November 15, 2000
volume 11, no. 232


Dr. Frank Joseph's Pro-Life Prescriptions LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL column for November 15, 2000

When it comes to voting Catholics and conscience just don't seem to mix!

    I'm writing this column at 2:15 am on the morning of November 8th. I just heard from my editor of the Daily Catholic. He says, he needs my column in about 12 hours. I was all set to write about George W. Bushís great victory, but now Iím between a rock and a hard place. Even at this late hour the vote is still in doubt. Florida with itís precious electoral votes has the nation spellbound. Whoever wins Florida is our next president.

    First the Networks said Gore won Florida, then they retracted and said it was too close to call. Then they said Bush won Florida. Al Gore phoned Bush to concede. An hour later the 60,000 lead Bush had in Florida dwindled down to 1200 votes. Gore then phoned Bush and retracted his concession. They say there are still about 5,000 votes left to count in Florida, so all bets are off. The Networks now say, itís too close to call.

    We may know tomorrow, or it may take a few days, or even longer. Keep in mind the absentee ballots still to come from Europe. That could take a week or more since all that is needed is that their ballot envelop is postmarked November 7th. According to the latest media reports I've heard, there are, again, some 5,000 votes left to count and with Bush having a 1,200 lead, it would be highly unlikely for Gore to win, but anything could happen. Satan is furious and, as we have seen over these past three decades or so, he will do anything to capture souls.

    There is one thing that I DO know, and that is if Gore wins, it WILL be the fault of Catholics. If Bush wins a close race, it will still be the fault of Catholics, because with 60 million Catholics in the United States, (40 million of voting age) had Catholics adhered to the Doctrine of the Church on the sanctity of human life, Bush should have won in a landslide.

    Gore, who is pro-abortion -- big time and who doesn't even care if babies are killed while they are being born, won easily in the heavily Catholic populated states -- Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Michigan.

    Gore, who is the enemy of Catholics, sided with Planned Parenthood, the biggest killers of unborn babies in the country, when PP tried to have the Vatican kicked out of the United Nations.

    Gore also turned his back on Catholics, when the Vatican asked him to intercede to get the homosexuals NOT to parade and celebrate in the vicinity of the Vatican, because of the Catholic 2000 Jubilee, when pilgrims would be visiting from all over the world. Not only did Gore refuse, but he actually wrote a letter to the leader of the homosexuals, to wish them well.

    So what did the Catholics do in response to this insult to our Pope -- well they rewarded Gore with their votes.

    If Gore becomes president, he has promised that he will veto, as Clinton did, the ban on partial-birth abortions. A procedure that is so brutal that it would make a grown person sick. In this late term, gruesome procedure, the abortionist delivers the entire viable baby, except for the head. (otherwise it would be murder). As the baby's little arms and legs are flailing away, he then stabs the back of the baby's head with a pair of scissors. The baby suddenly goes rigid as the metal cuts into his/her brain. The doctor then inserts a tube in the opening and sucks the baby's brains out with a powerful machine. He then delivers the collapsed head. A procedure, so barbaric that the American Medical Association says is never needed to save the life of the mother, nor to ensure her health.

    One would think that Gore, the abortion mills, NARAL, (the largest supporters of abortions in the country) and people of all walks of life, who have no sense of common decency would be satisfied with the killing of 1.4 million children of God every year in the first 16 weeks of gestation. But no -- they want abortions legal right up to birth.

    Even the fact that Clinton/Gore were presented with reliable studies that unborn babies feel excruciating pain when they are killed at 20 weeks gestation, made NO difference to them. MONEY for their political futures was at stake. What's 5,000 more lives every year?

    As of this writing I still don't know how this election will turn out. All I can say is that I am very, very disappointed with Catholics, who voted for All Gore. I don't know how you can possibly explain your vote to God.

    The following is a statement by the former Clinton/Gore Vatican Ambassador Raymond Flynn. He is the former mayor of Boston and one of the nation's most prominent Catholic Democrats. The difference is he lives his faith unlike many other Democratic "Catholics" like Ted Kennedy, Mario Cuomo, ad nauseum. Because of his Democratic allegiance Flynn was handpicked by the Clinton administration to serve as ambassador to the Vatican. Guess what? He eschewed his political expediency goals in order to stand behind his faith, endorsing George W. Bush. The following was an exclusive interview from

    "I decided it is better to be a good American and a good Catholic than to be a good Democrat. I am placing principle above party,and that's the reason why I'm voting for George W. Bush."

    Flynn said he had never voted for a Republican before in his life. As a former president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, Flynn's decision to abandon Vice President Gore is sure to send shockwaves through the Democratic Party establishment. It was Flynn's help during the 1992 campaign that persuaded many Reagan Democrats in the urban centers of the Northeast to make the switch to Clinton-Gore.

    Flynn was co-chair of the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1992 and served as co-chair of Irish-Americans for Clinton-Gore that year as well. He was United States Ambassador to the Vatican from 1993 to 1997.

    The popular Boston mayor says he's been concerned about the recent drift of the Democratic Party on pro-life issues and has made no secret of his feelings to many of his party brethren.

    "The Democratic Party's support of partial-birth abortion is unconscionable." I indicated that on a number of occasions to the president, to the vice president and to leaders of the Democratic Party."

    On the prospect of a Bush presidency, Flynn told, "This is something that not only is good for our country and for our faith but something that is going to set this country on the right moral path. Yes, we're concerned about the future of America but we're also concerned about the values of America as well. And that's why I'm taking the position that I am."

    Flynn said he found some of the arguments advanced by Gore's running mate particularly disturbing. "I'm surprised at Sen. Lieberman's position, invoking religion on one hand then advocating the death of unborn children on the other. It's not a consistent position."

    The former Clinton-Gore loyalist also shared his thoughts on Thursday night's news that Gov. Bush had once been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. "What impressed me was Bush's first reaction, where he expressed his sympathy for the families of people who have lost someone as a result of drunk driving. ... I thought Bush took full responsibility for what happened, acknowledged it, admitted it."

    "Contrast that with situations where other politicians try to wiggle their way out of things," Flynn added, in an apparent reference to the president and vice president.

    Good for you Mr. Flynn -- you have seen the light -- unlike most Catholics who still put politics ahead of God.

    With 40 million Catholic Voters, Bush should have won in a landslide and these babies would have been saved from being tortured and killed. You Catholic Democrats, who are too stubborn and put your politics ahead of God, make me SICK. I was a Democrat and switched years ago, when it was obvious, that the Democratic party had become satanís pride and joy.

    Not one GOOD Catholic should vote for a pro-abort/pro-choice candidate. To vote for them means you condone the killing of unborn babies -- a mortal sin. To condone sin, well you know what the Church teaching is on that.

    Finally, if indeed you did vote for Gore, and the statistics bear out the fact Catholics in droves did just the opposite of Flynn and voted with temporal goals in mind rather than spiritual objectives, then I would strongly suggest you examine your conscience very, very carefully. Re-read the Ten Commandments, read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, read Canon Law, read the documents of Vatican II, read what the Holy Father has consistently hammered home over the past 22 years and before that Pope Paul VI. But most of all read your heart and soul. That will tell you all you need to know how God will judge you.

Dr. Frank Joseph

November 15, 2000
volume 11, no. 233
Pro-Life Prescriptions column

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