May 30, 2000
volume 11, no. 100

CATHOLIC PewPoint for Tuesday, May 30, 2000
Ascension Thursday
is the perfect time to
evangelize in new tongues!

    We have great news to share with all our readers who have been so patient throughout our abbreviated issues during our pilgrimage to Europe this month. But first, we want to explain the problems that occurred with not being able to get the current issue after May 18th. If you recall, we concluded our first installment of our account of our "Jubilee Journey of Joy for Jesus" back on May 15th with the phrase "the plans of mice and men oft go astray." Little did we know how true that was for after being able to connect to the internet in Rome we discovered we could not at any of the hotels we stayed at in Assisi, Florence, Nice and even at Lourdes. What surprised us even more is we couldn't connect when we got to Paris either. Talk about frustrating! Oh, they all had "Internet Cafes" everywhere, but one thing they don't tell you: you have to use their computers; you can't hook up your own notebook to their telephone lines. That's not going to help when all your files are on your laptop. Luckily we had uploaded all issues through the May 22nd issue, but felt we would have the time and opportunity to upload the May 23rd, 24th and Memorial Day Weekend Issue in plenty of time from our hotel phones in Europe. Little did we know!

    Little did we know what would happen to yours truly in Rome, either. Not used to the heat or the exhaustion of the traveling and the fact that busses cannot take the pilgrims throughout Rome, this editor walked more in one day than in the last several months. Because of that inactivity, blood clots developed and the doctor was summoned. His prognosis was not good: the clots were life-threatening. In fact the Italian doctor strongly recommended hospitalization. But the stubborn one here insisted on continuing the pilgrimage, knowing in our hearts that Lourdes awaited. Talk about faith! And indeed God not only preserved yours truly, but completely healed the blood clots in the healing waters on the bank of the Gave River at the foothills of the Pyrannees a week later. But that's another story that we will chronicle beginning Thursday in our special Ascension Thursday Weekend Issue and continue the following weeks on a daily basis. There is so much to share - the peaks and valleys, the joys and sorrows, the growth of grace and the witnessing of miracles that brought tears flooding to our eyes. But, as we said, that's another story we'll share throughout the next several weeks, complete with pictures.

    Speaking of pictures, we have decided to cease our text-only issues for several reasons. First of all, most computers today are fast and powerful and can upload the graphics quite quickly. Secondly, each article is still in text format and similar to all major publications on the web. We discovered that though we were making the entire issue available in text-only on a few easy printings, we were the only ones to offer that and it was a lot of double work for us. After all there are only 24 hours to a day! Thirdly, we're going to be mighty busy during each 24 hour period for as of Ascension Thursday we are taking a major step by publishing the DAILY CATHOLIC in five more languages! As you know, we debuted the Russian issues on April 10th this year and now we are ready to publish daily issues in Spanish, Italian, French, German and Portuguese. These six languages, in addition to English, will enable us to practically blanket Europe, South America, much of Africa, as well as Australia and North America in our effort to answer Our Lord's call in Mark 16: 15. As you can see we have redesigned the mastheads for the Russian issue and added appropriate mastheads for the other five languages. The issues are being translated through our "angels" in England who are using the same expensive translation software used by NASA, the United States Air Force, the European Commission and Alta Vista, to name a few. Each language costs a minimum of $1,000.00 and we're also very much interested in expanding to the orient with Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese. But these advanced software programs are very expensive.

    Therefore, we are making it known that we need donations to fund this massive effort to reach the world with the Word and the teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church through the only regular daily publication for Catholics available anywhere in the world. All donations to the DAILY CATHOLIC are tax deductible and we are in dire need of financial help in order to fulfill what God desires of us. Again, we remind you, not one penny goes to salaries. All work involved with the DAILY CATHOLIC, from the editor to contributing writers to volunteers, is done per gratis. We believe that is another reason why God has blessed us so. We have a kinship with Saint Francis in that we beg for everything, but offer something special in return for our mendicant status. Because of the look of the publication and its daily regularity, many are under the false impression that we have a large contingent of people in a large office building producing this Monday through Friday. While we would love to be in that position because it would afford us to do even more, we accept our current situation of having our control center in our home and operating from there.

