: On the evening of Nov. 7 about 8:00 PM EST, the networks declared Gore won Florida. I was taken by surprise by this, because at the time of the announcement Bush was leading in the Florida polls by over a hundred thousand votes. The networks in their attempt to scoop each other, didn't seem to care if their premature announcements caused many Republican voters to leave the long lines in the Florida panhandle and go home. This area is in a different time zone. They heard that Gore won Florida and figured their vote didn't matter.

    Then, when everyone was in bed, in the early morning hours, the networks retracted and said it was too close to call. Then, about an hour later, they said Bush won Florida.

    This is when Al Gore phoned Bush and conceded, then about two hours later he phoned again and retracted his concession, claiming that Bush’s lead was lessening.

    The next morning, we heard the news, that an elderly woman claimed that after voting, she realized that she had voted for Buchanan instead of Gore. Now, one has to wonder how is this possible. Apparently, she couldn't take directions.

    An arrow on the ballot form, pointed to the exact place where she was to punch out, if she wanted to vote for Gore. The same ballot was used in Florida in prior elections. It was designed by a Democrat. Before its usage, it was approved by elected Democrat and Republican officials. There were no complaints until after the election. It was also used in other parts of the country with no problems. It was also published in the newspapers and mailed to the voters, prior to the election.

    Next, we see Democratic congressman Wexler of Florida all over TV telling the story of this woman. We see this elderly lady surrounded by about 50 people of her age, telling her story to a TV reporter. At no time, did the reporter ask if any of the other elderly people in the crowd had the same problem. Was he afraid of the answer?

    The next day, after the Democrat spinmasters got through with their spinning and it reached the retired communities, the elderly came out en masse declaring that they also punched out the wrong hole. It was pitiful. It was so obvious what was happening. It ballooned to about 1,000 such cases. The next day, it was a couple of thousand and has been going up ever since.

    Wow! All this because an elderly lady had a problem at the ballot box. The above is all sour grapes. I have no doubt that in ALL elections there is some confusion, especially with the elderly. If one sets aside their political persuasion and analyzes the chronology of the “ballad of the ballots,” they would have to come to the same conclusion -- SOUR GRAPES.

    Here is why: If you do not understand something in the voting booth, you come out and you ask. If you do not ask and vote, then leave -- now here's the “kicker” -- how did they, all of a sudden remember, that they punched out the wrong hole when they got home? And in some cases -- the next day and in others -- they remembered two days later. Most of these people can't remember what they had for lunch, an hour after eating.

    If they couldn't remember right after their mistake, of punching out the wrong hole, to complain about it, how in the world could a person, especially an elderly person, remember after they get home, or days later?

    It is clear that such a big stink was raised about this one old lady, by Wexler and the rest of the Democrats, that the media went with it and magnified it out of proportion. The Gore camp used it as an excuse to have a recount in the mainly Democratic precincts in Palm Beach County, which is also heavily populated with retired elderly people.

    So, they recounted and Bush won again, but this was not the result the Gore camp wanted, so they got an order from a judge to hand count the ballots in this same area, hoping for a turnaround or hidden votes, or possibly added ballots from out of nowhere.

    The Bush camp wanted no part of this, claiming nonpartisan machines, make less errors than people. Also, it was not fair to have a hand count in the highly Democratic populated areas and not in highly Republican areas, in other parts of Florida. It seems that it’s too late for the Republicans to request this, because it has to be done within a certain time period, which is now past. The Republicans, then sought a federal injunction to prevent this one sided hand counting. The Federal judge refused -- claiming it was a state matter.

    I have seen the ballot and the arrows point to exactly, where you should vote. The same ballot was used by all. But it was just the elderly, who were the ones confused -- so they say.

    This same ballot was given to 4th graders to see if they could handle it and guess what happened? They ALL completed the entire ballot and had NO problem and no mistakes.

    We must remember that we will all get old -- and to the point where we are confused easily. To the point, where our memory takes a holiday at times.

    A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to an elderly lady, who lives in a community for senior citizens. She attends church every Sunday -- a person of immense faith. I asked her, who she was voting for and she said Al Gore. I told her that he was a pro-abort, and even for partial-birth abortions and if president he would veto the ban. I then described a PBA. She said -- “OH NO, I didn't know that -- then I'm NOT going to vote for him, I'm going to vote for Bush.” A week later, I talked to her again and said, “who are you going to vote for?” She said, “I'm voting for Gore.” I again, went through the whole bit with her, and she did recall our conversation, only after I refreshed her memory.

