Week of November 17-23, 2000
volume 11, nos. 227-240

CATHOLIC PewPOINT for Friday-Thursday, November 17-23, 2000

Prayer! It's our only weapon! Let's use it!

    How many others out there see the terrible irony of what's going on with this ballot fiasco in south Florida? Consider that many members of the party that wouldn't lift a finger, that have no heart to protect the pregnant mother from the horrors of abortion and have no respect for the human life in her womb, are now desperately fighting for their own political life in court as they boldly and blatantly defend the life of an unborn chad!

    That's right, the newest word to fall into the political correct lexicon is chad, the loose piece of the card that is punched out of the double ply cards used as ballots. It has become so ridiculous that the media is falling all over themselves trying to explain hanging chads, swinging-door chads, and dimpled or pregnant chads. It is scandalous how they and the Democrats can devote so much time, money, energy, chicanery and attention to bringing a paper-thin inanimate object to full term, but refuse to acknowledge the living organism in the mother's womb - a child created by God!

    Another irony is that Gore, who claims to have invented the internet [actually it was Vincent Cerf who is considered the "father of the internet" back in 1972], is shunning computer and machine capabilities in favor of the old-fashioned hand count because it is expedient to him, not the people. Finally, the greatest paradox is that Gore might have won Florida easily, perhaps the entire country in a landslide had he remained faithful to his original stance of pro-life. But in his quest for political power, he sold his soul to the devil, forfeiting his values, morals and ethics to promote the culture of death. By doing so he contributed to the murder of well over ten million. That's a mighty large number, many who might have voted for him, except they never had the chance. They were aborted. Think about it, Mr. Gore!

    It's now been nearly two weeks since we all went to the polls to vote for the 43rd President of the United States, and yet we still have no definitive direction as the process gets dragged through the courts and fraud is running rampant, with both parties at the local level taking their responsibilities to a cavalier level that defies belief. They have gone so far as to now determine the intent of the voter. How can that be done objectively? It can't be! It is dangerous, very, very dangerous! It is an invitation to anarchy. I don't know the process in Palm Beach and other counties where stupidity rules supreme, but here in San Diego County we were given a ballot stub to prove we had voted. The stub even has a number. I'm "voter 10,900,971." Our contention is that if a voter is going to object, then they had better produce their ballot stub both to correlate how they voted and to prevent further fraud. It has been documented that many Americans living overseas received two absentee ballots from Florida. While many admitted this, only a few were ethical and sent back just one filled-in ballot, or should we say "punched-out" ballot!?! Others admitted sending in both. What a mess we have!

    But it is a mess we have created ourselves. We have no one else to blame. Think about it, the balance of power of the greatest and most powerful nation in the history of mankind hinges on someone looking for a dimple in the computer card that might have indicated the person thought of voting for a specific candidate. Note, by the fact the chad is not punched out, they didn't. Yet those, who are not willing to take responsibility for their actions, expect to be compensated for their own stupidity at the expense of everyone else. First of all in regard hand-counting ballots, anyone who has ever dealt with this punch card method, very similar to the All Star Ballots handed out at ballparks each year, knows all too well that the more it is handled, the more likelihood chads will hang, pop out or bend in a dimple effect. That is the reason election officials take great care in handling these ballots when entering them into the computer machines. But it is not these election officials who have been counting them by hand; rather partisan Democrats that have been recruited to sit down and not only count holes, but to discern the intent of the voter two weeks or so after it had been punched. What is so very seriously wrong about this is that the hand count is only being done in heavily Democratic precincts where Gore operatives are in charge and there are no bi-partisan standards or guidelines for preserving integrity. This procedure of manually handling ballots in this circumstance, where the participants are way too subjective and human error plays a huge part of the equation, can best be coined "manhandled" to fabricate enough votes for Gore to steal the election in Florida.

    It is all an indication that democracy doesn't really work. We're it the right form, the failsafe method for governing, maybe Jesus would have allowed all His Apostles to choose a leader and vote on everything, permitting majority to dictate. As we know, He didn't. He appointed one man to head the others; that was established in Matthew 17: 18-19. For nearly 2000 years this governing system has been tried and true because Holy Mother Church is not guided only by humans but by the Holy Spirit. Christ leaves His Spirit - the Third Person of the Trinity - to inspire and instill, through the chief bishop - the Vicar of Christ, the Pope, the authority to rule over the universal Church with the assistance and cooperation of the Apostolic successors - the bishops. Together they are the Magisterium of the Church - the legislative and judicial branches all in one.

    I am writing this while watching the concise coverage of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops' 2000 Fall Plenary Meeting in Washington D.C. EWTN News Director Raymond Arroyo and analyst expert Father Jim Gould from the Arlington See in Virginia have been doing an excellent job of translating between the lines as a variety of issues are discussed. I've noticed some bishops feel majority rules and try to mandate policy in that manner to maintain the "American culture." If you watch for a while, you'll be able to identify those who have resentment for Rome's interference. We don't call it interference when any involvement is necessary and mandatory by the Supreme Roman Pontiff and his appointed curial offices. It's called the Holy See. Maybe it's part of the great fraternity of bishops, but during parts of this conference there seems, at times, to be an ivory tower mentality that is only pierced by reality and common sense when men like Cardinal Anthony Bevilaqua of Philadelphia or St. Louis' Archbishop Justin Rigali or Denver's Archbishop Charles Chaput, OFM Cap. or Bishop John Myers or Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz or Bishop Sean O'Malley, OFM Cap. as well as other loyal bishops, who respect the "chain of command," speak out with wisdom and common sense to curb some programs that beg to ask if it's even Catholic in content or necessary for the Mystical Body of Christ such as, for example, Children's Lectionaries.