    Because of this "hominess" we often abhor the impersonality of e-mail because it can be so sterile. The same for our gift form where one would fill out the form to make a donation. While this works sometimes, if you're like us you're not crazy about filling out forms and the caution of using your credit card on the internet. Though most of the time it's safe, there are horror stories that can dissuade people to help. Also, if someone is willing to donate to the cause of the DAILY CATHOLIC, then we want to thank you personally. Therefore, if you would like to help, all we ask is that you e-mail us with your phone number and we will gladly spend our dime to call you and speak with you personally. Or, if you prefer you may call us at our toll-free number in the USA at 800-I-DO-PRAY (800-436-7729) though you could get the answering machine if it isn't during office hours. It means so much more to speak with a human being. Today so much has become voice-mail, numbers and a sterile impersonalization. All of that "progress" flies in the face of what Christ asks of all of us in reaching out to our brothers and sisters on a one-on-one basis. That's another reason we're willing to take the time to call you directly because the success of the DAILY CATHOLIC to date has been mostly by word of mouth through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Come to think of it, that's how the Apostles started and how the Church grew; it's how St. Francis' friars multiplied all over the world as well.

    They didn't have high tech capabilities like we do today and yet they prospered. Even today, with all the wizardry of computers, the human element is still vital. For that reason we are also asking for volunteers out there who can help us polish translations from English to Spanish, English to Italian, English to French, English to German, and English to Portuguese. We have two volunteers who are checking the Russian issues and that is vital. As an example, one of them sent us a translation from a cheaper translation of English to German software that made a shambles of Luke 1: 8-10. Here is the correct scriptural passage regarding Zachary, husband of Elizabeth, mother of the Baptist:

    "Now it came to pass, while he was officiating in the order of his course as priest before God, according to the custom of the priest's office, that he was chosen by lot to enter the temple of the Lord to burn incense. And the whole multitude of the people were praying outside at the hour of incense."
Now here is how it was translated for Germans to read:
    "However, when it performed the priesterlichen service before God in the order of its department, met it, according to the habit of the Priestertums, the lot occurred, to go into the temple of the gentleman in order to smoke. was to and the whole quantity of the people praying outside for the hour of smoking."

    You can see the problems that arise just with a short passage of Sacred Scripture. By reading the latter, you'd think they're all in there puffing away on cigarettes and you know what the Surgeon General says about smoking. Oh, that's right, the Surgeon General wasn't around back then; but then again neither was Sir Walter Raleigh, who is said to have originated smoking in the sixteenth century. Seriously though, you can see how it is so vital to have experts to review the translated issues to correct problems that could arise and make sure the foreign language issues are polished and conveying everything written in English. Therefore we are in desperate need of volunteers to help polish the issues in each language. We can assure you that everything you read in the English issues of the DAILY CATHOLIC has been, is, and will be in full accordance with the Magisterium of the Church and totally in line with the Teachings and Doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. The problem arises in translations and we want to make every effort to continue our excellent policy of accuracy and trust by making sure what is being read in the foreign issues complies with the English edition. So once again, if you can help or know of someone who can, please let us know by e-mailing the editor. To practice what we said often at Lourdes, Merci beaucoup.

    On Ascension Thursday we celebrate the ascension of Jesus into Heaven. We all know that He did not leave us alone. He sent His Spirit - the Holy Advocate to be with us always. Under the guidance of the Holy Sanctifier, we launch a new phase of the DAILY CATHOLIC on that day with the advent of the Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, and German issues to bring the number to seven languages. We will also reformat the pages somewhat to correlate the issues for easy reading and accessibility. It is a big step we take, but feel it is necessary and we welcome this endeavor joyfully. With God's guidance and your help, we'll be able now to reach millions of more souls for Christ and His Blessed Mother and help reinforce the Catholic Faith in countless souls through our small effort to evangelize the world. Just before Our Lord ascended to His Father, He charged His disciples to "Go into the whole world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized shall be saved, but he who does not believe shall be condemned. And these signs shall attend those who believe: in My name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak in new tongues..." It may not be the whole world yet, but with the addition of the five new tongues, the seven languages available will cover well over two thirds of the earth. Yes, Ascension Thursday is the perfect time to speak in new tongues!

Michael Cain, editor

May 30, 2000
volume 11, no. 100

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