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  • Holy Father extolls virtues of Saint Edith Stein in trusting in Jesus through His Passion
  • Pope pumps up Polish people; urges them to protect and share the Faith
  • Cardinal Tomko encourages Chinese Catholics to keep the Faith on 50th anniversary of Vatican Radio being broadcast in Chinese
  • List exposes Catholic colleges for not being Catholic in their selection of speakers
  • Four more hostages killed, but 15 rescued as hunt continues for the rest in Philippines
  • There's gold in them thar hills near Fatima; but not the kind of gold they're proud of
  • England and Wales celebrate 150th anniversary of restoration of Catholic Hierarchy
  • Latest ShipLogs of visitors sailing on the DailyCATHOLIC

  • Requiescat in Pace

    Cardinal John J. O'Connor

    January 15, 1920 - May 3, 2000

       Just as we are putting this on line news reached us that His Eminence John Joseph O'Connor passed away quietly and in total peace at his residence in New York City. He had been ill for some time and recently made his final trip to Rome to bid his adieus to the Holy Father. His cause will eventually be introduced for beatification when the proper time has passed under Church Law for he was truly a holy and obedient prelate and he will be greatly missed by all loyal Catholics. We rejoice he has reached his Heavenly home, but we are sad for the void he has left behind. He was a true visionary for the Church in America and held it together when liberal ramparts from both inside and outside the Church battered at the traditions and values of Holy Mother Church. As always, he stood strongly in defense of Christ and His Church and, on Wednesday night we can just hear Our Lord saying to him, Well done, good and faithful servant." For his story, see CARDINAL JOHN J. O'CONNOR


      Holy Father extols devotion of St. Edith Stein to the Passion of Christ in assuring all to trust in Jesus during Weekly Papal Audience

          His Holiness Pope John Paul II spoke to another huge crowd gathered to hear his regular weekly Wednesday general audience yesterday in which the Vicar of Christ spoke of the tremendous devotion of Saint Theresa Benedicta - better known as Saint Edith Stein - to the Passion of Christ. He told those in attendance that "We cannot count on human action alone, but we can count on the Passion of Christ." This brings to light what Our Lord asked of Saint Faustina to trust in Him with the words, "Jesus, I trust in You!" It boils down to that when you place your trust solely in the finite you will come up short and be disappointed, but when you place all your trust in the Infinite Mercy of God you can be assured God will answer. continued inside


        VATICAN ( -- At his regular weekly public audience on Wednesday, May 3, Pope John Paul II cited the words of St. Edith Stein as he spoke on "the glory of the Trinity in the Passion."

        On the Cross, the Holy Father said, Jesus "fully offered his anguished human being to the action of the Holy Spirit, which gave him the power he needed to make his death a perfect offering to his Father."

        The Pope then recalled the words of St. Edith Stein, the Jewish convert and Carmelite nun who died at Auschwitz in 1942 and was canonized in 1998. "We cannot count on human action alone, but we can count on the Passion of Christ," she wrote. She added that she wished to unite herself with the sacrifice of the Cross, and toward that end she wrote: "I now accept, with my full will, whatever death God has destined for me. Lord, accept my life and my death, for the intentions of the Church, and the increase of your glory."

        The Pope concluded his catechetical talk by observing that Christians must live with the reality of the Cross, but also with the joy of the Resurrection. He urged the pilgrims who had assembled to hear him, "welcome the presence of the Resurrection ever more deeply into your lives, and bear witness to it generously with others."

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      Holy Father encourages Polish people to keep alive the heritage of the true Faith and inspire the youth

        Marking the feast of the Virgin, Queen of Poland, Pope John Paul II spoke to his fellow Poles, entreating them to keep alive the memory and heritage of their Catholic Faith throughout Poland, and to keep all the youth of the country informed about saints who have played an important role in the Catholic Faith in Poland. He recalled saints of past centuries, and cited in particular the newly canonized Saint Faustina, whose mission was and is to promote devotion to Divine Mercy. He reminded them of her roots and that Poland gave her to the world and should be proud of that contribution. continued inside.


