November 17, 2000
volume 11, no. 234


Sister Lucy's GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER column for November 17, 2000

We've been down this road before!

        A week after the Presidential election we still do not have a President-elect. There has been a count, a re-count and now Gore’s campaign wants a re-re-count. It appears that Gore won’t accept the results of any count unless it reads that he has received more votes than George W. Bush.

        I cannot help but think that Gore has learned some very shrewd maneuvers from Bill Clinton. “It all depends on what “is” is!” Remember that kind of evasiveness and tomfoolery that reinforced Clinton’s name as “Slick Willy?”

        The “reasoning” of the Gore campaign seems justifiable enough. It sounds good to hear: “Every one has a right to vote and have his vote counted!” True enough on the front end, but the question is: How honest have all the complainers been? It has been reported on the news that Gore paid telemarketers to make as many as 5,000 calls to complain about difficult to read ballots, or that “they” were not allowed to vote, etc., etc. It has also been on the news that homeless people were given cigarettes and sometimes “drinks,” if they would vote for Gore. In other words, the questions are: has Gore been running an honest campaign and if he IS guilty of the above accusations, is he a man of honor?

        Election fraud is nothing new under the sun. It has been going on since people could cast some kind of vote. It is most interesting that the very man that Gore selected to be his national campaign manager, William Daly, is the son of a former mayor of Chicago who had been deeply engaged in election fraud to the point of even having deceased persons vote for him. Though one cannot say that a son is always as corrupt as his father, yet it may very well be true that the son learned from his father, Hizzoner Richard M. Daley. He'll forever be remembered for making the choke sign on national TV during the riots at the Democratic National Convention in the sixties when anarchy broke out on the floor of the convention and police brutality was alleged by protesters.

        Some thirty-years later the protesters are back, spurred on by the frenzied rhetoric of Jesse Jackson who is an expert at inflaming emotions. This time, however, the argument for civil rights is hollow for it does not ring true to the crusade so nobly carried on by Martin Luther King, Jr. and those who uphold the dignity of the human being, no matter what creed or color. Notice the word "politics" wasn't included in that last sentence. That is the difference now for the Clinton administration, of which Mr. Gore is very, very much a part of, has shown a propensity to do only that which is politically expedient for them, sacrificing not only others and their ideals, but their own ethics to win at any cost.

        With that in mind, are we getting a preview of what kind of president Gore would make? It would suffice for me to say that any man, any person who sees nothing wrong with killing unborn babies especially by literally sucking the brain out of the living baby’s head, any man who would be willing to support the killing of babies just so that he could be in a position of power, is a man whose conscience is dead, a man whose moral fiber is shredded.

        My impression of Gore is that he is a very spoiled little boy, used to getting his own way and arrogant to the extreme. He's made from the same mold as Bill Clinton.

        A nation goes as its leader goes. The leader of the country sets the tone of the country. A few things are very clear. Our nation is divided. Satan creates division and confusion. The pro-aborts, the liberal Democrats are gnashing their teeth. They are driven to continue to kill unborn Americans. They are driven to continue to kill. They are afraid they will lose their permission to kill.

        If one thinks that Social Security is in trouble today, what will it be in a few more years in lieu of the fact that thirty million aborted babies are not around to pay into Social Security. In other words, where will your financial support be when YOU have need of it?

        I call on all Americans and others around the world who still have their moral fiber intact to pray like never before. We are approaching the fork in the road. The road to the left will take us over a precipice. The road to the right should bring us into the arms of God.

        This is the time of God’s Mercy. We must beg God for it lest we get what we deserve. God bless you, dear reader.

    Sister Mary Lucy Astuto

November 17, 2000
volume 11, no. 234

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