    The point of this story is that elderly people do have problems at times in figuring things out and in remembering -- many have one track minds. They remember things that they feel is the most important to them. The elderly are so afraid of losing their social security that they believe the lies that are told to them by Gore and his surrogates. Clinton has conditioned them well with the fear factor.

    They believe Gore when he says that under Bush, social security will go bankrupt. So this thought is locked in their brains and even though this woman is adamantly against all abortions, she just couldn't remember this lesser concern.

    To have a recount because of this, which by the way, happens all over the country, was RIDICULOUS, nonetheless, the recount was done and Bush was still ahead -- by 288 votes. This didn't set right with the Gore camp. Somehow they had to figure out a way to get more votes, so the next ploy was to demand a hand count. Gore just couldn't be a gracious loser.

    This past Friday, the Florida State division of elections declared that, “the Department of State has reviewed the Palm Beach County ballot and found the order of the ballot complies with the law, and the design and the layout of the ballot does conform to the laws of the state of Florida.”

    In spite of this, Gore still got a judge to approve of hand counting the votes. This is underway now and is a very slow process. Gore’s whining and delaying tactics is repulsive. He is hell bent on stealing the election.

    When it comes to twisting the truth and lying, the Republicans cannot win. The Democrats have it down pat. What a shame, to put our country through this. Machines are nonpartisan. With hand counting, anything can happen and often does, especially with a party whose chicanery and sleight of hand is well documented.

    But what do you expect from a group of people who see no evil in killing a baby while it’s being born? They are so worried that Bush is going to appoint judges to the Supreme Court, who are pro-life, that they are willing to show the world that voting in our country, is no better than a banana Republic.

    In 1960 when Nixon lost to Kennedy in a very close election, Nixon had every right to call for a recount, especially since there was voter fraud in Chicago, which no respectable historian could refute. The historians point out that James Daley, the mayor of Chicago, at the behest of Joseph Kennedy Sr. the father of JFK, rigged the voting in Chicago. They even had people voting, who were dead. They say that it was this voter fraud in Cook County, Illinois and in other areas of the country that won it for JFK. The son of this former mayor of Chicago, Bill Daley, is now, Gore’s campaign chairman. How's that for a coincidence?

    Nixon, would not ask for a recount. He said it was not good for our country and that the American people did not deserve this, so he conceded.

    Mr. Gore -- you are no Nixon. You will cheat, lie and do anything to become president. Nixon may have lied in covering up Watergate, but the lies by Gore make Nixon look like a choir boy. And, let's not forget, Nixon did not sell his soul to the devil for political gain.

    When one is pro-life and switches, knowing that a pro-lifer cannot climb the Democratic political ladder, this is called, selling your soul to the devil for political gain. You don't come out and say, “satan I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll become a pro-abort and even veto the ban that would prevent babies from being killed while they're being born, if you will help me to move up the ladder and become president.” No, it doesn't work that way. The mere fact that you used to consider something immoral, but for political gain, you switch and consider it no longer immoral, that's the clue and that is the sin. Al Gore caved to the culture of death and so did his running mate Joe Liebermann. What does that say for their principles?

    Morality cannot be changed. What was immoral 50, 100, a 1000 years ago is immoral today. If someone has a different view of how one sells their soul to satan, without sitting down and signing a contract, I'm willing to listen. But more importantly, I'm willing to listen to Jesus Who has told us in Matthew 10: 24-26, "He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake, will find it."

    By voting for people like Gore, who have no respect for the sanctity of human life -- you get the satanist world that we now live in; where you no longer can pray in school or public places; where the children of God are killed right up to birth, for no reason, other than the whim of the mother; where children kill children; where the perception of life is deemed cheap.

    Either you obey God, or you obey satan and change your morals with the sign of the times.

    If Gore wins -- satan wins and morality in our country will continue its slide into hell. Since Roe Vs Wade this trend has accelerated to meteoric levels. You must remember that Gore also sees no evil in sodomy and the homosexual life styles -- another work of satan, which is clearly condemned in the Holy Bible.

    All this has come to pass just to keep up with the sign of the times, instead of the "Sign Of The Cross."

Dr. Frank Joseph

November 22, 2000
volume 11, no. 239
Pro-Life Prescriptions column

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