        VATICAN ( -- Pope John Paul II has encouraged his fellow Poles to keep alive the country's Christian heritage, and to make sure that young people are acquainted with the saints who have played important roles in Polish history.

        The Pope made his remarks on May 3, when Polish Catholic celebrates the feast of the Virgin, Queen of Poland. Pope John Paul recalled that the Polish constitution of 1791 was adopted on that national feast day, after King Jan Casimir placed the entire country "under the protection of the Mother of God" in 1656.

        The Polish people must never forget "these events, so deeply rooted in the history of the nation," the Pontiff argued. "They are so strongly impressed on the conscience of the Polish people that their memory shines through all the most difficult times the country has undergone: the more than 100 years of partition, the times of great wars and persecutions, and domination for so many years by a Communist system."

        The Pope particularly cited the importance of several saints whose influence shaped Polish history. First he mentioned St. Albert, the bishop of Prague, and St. Stanislas, the bishop of Krakow. Both bishops were martyred, in the 10th and 11th centuries respectively, for opposing the immoral dictates of the reigning monarchs. "The witness of their martyrdom, a thousand years ago in our land, has endured down the centuries, from one generation to another, bearing abundant fruits," the Pope said.

        From more recent times, the Pope mentioned St. Faustina, whose canonization he had formally pronounced just a few days earlier. "This simple nun recalled to the world that God is love, and rich in mercy-- that his love is stronger than death, stronger than sin and every other evil," the Pontiff said.

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        VATICAN ( -- In a message to the Catholic people of China, Cardinal Jozef Tomko encouraged the faithful to remain united with the Holy See, resisting all efforts to divide the Church.

        Cardinal Tomko, the prefect of the Congregation for Evangelization, celebrated a Mass in the chapel of the Vatican Radio station, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its Chinese-language broadcasts. (The celebration is slightly premature; the broadcasts actually began in June 1950.)

        Taking note of the tensions between the Patriotic Catholic Association, which is approved by the Beijing government, and the underground Catholic Church loyal to Rome, Cardinal Tomko said that "only the bishops in union with the successor to Peter are legitimate pastors of the Catholic Church."

        "No authority, institution, or association can arrogate that function to itself," the prelate reminded the Catholic faithful of China. "Along with you-- and with all the faithful throughout the world-- we profess that the Catholic Church was founded by Christ on Peter."

        Invoking the memory of the 120 Chinese martyrs who were canonized by Pope John Paul II last October, Cardinal Tomko paid homage to the sacrifices endured by the faithful in China. He acknowledged that today the underground Church is suffering, precisely because the faithful Catholics refuse to relinquish their union with the Holy Father.

        The cardinal pointed out that Vatican Radio, through its Chinese- language programming, has helped to sustain the ties between the Catholics of China and the Holy See. "We cannot meet with you personally in your great country," he said, "but we can send you-- across the radio waves-- all our affection and communion." He added that he sent the greetings of the Pope, who "admires your fidelity, and urges you always to remain strong in faith."

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        WASHINGTON, DC ( - A Catholic higher education advocacy group on Wednesday released a list of 14 Catholic colleges and universities in the US who will have "inappropriate" commencement speakers address their graduating classes.

        "These colleges have stabbed the backs of the Catholic bishops, perhaps unwittingly in some cases," said Newman Society executive director Patrick J. Reilly. "Last November, the bishops issued very reasonable guidelines for Catholic higher education after working closely with college leaders, who assured the bishops of their fidelity. But now a few colleges go and invite commencement speakers who undermine our Catholic beliefs. It's tragic."

        Reilly said last year 21 of 235 Catholic schools had graduation speakers who have publicly contradicted Catholic teachings through their work or public life. This year, the society has identified speakers at 57 colleges, expressing concerns about 14 of them.

        Many of the speakers are members of the Clinton administration, including Secretary of the Army Louis Caldera and Attorney General Janet Reno, former or current elected officials, or members of the media. Most have publicly expressed support for legalized abortion.