    Yet, to their credit, unlike the politicos, lawyers, media and spinmeisters, the bishops are all courteous and refrain from any name-calling. In other words, they impart a respect and, for the most part, a trust that is sorely lacking in our government, in society, in the media today. It makes me thankful I was born a Catholic, it makes me resolve all the more to bring the truths to all we can through The DAILY CATHOLIC on a daily basis in order to not only keep Catholics informed and loyal, but prayerfully bring many of our separated brethren to the awareness of the truths of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Holy Father addressed this unity in his weekly catechesis last Wednesday and can be seen in Sunday's issue at THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS - "The Eucharist and Ecumenism." He brings to all an awareness of what is needed "that all may be one."

    Speaking of awareness, how many are aware that what is happening on the political scene in America today could be the end of democracy as we know it, or the rebuilding of a form of government that has been tested to the limits through all the judicial wranglings that have gone on. Many fear anarchy if this fabricating votes by recount after recount and determining intent by a dimple continues. Some have offered the theory that because of the legal stalemates in Florida, all results could be thrown out or so tied up in a legal mess that, because of the urgency of a decision, neither Bush or Gore would have the necessary 270 electoral votes to be elected. With this scenario, both candidates could very well be dismissed as unservable. In that case the rules state that the Speaker of the House would become the President of the United States.

    As drastic as that sounds, it could be the best thing that ever happened for this country. Remember, God works in mysterious ways and He's permitted us all to be left mystified with the results of the closest vote in the history of our country. Now also consider the truths that prayer is always answered in His time; also, when He closes one door, He always opens another, a door that is more often better than the one that was shut on our finite hopes. Finally, consider the prayer crusade that has been going on worldwide in facing our modern Battle of Lepanto as we wrote about in our October 6th Catholic PewPoint.

    We have received replies from all over the world praying for the Sanctity of Life. Just the other day a missive from Australia informed us they were holding 24 hour vigil and offering their Masses that Bush would win out for the Sanctity of Life. Toni Whitaker has taken up the initiative with the Lepanto 2000 crusade in circulating petitions for Rosaries to storm Heaven in pleading for a miracle by God in allowing His Holy Mother Mary to preserve the innocent little ones, who have no voice, with a victory for the Sanctity of Life. This cannot be done with Gore as president. So far she has secured 25,000 Rosaries pledged. While she has set the goal for 3 million, which, in truth might seem unrealistic considering the short notice and the small remnant that is truly loyal, realize the power of those 25,000 Rosaries. That's over 1,325,000 Hail Mary's! The beautiful thing about that many Hail Mary's prayed during this month of November is that they will free over thirteen million souls in Purgatory. To better understand this, we recommend Praying for the Poor Souls in Purgatory. In addition to well over a million Hail Mary's, Heaven will hear 150,000 Our Father's and Glory Be's, 25,000 Apostles' Creed's and 25,000 Salve Regina's not to mention another 125,000 plus Fatima prayers. Remember God was only looking for ten just men to save Sodom and Gomorrah. I have a feeling that this pledge of bouquets to the Blessed Virgin Mary, combined with countless other prayer crusades we don't know about - both Catholic and Protestant, will have an effect if we are patient, and strive to do God's Will.

    And that's what it's really about. It's not about the "will of the people" as the Gore goons and Democratic activists have programmed the media and their liberal puppets to adopt as their hollow patronizing mantra, but about the "Will of God." That's what those millions of Hail Mary's mean. Whether it will be, as Mother Angelica has said, God's "ordaining Will" or His "permitting Will" only He knows and we need to accept either in the spirit He expects from those obedient to Him. As we said earlier, there is always the possibility that God's Will could be that neither Gore nor Bush occupy the White House and if that is so, then the House Speaker would be selected.

    If that would come to pass, then, folks, we can truly celebrate and give great thanks to God for that man would be Dennis Hastert, a very pro-life conservative congressman from the 14th District of Illinois who would be acceptable to both Republicans and Democrats. He is a man who would unite both parties and bring harmony to the beltline. He is a man who would bring a truce between urban and rural factions. He is a man who would fight for the Sanctity of Life quite possibly even more passionately than Bush because he would not be polarized by this whole election malaise. Hastert is a man who would not hesitate to appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court. Hastert is a sincere man of God. He is the one who lobbied hard to appoint Father Daniel P. Coughlin as the first ever Catholic Chaplain of the House of Representatives this past March with the blessings of Cardinal Francis George, OMI, Archbishop of Chicago. In essence, God could be providing us with a man no one even considered, who is the best man for the job - the job of restoring America to God. He would do it, and he would do it without apology. And, unlike Gore and his ties to the Clinton administration, Hastert would not hold America hostage!

    I'm not saying it will come to that, but if we are held hostage much longer by a legal system tied up in political knots, the American people will grow very weary of the maneuvers and assinine spin. Tempers are getting shorter each day as tension and resentment build on both sides nationwide. As we ascertained in our last editorial, we are on the brink of a great cultural civil war in ideology and territory. It's urban vs. rural, liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican, death vs. life. We've already seen how much work needs to be done in educating Catholics, let alone fundamental Protestants and Evangelicals. We've done all we can, you've done all you can. Again, we turn to the only alternative we have had over these many months, over these past two weeks: Prayer! It's our only weapon, let's use it!

Michael Cain, editor

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November 10-16, 2000
volume 11, no. 220-226

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