        Following is a list of the speakers deemed inappropriate by the Cardinal Newman Society with their affiliation or profession, the reason for the objection, and the college inviting them:

  • o UN Secretary General Kofi Annan; UN is leading promoter of abortion and population control in Third World countries; University of Notre Dame.
  • o Secretary of the Army Louis Caldera; as California assemblyman 1992-1997 supported abortion and gay rights; St. Mary's University in San Antonio, Texas.
  • o Ida Castro, chairman of US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; former lobbyist for pro-abortion groups; St. Joseph College, West Hartford, Connecticut.
  • o Marian Wright Edelman, president, Children's Defense Fund; CDF promotes school health clinics that emphasize contraceptive services and abortion; Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.
  • o US Ambassador to Italy Thomas Foglietta; as Pennsylvania congressman had pro-abortion voting record; Cabrini College, Radnor, Pennsylvania.
  • o Retired New Jersey Supreme Court justice Marie Garibaldi; court rulings expanded "right to die"; St. Peter's College in Jersey City, New Jersey.
  • o Timothy Johnson, medical editor for ABC News; publicly supported abortifacient "morning-after pill," supports abortion rights; Holy Cross College in Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • o US Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont); a long pro-abortion voting record; St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont.
  • o Anthony Morro, author and editor of Newsday newspaper; Newsday has been accused of anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish, pro-abortion bias; College of St. Joseph in Rutland, Vermont.
  • o Former US Senator George Mitchell (D-Maine); pro-abortion voting record; Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts.
  • o Former US Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-Wisconsin); supports radical population control policies; Marquette University in Milwaukee.
  • o US Attorney General Janet Reno; supports and enforces laws targeting pro-life demonstrators; Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, West Virginia.
  • o Garry Wills, author, columnist, history professor; has attacked Church's positions on abortion, contraception, and priestly celibacy; Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama.
  • o Henry Winkler, actor and producer; public supporter of legalized abortion; Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

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      Filipino troops rescue fifteen hostages but four cannot be saved from ruthless terror of Abu Sayyaf rebels

         The good news is that fifteen Catholic hostages were rescued by Filipino troops scouring the mountainside in Basilan in the southern Philippines. The bad news is the Abu Sayyaf rebels killed four hostages, among them Claretian priest Father Ruel Gallardo and three teachers - two women and one man. They were martyred prior to the government troops discovering the terrorists' hideout. Those slain had been shot at close range and hacked with large knives. Of the twenty nine original hostages, six are now dead and fifteen rescued leaving eight hostages still unaccounted for from the original group of Catholic hostages taken at gunpoint last month. Meanwhile 21 more hostages in another region were also taken and terrorist attacks are springing up in the same region as the situation remains extremely explosive. While Filipino foot soldiers continue their search to ferret out the rebels' lair, the ost powerful weapon to defend the hostages remains the Rosary and prayer.continued inside.


        MANILA ( - Four hostages were killed fifteen others were rescued when Philippine soldiers discovered the Muslim rebel captors moving them in the southern province of Basilan on Monday.

        Among the dead were Claretian Father Ruel Gallardo, two female teachers, and a male teacher, officials said. A priest who anointed the bodies said they appeared to have been shot at close range and hacked with large knives.

        Military spokesmen said the soldiers stumbled upon the Abu Sayyaf rebels and their captives as they crossed a jungle stream. The soldiers screamed at the hostages to get down and opened fire. Fifteen other hostages of the 27 still held captive were rescued. At least one other adult had been held, in addition to the 22 children kidnapped from two Catholic schools in March. Five of the fifteen rescued hostages were wounded, at least one seriously, the spokesman said.

        The Muslim guerillas have been fighting to establish a separate Muslim homeland in the south of the mainly Catholic country. They took over 70 hostages in March to use as human shields, but released most immediately. During Holy Week, they beheaded two male teachers as a "birthday present" for President Joseph Estrada, a move that ignited the military response. Soldiers overran the rebels' mountain stronghold on Saturday, but did not find the captives. The rescued hostages said they were taken from the camp on Saturday and forced to walk each night through forest trails.

        Meanwhile, soldiers continued to fight another Abu Sayyaf group in the southern Philippines who kidnapped 21 people, including 10 foreign tourists, from a nearby Malaysian island last week. And another rebel group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, claimed responsibility for several bomb explosions in the southern Philippines that killed at least 10 people and injured dozens.

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      Rector of Fatima assures all the Shrine will do all it can to resolve gold bars issue from Nazi Germany

        Monsignor Luciano Guerra, rector of the Fatima shrine is endeavoring to exercise damage control as the secular media pounce on him like maggots with his admission that during the 70's and 80's the shrine had once been in possession of Nazi gold. Much of the gold was obtained during World War II because of Portugal's neutrality, and the Monsignor has stated that if such gold still remains in any Portugal bank and if it is still associated with Fatima, every effort will be made to discover its origin, or at the very least preserve it "as a memorial of that horrible period in the history of mankind." No doubt Our Lady will bless the efforts made by those who strive to keep sacred this holy shrine dedicated to her.continued inside.


        LISBON ( - The head of Portugal's Fatima shrine this week acknowledged that the shrine, during the 1970s and 1980s, had been in possession of what once was Nazi gold, after a report in a weekly magazine in March.

        Monsignor Luciano Guerra, rector of the shrine, said on Tuesday they had believed at the time that the gold had been bought and circulated by the Bank of Portugal. The four swastika-inscribed gold bars were sold off between 1982 and 1986 to cover building programs.

        Portugal was neutral during World War II and traded with the Allies and Germany, accepting gold from Germany as payment. In 1944, Portugal stopped taking the Nazi gold after the Allies warned Germany was raiding the central banks of countries it overran.

        The shrine itself has at times in 80 year history held gold bars in bank accounts, made from the melted-down offerings of pilgrims. When the offerings were placed in the Bank of Portugal, the bars could have been swapped for gold of equal weight rather than melting the offerings down.

        Monsignor Guerra said the shrine had done nothing wrong in holding possession of the gold, but added that if they still owned the bars they would seek to discover the origin of the gold or, failing that, preserve it "as a memorial of that horrible period in the history of mankind."

        Pope John Paul II will visit Fatima next week to beatify two of the small children who were visited by the Virgin Mary in 1917.

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      150th Celebration of restoration of the Catholic Hierarchy observed in England and Wales

         The Catholic Church in England and Wales, in separate ceremonies, celebrated the 150th anniversary of the restoration of the Catholic hierarchy in both countries. Pope Pius IX's Papal Bull Universalis Ecclesiae reconstituted the Catholic Hierarchy in the United Kingdom. As Masses are said in celebration of this anniversary, prayers and hopes increase that true unity between the Church of England and Rome can be re-established. continued inside.


        LONDON, 3 (NE) With different activities and celebrations, the Catholic Church in England and Wales will celebrate tomorrow, May 4, the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the restoration of the Catholic hierarchy in both countries. The anniversary will be marked by two events in London to take place this Thursday. As it was announced, Mass will take place at Westminster Cathedral at 2.30pm, and Vespers will be celebrated at St George's Cathedral on the evening.

        On 29 September 1850, Pope Pius IX, with the Bull "Universalis Ecclesiae" reconstituted the structure of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, establishing 13 dioceses, each with a Bishop. From 1688 to 1840, there had been 4 districts, and from 1840 to 1850, 8 districts, each governed by a Vicar Apostolic. Since 1850, the number of dioceses has increased to 22.

        The choice of churches where celebrations will take place this year is historically significant. St George's Cathedral was where Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman, England and Wales's first new Metropolitan Archbishop since the protestant revolt, was installed in 1850. Westminster Cathedral was built in 1895 and became the cathedral of the Archbishops of Westminster. After Pope Pius IX reform, Westminster became the metropolitan see and its occupant the lawful successor of the Catholic archbishops of Canterbury.

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